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March No-Spend Challenge ~ The finish line is in sight...almost there! - Page 12

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Today, spent $68 on groceries, but it was bugeted

So far:
$170/$500 groceries
$17/$50 new dipes
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March 1st.. no spend and no drive
March 2nd.. spent $10.50 on city garbage bags/stickers...budgeted for
March 3rd... $77.76 groceries budgeted
$33.35 gas budgeted
March 4th....
March 5th...


20 no spend or spend within budget days

$300 groceries
$300 gas (Dh works far from home)
Try to drive a lot less.

true no spend
spend within budget
spend outside budget
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3/1- $6400 for new car, $47.00 for lunch, 11.40 for dinner, $47.93 gas
3/2- $259.98 for new car detail, $69.01 REI for BOB stroller, $24.23 Costco for laundry soap, $92.19 for groceries at Trader Joe's
3/3- DH needed gas, $50.51. I spent nothing but I did drive my car to see my Mom and a friend.
3/4- $2.68 for dish soap
3/5- No spend day! I did drive to see a friend but no spending


New Car $6659.98/$6000
Groceries $92.19/$350
Eat Out $58.40/$0
Baby $69.01/$0
Household $26.91/$0
Gas $97.94/$100
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Yesterday and today were both no-spend!

no spend at all
unbudgeted but necessary
: unbudgeted and unnecessary

0/9 spend days
5/22 no-spend
4 trips and $131.24/200 groceries for Feb 13-Mar 13
0 trips and $0/200 groceries for Mar 14-Apr 13
$0/10 necessary household items
$0/20 clothes
$0/20 bday gift
$0/20 charity/yarn/shipping

Sat 1
Sun 2
Mon 3
Tue 4
Wed 5
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4 :
5 : I had some gift money today that I went to buy baby clothes with but went over by a couple of $$

0/8 Stay Home Days
0/$0 Added to Savings- we don't have this budgeted, so anything added is excellent
40/$160 Towards Debt
3/10 Trips to the Grocery Store
2/4 Eating Out- but must fit into budget
$2.37/$0 Impulse or Unneeded Purchase/Spending

I don't track every expense, just extra good news or over budget spending.

: No Spending
Spent in Budget
Necessary but Unbudgeted Spending
: Impulse or Unneeded Purchase/Spending
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March 1~
March 2~
March 3~$4.xx for some groceries
March 4~
March 5~$2.73 for some groceries, $7.34 at Culvers

3/10 no spend days
$6.73/$400 grocery budget
0/2 gas fill ups
0/$30 bday gifts
$7.34/$25 eating out
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March 1 -groceries
March 2 - takeout, bought with gift cert
March 3 - :unexpected $337 tax bill:
March 4 - No spend
March 5 - : $4.65 in library fines (but cheaper than buying all those books would have been ,for sure!)

I thought I'd have more no-spend days!

But dh is having a good week away (he has one of those sales jobs with lots of travel) and being frugal, so I'm not feeling too bad. Have to avoid the 'We have money this week, let's go shopping!' trap. We still have lots of catching up to do, income and debt-wise!
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Pre-emptive day. I do not want to come on here and edit this.


6/20 No Spend Days
6/31 Fast-Food-Free Days
1/10 Let the Car Rest Days

And hopefully it can be a no-car day as well!!

We have playgroup in the morning (can walk there, it is across the street) and the weather is supposed to be nice today (relatively speaking -- it is Vermont after all so it is snowy and cold) so my GOAL for the day is to get the girls outside for an hour or so and STAY HOME.

No driving. No spending.

If I get bored, I have many closet-cleaning projects on my agenda and I'm going to cook a fancy meal in the afternoon for dinner tonight.
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Yesterday I ended up spending on gas, coffee, milkman and dh's bowling fee and drinks for the team.

3/1 No Spend Day
3/2 $55.00 charitable contributions; $147.81 groceries; $50.00 DS birthday gift; $64.32 lunch w/DS#1; $2.24 coffee
3/3 $118.00 bowling league fees; $26.00 kids allowances
3/4 No Spend Day
3/5 $64.00 gas; $5.06 coffee; $22.00 dh's bowling night; $26.34 milkman

Today I have to renew my business website and I'll be going to a meeting at Caribou Coffee, so I won't be able to resist. Also need to pick up some household cleaning items.


My Plan

Groceries $174.16/$750
Gas $64.00/$325
Coffee $7.30/$25
Frivolous Spending $0/$50
Birthday for DS #1 $50/$50
10 no spend days 1/10
26 days no Big Box stores 4/26
No Credit Cards 5/31
2x eat out with hubby and/or kids 1/2
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This is getting addicting...we'll see how long I can keep this streak going...probably not past the weekend - DH leaves next week for five weeks, and we'll probably go out to eat and take the kiddo somewhere.

3/1 $5 parking at museum, $15 laundry quarters, $13.64 groceries, $54 charity, $2.47 postage
3/2 No spend No drive
3/3 No spend No drive
3/4 No spend No Drive
3/5 No spend No Drive

*4/20 no spend days
*4/20 no drive days -
*5/26 no eat out days
*$13.64/$225 grocery spending
$0/1493.70 into savings/IRAs/investments for the month
$10424.88/17924.40 into savings/IRAs/investments for the year (so far, 6424.88 in savings, 4000 in IRAs)
121,333 - beginning mileage for month...goal of <250 for the month.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
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3/1 - $19.01 (lunch out), $193.57 (groceries/household)
3/2 - $35.00 (cake for baby shower)
3/3 -
3/4 - $32.94 (gas/snacks), $86.40 (groceries/household)
3/5 - $15.00 (Gavin's co-pay)
3/6 - $30.00 (Chase's lunch money)

Groceries/Household - $279.97/$600
Spring Clothes - $0/300
Savings - $1300/$2300
Suppers at Home - 5/25
No-Spend Days - 1/10

$0 to Savings
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I wanted to post this morning before running errands b/c I should have been talked out of buying clothes...but NONE of mine fit anymore. I should be happy about it but it's really annoying. So I bought some clothes today. Brand new too, not even second hand. argh.

3/2 my mom treated to brunch :
3/5 groceries
3/6 house stuff, clothes

no spend 4/21
budget spending 2/10
unnecessary spending 1/0
unexpected necessary spending
: no drive days 3/15
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Originally Posted by Belleweather
Yeah, DH and I will be having a very pointed discussion this evening about the place fast food has in our life and our budget and his responsibilities for feeding us as the stay at home parent, because we're hemmoraging money because he doesn't plan ahead well and doesn't know how to do dinner. We've got to work on that.
Fast food is a HUGE problem for my DH as well. We have had many arguments about it, especially since we have plenty of food to make lunches at home. Fortunately he can eat lunch on his ship for free now so this should subside.

3/5: $89.04 on Bare Minerals makeup and acne treatment, used all Paypal money from selling things online so I did not touch the checking acct.

No spend!
Spent within budget
Unplanned, but necessary expense
: Blew it[/QUOTE]
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Ok here I go! This will be my month right? We just got a 2000$ tax return which was really helpfull and went straight to our debt, so we starting on the right foot.

no spend days 8
stay in our budget of $3100

1-$14.69 bday present, groceries $16.85, dog food $60.42
3-groceries $13.79, fries $7.86
4-dessert $6.94, payphone $2.24, gas $38.36
5-$149.78 phone bill, water $223.15, groceries $185.
6-Chiro $5.25

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Trying again this month...

Mar 1
Mar 2 26.18 gas (me) 49.34 groceries
Mar 3
Mar 4 4.26 movie rental~don't get me started on why it wasn't free
Mar 5 33.81 oil change (me) 7.94 mailed sisters birthday gift
Mar 6

Gas 26.18/100.00
Groceries 49.34/200.00
Misc. Spending 12.20/50.00
Household Spending 33.81/50.00
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Originally Posted by ladyinred View Post
4 no spend days in a row! Yay!
Yeah!! Go Red Go!!!

Originally Posted by FeelingBlessed View Post
True no spend day thus far; do need to head upstairs to pay some bills, but there shall be no frivolous spending there.
Kim you are having a fabulous month so far! keep up the good work!!!

Originally Posted by Belleweather View Post
Yeah, DH and I will be having a very pointed discussion this evening about the place fast food has in our life and our budget and his responsibilities for feeding us as the stay at home parent, because we're hemmoraging money because he doesn't plan ahead well and doesn't know how to do dinner.
Belle -- That is such a tough one. My Mom relied heavily on fast-food when we were growing up and I find that it is a really hard habit to break, especially when fast food is your comfort food. Making dinner and planning ahead is ~really tough~ for me...I bet it is for your DH too. It is a definite skill. I found "How to Cook Without a Book" to be a great help in learning basic get-dinner-on-the-table skills. Have you heard of that one? Perhaps you could get it for him from the library.

It is based on basic cooking skills (if you can pan-fry a steak, you can pan-fry a chicken cutlet/pork chop/hamburger type stuff) and making meals out of what you have on hand, not necessarily what you find in a recipe.

I see from your list that McDonald's plays heavily in his meal selection (I'm addicted to McDonald's...addicted). Would watching a video together like "SuperSize Me" make him think differently about health issues? I've never seen this video, but my understanding is that it is very negative about the healthiness of fast-food.
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Reiki Mom -- You are doing great!

Aubergine -- One day is a start...and you made it all the way through last month...THAT is an accomplishment.

Jill -- You have a milkman??? How do I get one of those?

Kathee -- I like your mileage goal. That is a good idea. Congratulations on so many no-drive days!

Gumby -- You can't run around naked. Clothes that fit are a necessity. If you had a closet full of clothes and ran out and bought a Prada bag...that would be frivolous, but a woman who just had a baby this past year is going to need to buy new clothes. Don't be hard on yourself. And sometimes it is just downright impossible to find clothes that fit at thrift stores. You are doing fine.
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This morning I bought about $20 worth of groceries, when I was supposed to just get milk. However, I only bought fresh fruit and veggies, a box of cereal that was on sale almost half price, and a block of cheese that was also on sale.

I'm just contemplating a fabric order I want to place. It started with me looking for a source for cheap organic flannel as a cheap way to make organic receiving blankets. But then I started thinking mayne I could make a bunch of other stuff as well, sleepers, tops, pants, clothes for the rest of the family. However, I don't want to go and buy a bunch of fabric with unrealistic expectattions and then have it sit around for a long time,not getting used.

I'm also picking up some baby supplies this weekend:
planned to buy are a cuddly wrap (the money for this is mostly coming from my mom as a gift for baby), and two wool puddle pads. I'm also hoping to pick up a couple bumgenius diapers for a shower gift for my step sister, and maybe some pretty cloth wipes.

Then I plan on going to an educational store to look at math workbooks for my dd, and p[ossibly buy a birthday gift for my 8 yr old neice.
This is the trip that was supposed to happen last week, but it was snowy, and I'd been planning it for some time. I thought I'd post my list here and see what you all might have to say.
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March 1 - : $8.15 outside the grocery budget

March 2 - : $29 out to brunch with friends.

March 3 - Today I didn't really think about wanting anything. Maybe focusing is already helping!

March 4 - Spent the rest of the grocery budget, should be ok for 1.5 more weeks. Today was a tough day. I really wanted nothing but just didn't want to think about money. DH was rejected from another job because he is a student and does not have a flexible schedule. Tough, tough, tough.

March 5 - Good day here! I sold our stroller system that is too small on Craigslist and I billed a client for completed freelance work. Both of those payments should be in by the end of the week! Less stress for me. The Craigslist money will go toward additional groceries/savings if no groceries are needed. The freelance money will go toward debt and a birthday present.

March 6 - Big decisions ahead. We are in a nanny share that we agreed to pay for X/hrs per week. My DH lost his job and we are not even using half those hours but paying for all of them. We would save $90/week if we backed out of the share and just had someone for the hours we needed. This is tough because if my DH gets a job the hours could be more. Decisions, decisions.

- No Spend/Spending in Budget
: - Not in Budget/Not Necessary
Notes for Perspective - Items I "want" but don't desperately "need"/Thoughts on money

Total overspending in February $666.45
Total no spend days - 14
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3/2 Poodle toy & game for dd @ Goodwill $2
3/4 Books for DH $20, Kite for dd $1

Unnecessary spending: $23.00
No spend days: 4/14
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