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getting rid of a sinus infection without antibiotics??

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Hey mommas!!
I think my DD has yet ANOTHER sinus infection. This will make number 3 in about 6 weeks or so. :
I'm a nurse, so I'm not one to run off to the pediatrician at the first sign of a sniffle. However ... when she has thick green goo running out of her nose, it's time to do something!!

Can you/have you be successful in getting rid of a sinus infection without antibiotics?? What can I try??
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Irrigate with lactate ringer?
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I'm not sure that this would work on a child, but I recently had one, and I bought a Neti Pot, and used Grapefruit Seed Extract in it and my sinus infection is gone!
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The last time DD had green goo we used nasal irrigation with a Nasopure, which is the same principle as a neti pot, but it is a small angled squirt bottle. It somes with a powdered salt solution that you add to water. I don't think DD would sit still for the neti--the Nasopure is a stretch but she realizes how much better she feels after we get the gunk out. We also used extra Vit C, probiotics, cod liver oil (added to daily regimen) and have given up dairy. It seemed to clear up pretty quickly--especially after the diary elimination. I read recently that antibiotics don't necessarily clear up a sinus infection any better than other remedies--not sure if this can be true since I have experienced immediate relief myself with the drugs when I thought they were needed, but we didn't seem to need them last time.
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DS and I both have a sinus infection now and we use colloidal silver nasal spray and oregano oil internally.
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I've always cut dairy out of my diet completely whenever I have sniffles and it usually works well. I would take dd off dairy, give her extra vitamin C, make and steam her up often in the bathroom with the shower on hot. Saline drops and frequent nose blowing are also helpful. Beyond that, I don't know. I've often found that catching things right at the beginning with aggressive treatment is the best way to avoid getting to the point where antibiotics seem the only way. Have you talked to a naturapath? Some take insurance and since it sounds like this has been kind of chronic, it might be worth seeing a professional.
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Being a nurse I'm sure you already know this, but not all sinus infections are bacterial, in fact many are viral. So obviously if this is the case, antibiotics will do nothing but foul up your kid's immune system. My 18 month old just got over a sinus infection that lasted a week and a half-we both had it, actually. I gave him Sambucol, which is an herbal cold/immune support thing with elderberry and echinacea in it. It didn't do anything for the congestion but I think it lessened other symptoms and helped him get over it. I still give him the recommended 1tsp a day to continue giving him protection against other infections. In general though, I just ride it out unless they start getting a nasty, rattling cough.
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