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March No-Spend Challenge ~ The finish line is in sight...almost there! - Page 11

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Edited...okay nevermind...I bought makeup online today and was thinking about not counting it into the budget since I used all Paypal money from selling diapers. However, I am going to count it to keep myself honest about actual spending.
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Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post
You are not alone. There are a couple of us working on diaperswapper addictions here.
I can so relate. I have to stay off that website. It is a shame because I really like the people there but every time I go and post and look around I want stuff. I visited yesterday and already wanted some of the new GMD prefolds even though I have enough probably for a whole daycare But I did shut it off and not buy anything!
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My key:

:= groceries
= gas
= no spend
= spending other than gas or groceries

3/1-: $174.55 groceries,
---- $67.53 (Amazon for ER Season 8, High School Musical 1&2)

My gas tank is running low. I am HOPING it can hold off til Friday to fill it up, since that will be a spend day (sister's b-day) and I want to have a for tomorrow. I try to fit my :, and on the same day- kind of like I did on the 1st.
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1. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.
I'm Summer, PT WOH mama to DD and loving DW to DH. DH works days and I do in-home care for 2 DC 3 days/week. I also WOH 3 evenings/week and 2 weekends/month. We tend to eat out a LOT based on convenience or for something to do to get out of the house. In a long, cold winter this is essential to keeping our sanity. However, we've been utilizing more trips to the YWCA as our "getting out of the house".

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of March. Memorize these goals and recite them to yourself before all purchases.
  • Pay an extra $250.00 on credit cards this month
  • Pay off all credit cards by 2009
  • Add $200.00 to our savings account
  • Save $$$ to buy DH a bike for spring!

3. No spending is hard work. You need a plan. Please tell us your game plan -- how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?
  • I will grocery shop with a list, utilizing sale items and meal plan.
  • I will put a 24 hour "hold" period on all items...and report back here.
  • I will stick to my shopping list at Target....
  • I will report back here everyday and finish the month strong!
Marvelous March
03/01: -$28.50
($7.00 Parking lot fee + $1.50 atm fee + $20.00 for sitter = night out with DH)
03/02: -$15.70 :, -$27.00 for Home & Garden expo
03/04: -$193.25 for yoga package + baby legs for DD + pants for me :

= no spend
: = eat out (bad)
= goal maintained
= stayed on budget

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Originally Posted by josybear View Post
tomorrow i'm getting some yarn, perusing a thrift store and going to a health food store. i'm going to control myself. yes i am.
You have more will power than I...
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5/20 No Spend Days
5/31 Fast-Food-Free Days
0/10 Let the Car Rest Days

Snow day. At home all day.

We are going to a museum this afternoon, but I am leaving my wallet at home so it is safe to say I won't be spending any money.
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3/1: nothing, I was sick and didn't leave the house
3/2: $96 on groceries, no non-essential
3/3: $27 for wool interlock soaker and shipping for baby, $3.50 for fleece for backing to homemade wool blanket for baby for tummy time, $19 in thrift store clothing, $2 gorgeous sturdy glass bead for nursing necklace that a friend is making.
3/4: no-spend, no drive!
3/5:$21 on a dozen infant prefolds but that was budgeted for(ugh, I'm washing daily and having to throw themn in the dryer), otherwise no non-essential spending
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March 1 - : $8.15 outside the grocery budget

March 2 - : $29 out to brunch with friends.

March 3 - Today I didn't really think about wanting anything. Maybe focusing is already helping!

March 4 - Spent the rest of the grocery budget, should be ok for 1.5 more weeks. Today was a tough day. I really wanted nothing but just didn't want to think about money. DH was rejected from another job because he is a student and does not have a flexible schedule. Tough, tough, tough.

March 5 - Good day here! I sold our stroller system that is too small on Craigslist and I billed a client for completed freelance work. Both of those payments should be in by the end of the week! Less stress for me. The Craigslist money will go toward additional groceries/savings if no groceries are needed. The freelance money will go toward debt and a birthday present.

- No Spend/Spending in Budget
: - Not in Budget/Not Necessary
Notes for Perspective - Items I "want" but don't desperately "need"/Thoughts on money

Total overspending in February $666.45
Total no spend days - 14
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3/1: Train $10.75/ subway $4/ gift $8.50/ lunch $6.50
3/2: matinee movie $6.50/ snacks (bought at store, not at movie theater ) $3.50/ $67.26 groceries/ Gained: $8.76 from returning stuff to Home Depot
3/3: spent nothing
3/4: spent nothing
3/5: $32 groceries/ $2.47 post office (sold book on Amazon)

Spending totals:
Groceries/Household/Pet supplies: $67.26
Eating out, including snacks: $10
Miscellaneous: $29.75
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I almost bought something online today, then I remembered my mini goal to get to Sunday with no spends, so I closed the website down
yay me!


March Spending Goals:
No Spend days: 5/25
No etsy/DS/ebay: 5/27
Non-necessary Spending: <200

Exceptions that I won't count against me
A few items for dd and ds's easter baskets
Kids pictures taken
1 new to me pair of jeans
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3/2 Poodle toy & game for dd @ Goodwill $2
3/4 Books for DH $20, Kite for dd $1

Unnecessary spending: $23.00
No spend days: 3/14
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March 1 No spend /No Drive
March 274.50 Groceries,5.45 Thrift
March 3gas 13.25, snacks out 24.00
March 4Groceries 36.88-no unbugeted
March 5Gas 25.00,Library fines 1.50,bagels out 8.50
March Goals:
No unbudget spend days goal 15/31 actual:2/31
No Drive Days goal: 10/31 actual: 1/31
No frivolous spending over 100 actual: 32.50/100
Sold items 0/50-Listing items tonight!
Thrift/HB kit items: 5.45/40
Decluttering 30 min day 3/26
Grocery budget 101.38/350
Baked/bulk cooking 0/13
Study 30 min/day goal 20/31 actual:3/31

Feb Goals:
No spend 11/29,No Drive7/29,No frivolous spending: 127.01/100
Sold items 60/50,Decluttering 30 min day 11/26,Grocery budget 352.59/350
Baked/bulk cooking 7/12
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march 1: $40- groceries, 15$- gift for a friend
march 2: nothing at all
march 3: sent dh to get applesauce and rice crackers for ds1 - he came home with 10$ in chocolate bars.
march 4: technically nothing spent.
march 5: (i was supposed to have gone out today by myself for the first time in about a month, i was going to go to a thrift store, a yarn store and a health food store, but dp flaked out and i missed my chance. i'm mighty pissed off at him, but at least it looks good on the no-spend challenge!

the budget:
100$/ week groceries/ transportation/ outings
100$/ month discretionary fund (clothes, gifts, etc)

$50 remaining for the week,
$85 remaining for the month.[/QUOTE]
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No spend and I sold some books

March 1: budgeted spending: $129.89 household/misc., $217.63 grocery store, $209 Let's Dish (groceries)
March 2: no spend
March 3: budgeted spending: $15 school milk/juice for snack time (groceries), paid kids' monthly bowling league fees
March 4: budgeted spending: $42.13 gas, $30.64 lunch out, $45 school field trip
March 5: no spend

My goals for March:
2/15 true no-spend days
5/31 no credit card use
0/5 no drive days
2/10 drive more than 50 miles in a day
$441.63/$600 groceries
$174.89/$300 household/misc.
$42.13/300 gas
$30.64/200 eating out/take out/entertainment
225/1000 minutes on the treadmill
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Thread Starter 
I almost bought something online today, then I remembered my mini goal to get to Sunday with no spends, so I closed the website down
Go Amanda!!!!!
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4 no spend days in a row! Yay! Going shopping tomorrow or Friday, going to stick to my list!

My Key:
- No spend
- Spend within budget
- Neccessary but unbudgeted
: - Unneccessary and unbudgeted

01/03 - spent $40.00 on paint for office (at 40% off and have been planning this one and only CC purchase this month for a long time) $26.00 on a really nice meal out with Dbf, came out of last week's tutoring money and gift certificate.
02/03 - snow bound
03/03 - primed my office, nearly bought putty to fill holes in walls then found out I could use toothpaste
04/03 -
05/03 - went out for dinner but dbf paid

Goals For March:
*20 no spend days (Feb I had 17) 4/20
*Pay off CC
*Put $15 from each week of tutoring in saving envelope
*Plan out meals for each week to reduce grocery spending Done
*File taxes and put tax return on provincial student loan

Budget for March:
Income - around $900.00
- $560.00 to dbf for April bills
- $45.00 to savings
- $200.00 to CC (about half coming from what's still in the bank)
- around $60.00 spending money
- $60.00 to student loan
- $40.00 paint (on CC)
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3/1: Flowers donated to town $41.99
3/2: Flowers donated to ME $15.74
3/5: Groceries $263.49/Newspaper $.50

Groceries $263.49/$550
Gas /$100
Gardening $15.74/$100

My key:

No spend
Budget spend
Over spend
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March 1: Farmers market (29.50), $3 toy for son, $35 books for work
March 2: $11 bagels, fruit
March 3: $93 co-op, $23 csa order, $2 kid treat
March 4: $8 business things, $11 books for ds easter baskets, $40 metro card
March 5:

157/600 food budget (grocery, eating out)
18/100 kid budget (homeschool, clothes, trips, gifts, holidays, etc)
0/100 dh & I fun money
43/200 business/household
0/1300 to cc
pay taxes!
0/300 - car repair? Not sure what it will cost, lets hope less!
40/45 metro/gas
0/45 laundry

= no spend on anything
= spent within budget
= blew it
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True no spend day thus far; do need to head upstairs to pay some bills, but there shall be no frivolous spending there.


March 1:
March 2:
March 3:
March 4:
March 5:

* Less than $75 in frivolous spending: month to date $0
* At least 25 days (no spend or spending w/in budget): 5/25
* Avoid Target: 5/31
* Pack snacks/water for outings: 5/31
* NO library fines: month to date $0
* Stay within grocery/eating out budget: $0/$400
* ORGANIZE/declutter (lack of organiztion = spending): 5/25
* Exercise (feeling good = decreased emotional spending): 5/25
* Meal plan created: 0/4 weeks
* Grocery store trips: 0/2
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3/1: $11.98 photo prints of kids for my desk at work/Dinner out (counting this as our lunch for the week since it was a cheap burger joint for a friend's birthday)

3/2: : $54.09 Groceries, McDonalds for DS1 & DH, Scones and coffee for breakfast.

3/3 (But Dh bought $9.34 in groceries)


3/5 : $80 for the Domperidone (budgeted), $9 for lunch at work, $9 for McDonalds for DH and DS1 when they visited me at work, and $15 for take-n-bake pizza for dinner.

No Spend
Spending within budget
: Drat, I Blew it

Yeah, DH and I will be having a very pointed discussion this evening about the place fast food has in our life and our budget and his responsibilities for feeding us as the stay at home parent, because we're hemmoraging money because he doesn't plan ahead well and doesn't know how to do dinner. We've got to work on that.

Focusing on the positive: Our circular for the weekend grocery specials just came today and meat is on uber-sale Friday and Saturday. Chicken breasts, thighs, bratwurst, whole turkeys and bacon are all 50% off. I'm going to overflow my chest freezer, but have meat through next winter and I think I can still keep within my grocery budget.

2/16 no spending AT ALL days (not one cent, even if it's budgeted)
Eating limited to Friday supper and one weekend lunch.
No spending on hobbies, finish the projects I have.
No more than 1x week ordering in lunch at work.
>$400 on Groceries during the month. ($55.46/$400)
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