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Sheryl Puderbaugh

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Would anyone be willing to share their experiences with her as a midwife? You can PM if you would prefer. Thanks!
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Oh, me too, me too! I want to know about her! I'm thinking of using her this October for my first hb and I'm very nervous.

TIA for any help!
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Hope your not getting annoyed but I would like some info on her too. I just met with her a couple weeks ago and she is going to be our midwife and help us have a VBAC at home. She seemed very knowledgeable and down to earth. Please let me know what you think! Thanks!!

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i'm always happy to help people choose hb!

tresa, i'll pm you back tonight.
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Me too please

Hi, I just saw this thread.

I'm using Sheryl for my midwife for my homebirth in 2 months. If anyone has any experience with what she's like in labor I'd really appreciate it!

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I had a homebirth in January and ended up having a UC since labor was so fast but I did like Sheryl and would love to share my experiences and get to know you ladies having babies soon in the Des Moines area!
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Thank you for sharing that email with me. I think I read that on the ICAN website too. I had my 32 week appt with Sheryl this past Friday and finally started feeling 130% comfortable with her. Before then, I haven't been too sure of how our personalities and styles meshed but after Friday I left feeling absolutely certain.
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would love more info

I would also love more info on Sheryl P. I've spoken with her over the phone, but that's all to this point. I'm in Atlantic, IA (western) and am having difficulty finding a midwife in this area or to travel. Thanks!
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Hi There!

I'm new to this message board thing, but I just have to tell you about our experience with Sheryl.

Shery helped us with our daughter's homebirth almost 4 years ago.

The only negative I can think of regarding working with her is that we sometimes had to wait a long time for appointments at the clinic, but that is only because she gives 100% of her attention to the client she is with at the time. I never left the clinic thinking that I felt rushed or didn't have enough time to ask questions . Sheryl always treated me like I was in control, and my birth experience was very empowering. The birth itself was elegant. I have nothing but gratitude for the help Sheryl gave us. She is very down to earth and her common sense gave me confidence when I really needed it.

If anyone has any questions about my experience, please feel free to email me. I would also be happy to call you if you would like.
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