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OK then I'll try for 10 a day. Anything I toss or give away counts, and so I don't feel like I'm getting nothing done... every paper's gonna count.

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Originally Posted by scrapadoozer View Post
Cleaned out the cookbook/assorted junk cabinet in the dining room and managed to get 36 items out of here..... Going to Goodwill now to donate them.


THis is exactly part of my plan today!!!
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Joining in!

I'm going to number goals instead of items, is that allowed???

Goals for March:
Clean out donation closet, give away what needs to be given away, sell what needs to be sold.
Clear all unnecessary paperwork from office and recycle.
Take all recyclables to center.
Clean out closets of unused or outgrown clothes, donate.

So that's, let's see, four. If I count every item of clutter that will be going out the door with those four, I'd estimate a number around 300...I have a lot of clothes .


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Joining in for my no counting solution but starting this morning with the mystery boxes left from last month and then I will work on the downstairs closets which will be a lot more satisfying.
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Originally Posted by AidynElyMama View Post
Joining in!

I'm going to number goals instead of items, is that allowed???
Of course! Some people like counting and some people don't. Whatever works for you is cool.

Originally Posted by Aubergine68
THis is exactly part of my plan today!!!
Oh, neat! It felt so good to drop those books off. I open that cabinet to admire it's tidiness every time I walk by.
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All right, I'm in. I never used to like the idea of counting the things I get rid of, because when I tried to come up with a number, I would think "well it depends." But I plainly do have a lot more stuff than I need, so I might as well join in here. I'm setting my goal low--100--because I'm insisting that the item actually be out of the house before I count it (stuff designated for donation/selling/etc tends to sit around for a while here).

And on top of that I'm going to make the rule that for every new thing that comes into the house, something else has to go. So yesterday I bought two children's books at Goodwill and a sanding block thing...which means I have to get rid of three more things in addition to the 100.

So the total is...

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I'm feeling really motivated right now, so I'm going to join in too and hopefully make decluttering a habit rather than an only-when-I'm-nesting thing.

I'm not really sure what is reasonable as a number goal, but I do know that my main focus for the month is going to be on our spare bedroom (which is also my craft room and an all-purpose storage room). I spent all day yesterday clearing out the closet and filled 4 boxes with things that are going away. Yay! I also need to prune some books to make more shelf space. Hmmm, I think I'll shoot for 300. But I'm not going back and counting yesterday.

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Oh I'd love to join y'all also!

I generally keep on top of clutter, but as I was cleaning for DS's b-day party I noticed a lot more can go.
We are having a yard sale at the end of the month!
My husband is a pack rat and its hard over here.
So, I'm gonna shoot for 300, this month.

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I'm glad to see my fellow Mama Rabbit here.

I don't have any set goals, but I try to get something done every night after everyone's asleep before the evening nursing session. I've gotten a LOT done so far. We're also moving cross-country soon so this is great timing. And DH is a pack-rat but even he has been commenting on the improved atmosphere. I consider that success for sure!

I've recently revived a blog in which (among other things) I detail my de-cluttering journey. My goal, I guess, is to keep it up?
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I'll join this month, I am trying to really catch up and get things cleaned up for two reasons this month:
1. i don't have anyone due, so I am a little more free time and I want to get a jump when the babies start coming again!
2. My mom and sister are coming up at easter, they only see my house once per year, so I want to get it together. i always do better when I have a goal

Sounds good, I'll be back to post my updates!!!
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I'll join in. There's no way that I'll remember to count stuff so I'll just list things that I have done.
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dudes, i'm in too! i don't have a count goal but will post my success(s) as i go...
first major goal is to do my yearly organize/purge of my 4 drawer file cabinet! yikes!
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Organizing storage. But mostly clearing out the "main" room completely so we can paint and install moulding, then look for carpeting (maybe those carpet squares, not sure).

But to start, clear it out and clean it completely, and paint it. We should be able to do that this month.
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I'm all over my clothes sorting and purging today, perhaps by the end of it I'll be able to say one of my four is done.
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I'm joining this month! I have a beautiful enclosed front porch that has been a catch all for all my books (way too many books), cd's dvd's and anything else that didn't have a home. I am cleaning it ALL out this month and repurposing the space to give my daughters a playroom

Now that I have a definite idea for what to do there, I am ridiculously motivated!
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Count me in! I plan on cleaning out my garage! We share it with my neighbors (We each have half) Our half is completley filled! Over the winter we've just been tossing things down there now I want to fully clean it out and be able to put my christmas decorations back in the garage! The only things I want in there are the things that belong to my mom and some tools! I will post pictures later!
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Today I got rid of: four old pairs of underwear, a holey sock, a "finished" coloring book, a chewed-up pacifier and a chewed-up nasal bulb syringe, and three old bathroom-type rugs. All went to the trash. So my total is now


This may not sound like much, but that's only because I'm not counting donated/sold/recycled things until they actually leave the house. I filled a laundry basket and a box with 50+ things to donate or sell today, and gave my ex two boxes of things that he left behind when he moved out. So I feel good about what I've done so far (and the day's not over yet!)

And I'm adding a new category: papers! I'm going to shoot for 200 pieces of paper this month. So that total is:

0/200 papers
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So, I have a box of books I decluttered. Are books worth the hassle of trying to sell? If so, what's best: e-bay? Amazon? A different online book store?
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Well today I took everything except the fabric and some of books (those are heading for specific people on Wed and Thurs, and they are in the car) to the thrift today, and I'm not telling which one so you guys don't get the urge to go collect my junk to clutter your homes, garages and closets with

The few things that are trash-trash are out of the house and waiting for hubby to make a dump run, and the paper is still here but in the burn pile by the woodstove, but it's as good as gone.

plus 10 pounds paper

12 bathroom
31 fabric
15 sewing
9 my dresser
33 cedar closet
26 catch all
3 kitchen
32 books
plus 10 pounds of paper (yes I weiged it )
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