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In like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb for May 04 Mamas!

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Happy March to my May Mamas! This month will bring health, prosperity, and happiness for all of us!

Old thread here... http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=839916
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gotta shower and get to store...
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lots to respond to but i just spend my web time posting pics in my sadly lacking blog. but you can see our back yard progress if ya wanna (and the baby quilts i made)

i should shower and do something more productive around here.

i had a fairly awful experience at sears yesterday trying to get pictures. i bought the boys coordinating outfits and had visions of cherubic easter photos. lets just say we left without a single picture of them together and i wanted to throttle isaac. i'm talking jumping in front of the camera during ebin's pics, stabbing me in the back with keys, jumping on me, refusing to participate when it finally WAS his moment luckily i did get some cute pics of ebin and he is 9 months old today! i'll post a link oy.

i was *really* happy to get out last night for a mom's shindig. amymay was there and i told her i wanted to talk to her about pics (i'm thinking in may about doing their birthday pics with her). her card has our very own supercute LILY awwwwwwwwww!

ok gotta go
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Oooh jstar, the yard looks great! What a nice deck/porch/patio. Our DHs should get together and talk man-talk about their recent decks sometime. Mine is out there right now, as-a-matter-of-fact. And I love the quilts. So cute. You are so crafty! I didn't know Amy had Lily's pic on her card. That is cool. Sorry you had a poopy photo shoot at Sears.

Fiddle - thinking of you, too. Hope the job stitch resolves. Nothing I hate worse than an unsure future with something that important.

Meesa - let us know how you're feeling. Getting better, I hope?

I want to hear from Jacquie, too. Any news about the future going on?

Yeah so our deck is almost done. Just need a little more wood (reclaimed from craigslist, hopefully) and it will be done. DH is finishing up the rest of the framing as we speak. It's huge. I wanted it this big, and I like it, but I think DH is a little peeved at how much of the yard it takes up. Oops.

Caught a baby early this morning! And now I'm home trying to do homework and hang with Lily at the same time. We're supposed to go out and do something fun for my birthday later this afternoon, since I am on call again tomorrow.

Sun is coming out again! w00t!

Hope everymama is feeling better and families are all on the mend. Good new month vibes. Let's forget the past and manifest a wonderful Spring!

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Sarah-bee, jstar & fiddle: what's a good evening to do a birthday celebration for you three mamas, just the mamas? do you have a spring break, Sarah, but probably on call...??? any day during the week is usually fine, but Mondays and Tuesdays are harder for me to coordinate since bill plays hockey one of those nights each week.
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hopefully we'll get to do some bbqing and admire each other's decks this summer i can't waaaaaaait for bbq season :

my dh has no boasting to do about his deck though because it was alllll jonathan. and i really like it

tuesday and thursdays are the worst nights for me to go out because i've already been gone from ebin during the day. fridays are good. saturdays are good.

nap time beckons
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i'm here...no time to respond right now. Maybe later...dh is going out of town for a couple days, so it all depends on how well all that goes.

reading and following along....

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heya. checking in and subbing after a long day at work at the winery. looks like i might be able to increase my hours there for the time being. yay for not having to get a real job just yet.

gotta go figure out something to eat. very few options. uninspired.

oh! but i did make bread from scratch yesterday. soooo yummy.
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yeah, I've been a little slow to respond to stuff lately. Partly it's that since we set up A's crib in our office, when she goes to bed at night I don't get any computer time. Unless it's on dh's laptop,which I'm on now. But, he's leaving tomorrow afternoon so laptop will be gone.

No job news here for now. The MA option seems to have fizzled for now. He's not gotten any more info from them, so we're thinking he didn't make their next cut. Which is okay. Because the Kansas prospect seems to be heating up. They will be visiting him on our turf in the next couple weeks, which is kinda fun.

The trip he's taking this week is not job-related. He's just going back to Austin for a lecture and visit with his clergy-former-classmate peeps. G and I went with him last year, but couldn't manage all the airfare this time, so we're staying. Please hope G handles this absence of his daddy better than last time. It was tough. And A has a runny nose and has been sleeping poorly....I hope she gives me a break when he's gone.

Renae-hoping potty learning is going okay. G still wears a pull-up at naptime and bedtime, so it's not wimping out (I don't think) just being realistic. Before A was born, dh was trying to get up every few hours and take G to the toilet, but he soon got weary of not getting a full night's sleep (go figure). It will happen eventually.

jstar-loved looking at your blog! yard is great. Ebin is so big! Can't wait to see the Sears pics, though I'm sorry Isaac was the way he was. Crawling...yikes. I guess we're just a little bit away from that. A turned 7 months and now is miss sitter-upper...mostly by herself. Doesn't it seem to be going faster the 2nd time???

megan-sorry the tax info wasn't what you thought. But, I'm glad you can work out something at the winery. Working real jobs suck, I agree with you on that one.

mcsarah-yay for graduating with everyone else! That's exciting. And, catching a baby! Coolness.

KK-yay on good possibilities for dh's job. And, for you too. Let's hope the right option is just around the corner for all involved.

danile-moving is no fun. Been there, done that once a year almost since G was born. I feel your pain (and am about to feel it again, I do believe). Hang in there. You are superwoman to do it while having such a newborn and being a full-time student.

heatherfeather-yay for good chiro adjustments. Glad HJ was laying down on the job (so to speak).

I know I'm forgetting some of you, but I'm tired and can't remember what everyone wrote! Love to all, anyway.
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good luck while dh is out of town jacquie. i hope it goes smoothly! it sounds like a fun getaway for your dh....they need those sometimes

in some ways it really does seem to go faster the 2nd time. i think ebin just hit the point of rapid change. for so long he could sit up but couldn't 'get down' from sitting. so he would be stuck and i could sit him down with some toys and he'd stay for quite a while playing. then he was rolling with increasing aim for a couple of months. he finally started crawling ~feb 11th super jerkily. and within 2 weeks he is pulling up and crawling everywhere and attempting to climb the stairs. he's also coordinated his legs to walk if you are holding his hands and he just laughs like this is hilarious. so cute. so now we are in HAZARDBABY mode!! we need a baby gate for the living room...like today! he's also getting much better with finger foods which is nice. i can see him changing to wobbler before my eyes *sniff sniff* crawling babies are about the cutest thing though

i posted my pics oy.

i'm thinking good thoughts for mr. kk's interview. and that was some good bullying re: the suit! i hope mama kk gets the position on the board too

good news on more hours at the winery meg i think that sounds like a fun job.

the childcare juggling/work thing is only worthwhile i think if it gives good financial (or mental) benefit for going through the rigaramole. i spent most of last thursday doing that insurance application (ie. not working on billable stuff which would pay for the babysitting). and then she emails 'oops wrong application..engineers have to do this one' :: so irked.

about the mama's b-day night out...beth works f-sun i think so maybe a wed night would work best for all?
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Hi, all!

pdxmmf- yes, Wednesdays work best for me. I could also do M or Tu, but it sounds like other couldn't. ooooh, this'll be fun! Haven't seen Sarahbee in a long time, so hopefully we can get together.

My job sitch: so.... last year some time (maybe 6 months ago? maybe more?), I think I posted that my company didn't want people who were related working at the same site. I have been waiting EVER SINCE to be transferred. The company has been wanting me to take on more staff training responsibilities (and that behavior plan job), but I kept saying I wouldn't do it until AFTER I'd been transferred and got used to my new group home.

I got wind in early Feb that they WEREN'T planning on transferring me anywhere, they just wanted me to start the behavior plan job. But noone was talking to me, noone was doing anything. Finally, I forced their hand and gave notice at dh's group home. I showed up at the main office and just started working on staff training stuff.

Well, two days after I did that, the board met, and slashed the admin budget, laying off my co-worker. Plus, the behavior plan job has been put on the back burner. So suddenly I was looking at not having a job at all after Friday. Scary! Then Friday I met with the exec dir., and he told me I was being transferred to another group home. At first I felt happy to have a job, but then I realized...

ARGH! So now I've got to learn all this new stuff at a new group home (and one that's run really poorly, whereas my dh manages very well, if I do say so myself). PLUS I have all this new training responsibility. All at once. I don't know my hours, but they will suck, and I have to pay a bunch more in the new childcare I've set up. So, more work, more childcare $, less time with fam, no more pay. I make $9.19 an hour. I am not happy. I am applying for a subbing teaching licence, and loooking into whether I can get unemployment in the summers if I'm a part-time sub. I really want to stay and help my company, but unless they give me a substantial raise, I can't afford to do that, financially or personally.

I am grateful to have a job, at least.

So, that's all about me.
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Jess, I really loved your quilt pix and yard pix. (and I laughed and laughed about the non-cherubic pix...) (Ooh, and I talked with some of my fellow MGs about the contorted filbert yesterday... you're corrupting people *far* away from home...)

Very cool on baby-catching. I am (always) so in awe. It's the kind of thing that theoretically, I think *I* would like to do, but I am such a wimp, and I'd be passing out every time. :

Jacquie, if your dh didn't get the MA option, then it's *their* loss, for sure. Vibing strongly for Kansas (UU version of prayer ). I hope G and A are *EASY* during his next trip.

Dudes, #3 is even *faster*.

Oh, Ferny, that job stuff totally suxors. (Doesn't sound like they plan well.) You would be happier being a sub, wouldn't you? (But I suppose childcare might be more sporadic/difficult?) How *would* that work out in terms of seeing your dh/etc? (I can't quite recall how you guys were arranging hours/childcare.)

It was 70 here yesterday, 30ish today, 5" of snow. I finally potted up my African violet starts (an appropriate end to the day; I went to a MG workshop with a bunch of little old ladies) and picked more worms out of my compost for our inside worm bin. (The worms already in the bin are *much* fatter than when I put them in, so I take it that the plush life of eating banana peels in the living room at room temperature is much better than egg shells in the big bin in the cold out of doors.)
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ferny---that really stinks. more work essentially equals less pay--blah! I should convince dh to move to pdx....I would totally watch your babes for nada. **hugs**

feelin' way behind on catching up with everyone---apologies! more vitamins= back to normal soon I hope.

kk---thanks for the thoughts re: garden....I got some books for her and we will probably do a couple planter boxes for her....I just need to get her to narrow down her veggie choices---she has like 12 that she wants to plant!

busy week ahead...have to take back the baby scale to the LC tomorrow. um don't need it anymore! I do have another cool digi scale that I got from a p2p mama and will use that for weight checks, but I'm hoping we're over the hump w/ those issues. Please. pretty please universe???

jacquie---you're awesomeness for going with the flow while dh sorts out job stuff is inspiring.

question, mamas....would you all attempt a road trip with three in tow?? We're having our bathroom remodeled and I'm debating just going to CT or going on a longer road trip to see another mdc mama. Pros? Cons? I would prefer to do the latter, just need someone to talk me down if a 12hr distance is insanity or not? (would break up the driving)
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HF: good choices are things that fit one or more of these criteria:
--big seeds (easy to plant by themselves: beans, sunflowers, pumpkins/squash, corn
--grow fast/easy: radishes, marigolds
--fun to eat/harvest: peas or snap peas, cherry tomatoes, strawberries (both as transplants), decorative gourds

I did a road trip last spring break with all 3 (to W. Colo to see the g'parents). The travelling itself wasn't so bad, but we all got really sick (ear infections, snot/congestion, fever, pinkeye), and *that* was hellish (I dunno if you remember it, but between the four of us, we went through a whole bottle of children's ibuprofen in a week : note: children's ibuprofen is yummy . Pros: with 3, they can do a lot of entertaining themselves. Cons: not a lot of help, unfamiliar setting. (Are you going to a childproofed home? I didn't, and that was a PITA.)
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HF- I think a 12 hr road trip wouldn't be toooooo bad if you broke it up into 2 days. I am SO EXCITED that HJ is doing better on the eating front. It warmed my heart to hear you talking about nursing him at night. I know you are totally exhausted and that sucks, but I remember how hard you had to work to pump all the time for E, and I am so happy for you that you are able to nurse with HJ. . It would be cool if you moved to PDX- I felt all warm and fuzzy about the virtual childcare. .

Of course, my good friend that's watching them now isn't ASKING for $10/ hr (yes, more than I make- but dh watches the kids more days than her), it's just what I insist on giving her. Just because I don't get paid a fair wage doesn't mean it's ok for me to give an unfair wage to the people who watch my kids- a most important job! I recently gave my teenage homeschooling sitter a raise to $9/hr (since she's alone with the kids now, not watching them in the group home), but I'm kind of regretting it, because her quality of care isn't _that_ high (she lets them watch too much TV, and isn't always proactive about problem-solving the sibling rivalry before it gets out of hand). I'm talking to her about both things, though, so hopefully the care will improve.

KK- funny about the worms getting fat from a posh indoor life. In answer to your question, I was working W 4 hrs, then Friday afternoon to Saturday night, 27 hrs straight. We had a teen helper 5 hrs a week at the group home. The past coupla weeks, I've been working Th (dh stays home), F (nanny friend), and then Fr night- Sat night (dh). With the new job, I'll be working F(nanny friend), and then 22 more hours, days/times as yet to be determined. If I switched to subbing, dh would work M,Tu, F, Sa, and I would work W, Th, F, assuming I was called in. The pay is more than twice as much, and I'm pretty sure I could work most days as a middle school math sub, but then there's the problem of the summers, and getting on dh's health insurance outside an enrollment period.

Wow, turned into another all-about-me post. Sorry, folks!
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I'm being driven nuts one sleepless night at a time. No sleep yet going on 3am. Every time I'm almost asleep, the little dude starts whimpering --dang cold. Please let it not be rsv or anything of the like. Don't know if it's just the laryngomalacia that makes it worse?

/end allaboutme
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Heather - I'm feeling ya on the sleepless nights. How you manage all you do on any given day is amazing. Thinking continued : for HJ, and wishing for some for both of you!

fern, the work sitch sounds tough. More work and less pay (or even not more pay) is a rather maddening scenario.

jstar thanks for sharing pics!

I have to run. Today is a logistical nightmare and I haven't got it all figured out yet. I'm *finally* nearing 'normal' (healthwise. otherwise, keep yer trap shut ) I missed half the week at work last week (bad, especially when I'm planning a week and a half off at the end of this month). TODAY, the kids' grandmas are sick (they usually keep Ethan from 12:00 and pick the girls up at school so I can work late), Allison has a low fever and Marcy (who keeps Ethan Tues thru Thurs) can take Ethan before 3:00 and after 4:00, but not from 3-4 (the middle of my workday). I CANNOT MISS ANOTHER DAY IN THE OFFICE. I just can't. So I'm looking at taking Ethan to Marcy's this morning, taking Allison to the ped (she already has an appointment to follow up on the UTI) and then possibly taking Allison to work with me. if she seems well, I'll take her to school. And now I get to rearrange my schedule so that I can go pick Ethan up at 3:00, bring him to the office for an hour, and then take him back at 4:00. This is making me very : I am not panicking, I am not stressing (very much) I have faith that this day will work itself out in exactly the way it needs to, and everything will be fine.

Do I sound convincing?
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i feel sick to my stomach, and it's not the tummy bug that's going around. i feel like i am in junior high school again.
trying to get my head around the quote in my sig, and am having a hard time... still striving...
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i hope you can remember which kid is where juice that sounds complicated!! oh and btw you gave me an adjustment in my dream the other night! cool. i wish it had been real

Dudes, #3 is even *faster*. <----- KK's quote. i was thinking in regards to it going faster that time is on heather's side and hopefully HJ will start growing out of some of the feeding troubles. and it looks like he is! but not going to sleep before 3am is HARD. so rough! i wish i could take him off your hands and let you crawl away to a bed somewhere. i turn into 'mad mommy' when that kind of thing happens. talking between clenched teeth 'go.to.sleep.now!' but of course the mama can always deal because there aren't many other options at 3am.

i need to call the ped for a followup ear check today because it has been 2 weeks. i am doubtful the infection is cleared up because he is shaking his head constantly. but it could be teeth. but he is also waking every 2 hours on the dot and screaming at top vol so who knows.

happy birthday KK! my dad is 60 today. with his super-bad bladder cancer in his early 50s i am VERY happy he is 60

and that is awsome about the contorted filbert. the fam was driving in the car on saturday and i said 'ooooh look at that full-grown contorted filbert!!' doug says 'no wonder you drive so slow if you're looking at plants!' i'm always looking at plants i have favorites around town

beth - i hope the subbing thing works out. i bet you're an awesome (patient!) math teacher

well it is poopy and grey and sorta rainy out but i have a wheelbarrow full of daylilies that need to get in the ground. i've lost my gardening momentum. maybe they can wait until wednesday :
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jstar, thanks for the chuckle. I haven't lost a kid yet (fingers crossed) and the day actually smoothed itself out somewhat - I got Allison in to see her doc early, she went to school without complaint. So now I just have to go to work, run and get Ethan for an hour, and take him back. DH will have to do pickups, so he'll get the girls, come to my office to switch cars (can't get three seats in the 1997 Honda Civic) and then get Mr. E. I have already made dinner for the evening (white bean and roasted garlic soup, oh YUM) so aside from the general chaos of it, it's all well managed

I *love* that I adjusted you in a dream! I wish it was real, too. In fact, I wish I could figure out how to adjust people over the phone, so I wouldn't have to go to the office. I could really cut my overhead that way.

TC, it sounds like a rough time.

Hey elsanne, how was your time ALONE?
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