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March No-Spend Challenge ~ The finish line is in sight...almost there! - Page 7

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I'm in!

1. $600 or less on grocery/household expenses
2. $300 or less on spring wardrobes
3. $1000 to savings
4. 25 suppers at home
5. 25 brown bag days (bringing lunch to work)
6. 10 no-spend days

3/1 - $19.01 (lunch out), $193.57 (groceries/household)
3/2 -
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I'm a little late posting my intro. I joined last month in the middle of a mini-crisis and motivation from this thread helped us keep our spending in check. I'm happy to report we pulled through with flying colors. As long as we run a tight ship this month, we'll be back on track, and with any luck my car will sell so we can pay off our tax bill & get our emergency fund back.

DH and I are also expecting our first in April, so any extra money we can find in the budget will be great as I'm sure there will be more spending/takeout etc. happening after the baby arrives and I want to be prepared.

I'm only going to report groceries and unnecessary spending
Groceries = $250
Unnecessary < $10

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1. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.

My name is Elizabeth. I am the mumma of 8 children (blended family)

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of March. Memorize these goals and recite them to yourself before all purchases.

My husband worked as the accountant for a small real estate company that went out of business last month. We have some savings, and I am starting a part-time job next week (in the dining hall of my children's school), but we really have to be frugal.

3. No spending is hard work. You need a plan. Please tell us your game plan -- how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?

I am doing kathirynne's "Frugal Meal Planning" like it's my second religion.

We're planning a garden this year. Even if all we grow are tomatoes and spinach, it will be something.

I am also being more dillegent about mending and repurposing clothing (even to hand down to the next size child) instead of throwing out and buying more when things get ripped or stained.

We've all been using "alternative transportation methods" recently; the only time we're in a car is to go to church on Sundays.

We're turning the thermostat down to 50 at night (and when no one is home), and 65 during the day.
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March 1~
March 2~
March 3~$4.xx for some groceries

2/10 no spend days
$4.xx/$400 grocery budget
0/2 gas fill ups
0/$30 bday gifts
0/$25 eating out
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I'm new to this thread. Heck, I'm new to this whole forum! But I really need to spend less.

Today I spent money, BUT (but, but, but) it was at the thrift store, where I got a whole huge bag of kids' clothes and a leather jacket for me, all for less than $20.

Okay, but that's not the point of this thread, is it?

My goal is to see how little I can spend this month. Dh and I really want to get our finances in order. We have no credit card debt. Our "only" debt is student loans and mortgage, and we'd like to pay off the student loans asap. We also really want to build up our savings. Spending less will be key, obviously.
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March 1: Farmers market (29.50), $3 toy for son, $35 books for work
March 2: $11 bagels, fruit
March 3: $93 co-op, $23 csa order, $2 kid treat

157/600 food budget (grocery, eating out)
5/100 kid budget (homeschool, clothes, trips, gifts, holidays, etc)
0/100 dh & I fun money
35/200 business/household (this month it will include a gift for my dad, a couple books I need to buy, supplies of dh's studio, etc)
0/1300 to cc
pay taxes!
0/300 - car repair? Not sure what it will cost, lets hope less!
0/45 metro/gas
0/45 laundry

= no spend on anything
= spent within budget (and only on needed things)
= blew it
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Originally Posted by greeny View Post
I'm new to this thread. Heck, I'm new to this whole forum! But I really need to spend less.
Welcome! You're in the right place!
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March 1st.. no spend and no drive
March 2nd.. spent $10.50 on city garbage bags/stickers...budgeted for
March 3rd... $77.76 groceries budgeted
$33.35 gas budgeted


20 no spend or spend within budget days

$300 groceries
$300 gas (Dh works far from home)
Try to drive a lot less.

true no spend
spend within budget
spend outside budget

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Not sure what happened, but my report for the day is below.
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My key:

:= groceries
= gas
= no spend
= spending other than gas or groceries

3/1-: $174.55 groceries,
---- $67.53 (Amazon for ER Season 8, High School Musical 1&2)
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Forgot to add to my post...my mileage last month was 256, and that included running around on 3/1.

I'd like to keep mileage below 250 again this month. Will add that to my list of goals.
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Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post
I had that same thought! I read about how she organized her kids' clothes in "Tightwad Gazette" and I'm going to start a chart like she made.
How did she do that? Is there a link to that article or do I have to find a back issue in paper somewhere?

Looking for all the tricks I can find... I like the Tightwad Gazette stuff, but I've never directly read it, just references to it.
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3/1: Flowers donated to town $41.99
3/2: Flowers donated to ME $15.74

Planted onions and salvaged some kale and cabbage plants. Harvested compost and turned the garden. Wonderful no-spend day!!

Groceries /$550
Gas /$100
Gardening $15.74/$100

My key:

No spend
Budget spend
Over spend
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So I have a new short term goal I really want something on another boards fsot, and I am going to not spend anything until Sunday, so I can justify purchasing it hey hopefully I will have a bunch of no spends before Sunday


March Spending Goals:
No Spend days: 3/25
No etsy/DS/ebay: 3/27
Non-necessary Spending: <200

Exceptions that I won't count against me
A few items for dd and ds's easter baskets
Kids pictures taken
1 new to me pair of jeans
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3/2 Poodle toy & game for dd @ Goodwill $2.00

Unnecessary spending: $2.00
No spend days: 2/14
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Well, I did put $100 in DD's 529 plan but I am not counting that as "spending" since it is planned investing. I am not counting Roth IRA contributions either, they are just automatic deposits every payday.

No spend!
Spent within budget
Unplanned, but necessary expense
: Blew it
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3/1: Train $10.75/ subway $4/ gift $8.50/ lunch $6.50
3/2: matinee movie $6.50/ snacks (bought at store, not at movie theater ) $3.50/ $67.26 groceries/ Gained: $8.76 from returning stuff to Home Depot
3/3: spent nothing

Spending totals:
Groceries/Household/Pet supplies: $67.26
Eating out, including snacks: $10
Miscellaneous: $29.75
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My Key:
- No spend
- Spend within budget
- Neccessary but unbudgeted
: - Unneccessary and unbudgeted

01/03 - spent $40.00 on paint for office (at 40% off and have been planning this one and only CC purchase this month for a long time) $26.00 on a really nice meal out with Dbf, came out of last week's tutoring money and gift certificate.
02/03 - snow bound
03/03 - primed my office, nearly bought putty to fill holes in walls then found out I could use toothpaste

Goals For March:
*20 no spend days (Feb I had 17)
*Pay off CC
*Put $15 from each week of tutoring in saving envelope
*Plan out meals for each week to reduce grocery spending
*File taxes and put tax return on provincial student loan

Budget for March:
Income - around $900.00
- $560.00 to dbf for April bills
- $45.00 to savings
- $200.00 to CC (about half coming from what's still in the bank)
- around $60.00 spending money
- $60.00 to student loan
- $40.00 paint (on CC)
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march 1: $40- groceries, 15$- gift for a friend
march 2: nothing at all
march 3: sent dh to get applesauce and rice crackers for ds1 - he came home with 10$ in chocolate bars.

tomorrow i'm getting some yarn, perusing a thrift store and going to a health food store. i'm going to control myself. yes i am.

the budget:
100$/ week groceries/ transportation/ outings
100$/ month discretionary fund (clothes, gifts, etc)

$50 remaining for the week,
$85 remaining for the month.[/QUOTE]
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oops, double post.
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