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Guess this is it... UPDATED with birth story & pics

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Hey ladies. I'm at the birth center right now, after having consistent (although not really painful) contractions all morning long. I'm 5-6 cm and they're filling up the bathtub. So we should have a little man - and leap year baby - today!

I'll update later! Wish me happy water birthing vibes.

He's here! Born in water at 5:35 PM, and nursing like a champ. I'll write the birth story later, but he looks just like my older son did as a new born. I feel fine, just have two small tears up and down that don't even need stitches.

UPDATE 2 - Birth Story

The birth of Zakary Cole

I woke up Friday, February 29, 2008 – Leap Day – a little over 37 weeks pregnant and getting anxious and more and more uncomfortable. I was having some mild, yet consistent contractions, ranging from as close as 3 minutes apart to 8 minutes.

I gave them an hour to fade, as they had done two days before, and called my midwife when they didn’t. She told me to give it another half hour and to call her back. When the pattern continued, I called again we decided to meet at the birth center. We loaded up our bags and our almost 2 year old son up and started the 40 minute trip.

Upon arrival, an exam revealed I was 5-6 centimeters dilated with a bulging bag of water. I had been at 4 centimeters two days before at my appointment, so it wasn’t a huge surprise. They started filling the corner Jacuzzi tub in the Ocean Room, my birthing suite of choice, and that’s when it really hit me that I was going to have a baby!

The birth suite and tub

We arranged for my next door neighbor to pick our older soon up after she got off work, so we wouldn’t have to worry about him running away and freaking out during the birth. She came and got him around 3 pm, the same time we decided to break my water to aid my progress. There was no way I would have felt comfortable going home that dilated with such a long drive to the birth center! I hopped in the tub right after and got settled in with my iPod and husband at my side.

In the middle of a contraction

The contractions really picked up about half an hour later, and I alternated between using the Jacuzzi bubbles, music, my “happy place” imagery, and breathing to cope with the pain. Around 4:30 pm I told my midwife that I was involuntarily bearing down with the height of each contraction, and she said I was probably complete. I waited another 20 minutes and asked her to check me. The undeniable urge to push that I remember from my first hadn’t come yet, and I guess I just needed affirmation that I was ready to push.

My midwife confirmed that I was fully dilated and ready to go. I think it was around 5 pm that I started pushing. I pushed on my own terms, when I felt the urge, first on all fours, and then sitting up. It was a wonderful change from my first’s hospital birth, complete with episiotomoty-turned-4th-degree tear and everyone screaming at me that I was pushing wrong.

As my midwife, my husband, and birth center staff watched on and quietly encouraged me, I pushed until I felt the head crown. It was a two steps forward, one step backwards progress, and the burning sensation was unbelievable. I had escaped the ring of fire with my first due to a Novocain shot when my episiotomy was cut, but was completely taken by surprise with it this time.

I reached down and felt the head several times, and remember when it slid fully out. A couple pushes later and my second son, Zakary Cole, was born in water at 5:35 pm on Leap Day 2008. My midwife lifted him straight up to my chest, where he cried a few gurgling cries and looked around, comfortable on my chest and in the 99 degree water.

Fresh born

Fresh born II

We sat together in the water while I birthed the placenta. I was stroking him, rubbing in the vernix, just totally in love and saying how much he looked like my first son when he was a newborn.

I gave him over to my midwife while the birth attendant helped me out of the water and onto the bed. My baby was immediately given back to me and my midwife checked to see if I had any tears. I had two tiny ones that didn’t need repair, fortunately. My husband and I laid on the bed with our new son, taking him in, and the staff came in with a small cake and sparkling apple cider to sing happy birthday to our baby.

Cake, sparkling cider, and nursing

He nursed great! He latched on and sucked on and off for half an hour, and then took the other breast about 45 minutes later. The midwife examined him and took his measurements, and we turned down everything from the eye ointment to the vitamin K, without any hassle.


We stayed the minimum four hour postpartum stay and were back home by 10:30 pm. On the way home, my husband and I talked about what a wonderful experience the entire birth process was, and how the birth center runs circles around any hospital. If we were going to have another, we would do a water birth all again in a heartbeat!

Meeting big brother this morning
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YAY!!! Lucky you! Hope you have a wonderful labor, delivery and babymoon! Can't wait for the details, mama
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Wow!! Our March babies are in full swing now! Can't wait to hear the birth story of your Leap Year baby!!!!
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Yahoo! I hope you are in that nice warm tub right now. ELV coming your way :
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Happy Birthing!!
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Good luck & congrats!!
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Yay! How exciting! Happy birthing : Can't wait to hear your story...
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happy birthing..

looking forward to your birth story.
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yay! congrats mama!
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hooray mama! And may you continue to have an easy birth.
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Good luck!! Keep us posted!
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A leap year baby-that's so cool!! Congratulations-have a wonderful birth!
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ooooh, so exciting!
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Yay! Good luck!
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Woo hoo! Happy birthing mama! :
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yay! Can't wait for details.
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How cool! Congratulations on your impending arrival.
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~~~~~~~~~~Have a GREAT BIRTH~~~~~~~
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Great job mama!! Sounds like things went quickly and smoothly.

At least we have one Leap Year baby in the DDC
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