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To Rommamomma

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If you need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me. Good luck. I'll be thinking about you and your babe.
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Yes. Please do feel free to use the private messaging system to "talk" to any one of us on the Mothering boards.

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How are you?
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I was looking to see if my post was back up and just noticed this. I spoke with the attorney and Marylin and they both advised me to talk to my dh more. When he came home from his trip I asked him to download the video for me. We watched it together and had a really good talk. I don't think it will be brought up again unless it is by his family. He knows how I feel and even said that he was thinking about just letting the whole thing go until I brought it up again. I am continuing to educate my self and ordered What your Doctor May not tell you about circumcision. Thank you all for your support!!!!! I will post again if I need to.
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Wow, that sounds like a really positive development! I'm glad to hear your dh and you are communicating well. So it sounds like he's coming around to your point of view, or at least willing to leave your ds intact? Yay!
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Glad to read your dh is calming down a bit.I think the kitzinger comment hits it on the head that many are concerned about the reactions of our parents if we don't do the same things as them.In my case(I was just thinking this am) it would seem that my dh is trying to make up for the various let downs he has done(staying in the US,marrying a non muslim/turk,and so on) by doing things through his children to appease his parents.

I think the next time my dh comes home I will get this whole circ/foreskin issue out and done once and for all.He never brings it up,but I know his family does.Wishing you well
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I'm so glad he watched the video with you!
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Just wanted to tell you all that there will be nooooo circ or vax!!!!
DH finally agreed in Oct.
Thank you all for your support and info!
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Hooray for Parker!
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Thanks for the update! That made my day. Does your dh now realize how normal your son is, or is he still upset about leaving your son intact?
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Yay for Parker!
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DH still makes comments once in awhile. Mostly in joking. Everything is great between us now. Thank you again for the support to stand up for my son and my beliefs.
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