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does anyone have one of those silk and flannel

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baby blankets like they sell in waldorfy catalogues? i wanted to make some for my baby i've got the flannel and i've tie dyed the silk but i'm not sure how they finish the edges. anyone know?
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I hope to make one as well, but I've only gotten as far as tracking down some China silk (wow...that's expensive!). I'm not sure I would know how to "finish" the edges either.

Please keep us posted...if you find more info, or figure it out yourself! Thanks!!
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Grace got one for her first birthday.. The silk extends to the flannel side and makes a "frame" for the flannel.
If you have any more specific questions I'll be happy to take a closer look at the blanket.

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My friend made one for my DD. She used an old silk shirt of my Dhs. The edges look like they were folded over and there are 2 rows of stitches.....I wish I could sew so I knew wtf i was trying to tell you...!!! It looks like a hem all the way around. Good luck!
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i thought it would feel nicer if the silk was the edge but that would make for a smaller blanket then i was planning. oh well, i'll tell you what i decide. thanks
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I make these with silk I dye myself, and I just cut the silk four inches larger than the flannel (ie. 44" silk, 40" flannel) then I press a 1/2" hem all around the silk, then I pin it around the blanket edge like a binding (or as someone else said- a frame)
I miter the corners (check a quilit book out of the library if you've never done it) and hold them in place with a pin. Then I just sew around the entire edge 1/16"-1/8" in from the hemmed silk edge.
I use a schmetz microtex needle, which glides through the silk, and cotton or rayon thread.
My dd loves hers.... for great prices on the china silk try
www.dharmatrading.com (white only- to dye yourself- it's fun and really easy)
or I think www.thaisilk.com has dyed silk at reasonable prices.
100% cotton interlock makes a good flannel substitute, but it's a little trickier if you are a begginning sewer.
I make anything/everything waldorf toy related- any other questions welcome! sagemama@attbi.com

Hope that helps,
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thanks thats pretty much what i ended up doing but now my husband thinks i should tack it, do you tack yours?
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No I didn't tack mine because I like the way the silk still sort of flows without being too held down. If I were to tack it I think I would quilt small freehand star shapes with rayon thread... hhmmm maybe I'll try that next
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thanks again! i'm making three of them so maybe i'll tack one and see how i like it. i'm not so good at thinking on my own at nine months pregnant haha! thanks alot!
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