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Oh Augustine!

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Augustine-I'm going to do formal introductions and everything later, but just wanted to tell you we're sharing a DDC! I just got my digital response like 2 min. ago and it's funny b/c I was thinking about all the people I wanted to tell and one of them was you. Hope you remember me!
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Yes, of course! I was thinking we might share the same DDC!! Welcome!
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What are the odds? Honestly that one night where I was confused and didn't know if we should TTC and you were responding to me made all the difference in the world. In an odd way I may not be pg. if it wasn't for you! :
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Isn't that so funny and weird? But cool! I know what you mean, sometimes you get the right advice at just the right time. I hope my advice works out good for you!!!

We're still a bit in shock about this but it's starting to sink in... sort of!
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