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DD, DS and I all have the nasty bug thats going around, with the rattly cough, the nose stuffed up with the horrid sticky green stuff, and sore upper throats ( from the postnasal drip). We're all totally miserable and have been for a week solid now. But DD has had green sticky discharge from her eyes as well, and as of tonight, so do I:. If we both try to sleep, we wake up with eyes crusted shut with the crud that has to be soaked off. My eye is very red and itchy, but DD's eyes never looked red, just gooey and sticky. And she's only 14 weeks old, so I cant exactly ask her if they itch, but she doesnt seem to be rubbing them.
My question: Does that sound like a cold symptom, or like pinkeye? And if it is pinkeye, how do i treat it? Can I avoid going to the doctors office and sitting with my kiddos bathed in the swamp of germs/waiting room ( my 14 wk old is unvaxed)? Or is my only real option for getting it gone to get antibiotic eyedrops?

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My MIL just had the nasty pinkeye. That's what it sounds like to me. If you ar BFing, drop some milk in her eyes and yours several times a day. A cool moist chamomile tea bag used as an eye compress help too.

I just asked about this a few days ago but my stipulation was that DS is almost 5 so BM was out of the question. Colloidal silver was mentions as eye drops but luckily I have not had to use that. The pinkeye seems to have been contained

A quick search led me to this site- http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/vir...nctivitis.html
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