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Originally Posted by Aura_Kitten View Post
I'd write more but to be honest I'm struggling to breathe under the enormous, crushing weight of continual stress and grief. Life seems so unfair sometimes.

Also, I think my bf is about to break up with me. :
I`m so, so sorry you are feeling so down. It`s so hard to stay positive when the world seems to slap you in the face everytime you try to breathe, huh? : I hope your world will feel better soon.

Originally Posted by sonrisaa29 View Post
I came home Wed. nite to find out that our babysitter's dog had bitten/scratched my son on his face thus requiring 4 stitches. I feel so lucky though because a couple of inches up he proably would of gotten the eye.
Ooh, how scary! I`m glad your little guys eyes are ok!!

Originally Posted by sandygirl View Post
Finally sold something out of my garage tonight - a 5 piece bedroom set for $100! Not too shabby since I bought it at a storage unit auction, and I still have a bunch of items from the same unit to sell. Only cost me around $50, including the labor to get the stuff out of the unit.
Yay!! Isn`t it great when you sell something you don`t need/want anymore!?!

Originally Posted by ediesmom View Post

we are actually in the middle of a frickin snowstorm! i was out in my garden for the last two days.....thank goodness i didn't 'clean' it, just picked up and took inventory.

my snowdrops are out.
I`m sorry your in pain, sweetie. :

Am I a meanie if I say that it makes me feel "better" to read that I am not the only sucker freezing and waiting for spring? : I am SOOO tired of this winter. Man, why was I born in this country again? Remind me, anyone.

Originally Posted by asianyoushi View Post
okay have to say it- I HATE DH'S FRIEND. sure he took us out to dinner but that was the "best" part of the whole freakin thing. he stayed up all night chatting on his phone, coming and going in and out of the house. if i wasnt a light sleeper because of what happen two nights ago i am now.. and the dude had to be "up" and leave our place befor 6 from 4 am -to 5:45 his phone- with the most annoying ringtones kept going off..( we didnt get home from dinner til 10:30ish- ashlyn fell asleep as soon as we got home and alex stayed up and fought with me for an hour.) arhhhh im tired. and because the dude is anti "home buddy" i couldnt run out and get my wic stuff like i planned-( last night was suppose to go like this- he would come over with pizzas at or befor 8 and we stayed home watch movies or something.... it went like this- didnt get a call til 15 til 8 saying he ABSOULTELy hates staying home and to get the kids ready and we go out to eat. he comes around 8:30 and we head out to the restaurant befor we get to the restaurant he remember he needs to get his book from the college campus. we go and he spends a freaking half hour talking with the other guys.(campus security) kids are restless in the back seat.

just got lovely news- hubby isnt coming home til in the afternoon now cuz they extended shifts..... need to figure out how to get wic stuff today.........
Sounds like you had a "lovely" night.. Let`s hope you get a good nights sleep tonight, atleast. :

Originally Posted by shayinme View Post

Anyway its been a good week, my son is on spring break which means he is here, last night we did a local art walk and dinner, he is truly becoming a young man at 16.. they grow so fast.

Originally Posted by Nature View Post

I only have 1 pair of pants that fit, and they are baggy and huge on me I gained so much weight this time around that nothing fits at all. I tried on a few pairs of pants at Goodwill last week that looked huge to me..but I couldn't even button them. That ended my store trip.
Here`s some "let`s hope Nature finds a pair of really great pants very soon" dust from me to you.

I`ve got food again!! Yay! I finally got money today, and went straight out and bought lots of food. This week has been really hard, and if the money hadn`t been here today, I don`t know how we would have made it thru the weekend. But I got it!
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Originally Posted by CrunchyTamara View Post

Sounds like you had a "lovely" night.. Let`s hope you get a good nights sleep tonight, atleast. :

I`ve got food again!! Yay! I finally got money today, and went straight out and bought lots of food. This week has been really hard, and if the money hadn`t been here today, I don`t know how we would have made it thru the weekend. But I got it!
yay glad the money was there. its so hard knowing there isnt enough food no matter how far u ration it off to last the weekend. glad u get to:

i called my daddy and he will take me to the store so i can get my wic stuff. yay. now if only dh came home so i can take the freaking car seat out so we can go... i am hoping have a good night sleep tonight i so need it i am running on 3 hours today. i know i shouldnt complain- dh has had less this week while doing 12- 18 plus hour shifts. but god i am worthless with out sleep.
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Originally Posted by shayinme View Post
2 of them are from Goodwill but silly me, I took the tags off and washed them so I don't beleive I can return them.
Oh poo You're right. Those tags have gotta stay on. I'm rather anal about that though because I have a habit of buying something to cheer myself up, and then returning it later because realistically I know I need the money for something important and not another "cute" outfit from Goodwill for my kids.

On a rather funny note... I stopped my daughter at the door this morning because she had a tag sticking out of her shirt. It was a plastic Goodwill tag in her sleeve. Not a big deal right? Except I bought this shirt over 2 years ago and she's worn it a TON! Its one of her favorite shirts! How the heck did we miss a tag like that???
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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs all}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Justmama.... "There's No Place Like Gnome"? And make tiny matching "cloth" diapers and matching big girl/boy hats?
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Originally Posted by Thystle View Post

Justmama.... "There's No Place Like Gnome"? And make tiny matching "cloth" diapers and matching big girl/boy hats?
Great idea!! I would totally shop there!
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You're gnomes are adorable. Both of my girls think so

__________________________________________________ _________

mama to 4 great kids: dd1 age 15.5(eek), ds1 age 14, ds 2 age 11, and dd2 age 4-you are my sunshine
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yay for wic

::: 20 minutes of grocery shopping with this months vouchers . i wic ...saved us 95.08-milk,dairy,eggs,cheese r all covered for hopefully til the 14th of next month.(sell by date all the milk/eggs have.)
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Yah asianyoushi! I'm glad you were able to use your WIC coupons

__________________________________________________ _____________

mama to 4 great kids: dd1 age 15.5(eek), ds1 age 14, ds2 age 11, dd2 age 4:you are my sunshine
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good morning mamas!

just a quick check in......

today i WILL get my livingroom furniture moved around.....my couch is in front of a window and the dogs are now couch loungers and its making me crazy. i don't mind them on the couch.....i mind them jumping on it barking like crazy at passersby!

it will be a slow go cuz of the shoulder....but i have to save my sanity

shelby is moving tomorrow

my birthday is thursday. since this relationship i have lost all my friends.....hopefully i can get a little gathering together and have a good time for my 43rd....if not the little club down the road has a singer/songwriter night on thursdays....thats always enjoyable...and i always find people to talk to.

well.....time to break the news to edie that she's going to be a furniture mover today.....wish me luck!
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happy birthday to me: happy birthday to me happy birthday to me-e: happy birthday to me

ick. turning 27 today. NOT thrilled about it. In fact I think I'll turn 26 for the second time. birthdays are no longer exciting after having kids. wish me some courage vibes to take all 3 to the children's museum today by myself. I asked a certain somebody to help me weeks ago and it just never ended up happening. got a 2am drunk dial from that certain someone riding back with his brother from the strip club so yeah, not feeling so much in the birthday mood.:
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Justmama and happy birthday!! good luck at the museum! You're a braver woman than I am.

ediesmom I hope that you can find people to party with and that your birthday goes wonderfully.
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Happy birthday Ediesmom & Justmama. Wish I could take you ladies out for some apple martinis or some other cool drink. Though Randee, I will call you, I might have something we can do in a week or so to celebrate your birthday belatedly.. have you ever been over to the foot bath place in town? I think I have a coupon for over there something to consider.

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happy birthday justmama & ediesmom!

I ended up selling a bunch more items on craigslist yesterday, and made a total of $230! I will definitely be doing more storage unit auctions after how good this stuff sold.

We didn't end up getting the freezer we were supposed to go pick up last night. We got way lost, and ended up out in the middle of nowhere at night, and my mother who was driving is night blind. So that was interesting. A half a tank of gas later - we're home though. He finally called - we told him just keep the freezer - we weren't doing that again!

Today is a grocery run to get the weekly freebies & nearly freebies. Hopefully we can get it all done today.
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to everyone.

Just a quick check in.

Sorry things are so tough AuraKitten.

Happy Birthday to Justmama and Ediesmom! I hope your respective days turn out to be more awesome than you dreamed possible. You mama's deserve it. You are my heroines!

I'm functioning on less than 3 hours sleep. dh is away for the weekend and my two bff's came over last night to hang out. So we talked and put the world to rights until 4am, then I had to get up at 6.30am to take ds1 to his lifeguarding course. Now my bff is still asleep with her babe while I supervise the 3 older lo's. It is soooo nice to have the apartment to myself though! Nana is coming to take dd out at lunchtime, so I'll get to nap with ds2 (if he takes a nap!)

Nature are you enjoying the nice weather walking with your new stroller?

Hope all you mama's have a peaceful weekend.
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Justmama, Happy Birthday! I hope your day gets better. Have fun at the museum! Don't worry about turning 27. I'm 28 and it's not so bad. Although I am a bit terrified of turning 30.
Ediesmom, Happy Birthday too! Good luck moving furniture.

I got up at the most ungoldy hour to go to a children's clothing resale fundraiser for the preschool in the next town over. I got there just after they opened and got a huge bag of stuff for $12. Including a brand new pair of soft soled leather shoes still in the package with the cotton still in the toes!

I had been calling the food pantry all week and kept getting a busy signal but I finally got through and have an appointment for the 9th. I'm running out of everything and I don't have the money to restock it all. I have tons of government cheese (over 10 lbs), green beans and evaporated milk. But not much else so I'm trying to invent interesting concoctions. I just had a grilled cheese with diced jalepeno/onion stuff in a jar layered over the cheese. Yum!

What's up with all this snow? It's supposed to be spring. :
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gov't cheese is my all-time favorite! i don't know where to get it.......they only give it to 'agencies' around here.....and the agencies don't hand it out
it makes the BEST baked mac&cheese

ummmm, justmama! you didnt tell me it was your birthday! i wish for you so much happiness, health, strength, joy, and peace! I love you! Happy Birthday!

and.....try 43 .....although i feel 27, so i guess its okay with me

shay.... ....i LOVE foot stuff. i love having my feet touched

now i'm hungry....for something cheesy
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Happy birthday to u both- edies mom and justmama

woohoo for craigslist selling. iam not having great luck in that department.

earthmom- i so feel ya about the snow thing. oregon got hit with snow yesterday and serious thought the weather was smoking crack or something cuz one minute it would be snow and the next would be hail and then rain and then sunshine. ALL DAY long. so annoying... its suppose to do the same thing today. i want sunshine and warmth! that would probably help my seasonal depression...

hopefully its sunny next weekend- i think dh's police buddy is taking all of us to out to the zoo for ashlyn's bday...
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Just had to pop in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTMAMA!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Treat yourself if you can.
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Happy birthday to justmama and ediesmom.

Dh is working today and off to discuss a potential job tomorrow afternoon. We had to debate if this was a good idea as the meeting about the job is a good 3 hour drive and he won't be back until probably early on Monday now. Hopefully there is good news from the job meeting and nothing labor like happens between now and Monday morning. Not having friends or family living nearby can be rough at times like this.

If the money is right for the job it could make a lot of things better. However it also means dh would be gone for a couple months leaving me with 2 unhappy kids and a newborn. With the way construction is going we don't have much choice if we want to be able to pay bills.
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Just popping in...I'm sitting here eating lunch in front of the computer.

Happy Birthday to Justmama and Ediesmom!

Asianyoushi, I'm so glad you got the WIC stuff! I hope you start feeling better soon.

Justmama, those gnomes are SO FRICKIN' CUTE! I am always buying birthday presents for my nieces and nephews...as soon as you get your store up, let us know!

Kristina, that's great news about the job...I hope it works out for you all.

We're working in the yard today...some friends are letting us borrow their tiller, and we're putting in a small vegetable garden along the side of the house, where it gets sun all day long. Groceries have gotten so expensive, especially produce, so I hope this garden will be fun and frugal, too.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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