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fish oil while breastfeeding

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I bought a once-a day Omega 3 fush oil supplement but I did not read the label before bringing it home. It says to consult a physician before taking if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Doctor scmoctor...I have MDC. So can I take it while breastfeeding?
Fish oil 1200mg
Omega 3EPA 410mg
Omega 3DHA 274mg
Total Omega 3 fatty acids 684mg
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I'm taking fish oil that's EPA 600mg and DHA 400mg once a day, but sometimes I take it twice a day.
Very good brain food for baby.
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I'm taking them, and I give some to my 3 year old too. I think they have to put that label on everything homeopathic don't they?
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I take a supplement with 600g DHA and 450mg EPA: those warnings are totally CYA for the makers. Kids (4 and 1) also take it (smaller dose).

The trouble with the warnings is that mothers either take nothing (and suffer the consequences) or pay no heed (and might take one of them few things that they shouldn't). It's quite infuriating.

But, we have MDC
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My DH is a chiropractor and he spends a lot of time researching supplements, and he always stresses the importance of ensuring that you have a good quality supplement, but fish oil quality is even more important because of the fact that farm raised fish have higher levels of mercury, antibiotics and pesticides than deep sea fish do. There is a certain level of purification that fish oil should go through to ensure elimination of harmful substances, and there aren't too many companies that pay for this process.

Almost everyone in our society is deficient in Omega 3s (DHA and EPA), and you really can't overdose on it ~ my guess is that the warning label on the bottle is due more to the fact that there is a concern for the levels of bad substances that are in the supplement as opposed to the amount of DHA or EPA you are taking. I currently take over 1 gram of fish oil every day and will continue to do so as long as I BF.

Just take some time to research your brand, DH recommends companies that have a third party assay to certify the purity of their fish oil to ensure that you're getting all of the benefits with the fewest possible risks!
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nd lisa,

does your hubby reccomend a specific brand? i was just asking my dh about this...i have an ob apt this week, so i will ask her too....

TIA, a
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I second the notion, I would love to know the safest brands out there. I am currently taking 3000mg daily of the Spring Valley brand and thought it was safe and now I'm questioning it.
Much thanks on any info
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Oh this is interesting, thanks for those informations !!
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I've heard that taking omega-3s while breastfeeding can increase the lipase in the milk, relevant for freezer stashes...anyone know about this? I've been avoiding it as a result and would love to go back to taking it.
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I started taking cod liver oil and I think that it really helped my son with his reflux.
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