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Trapped Gas, ways to "relieve" it please?

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Ive had painful trapped gas in my stomach/abdomen for the past 10 hours...any good ways to get rid of it? Ow!
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Try doing hard massage/just pressing hard on your feet near the balls of the feet - there is a pressure point in this area that can help. Give yourself a massage doing the "I love you" strokes from infant massage. You should be able to find this easily online - I don't want to try to explain it because it will be way too long and not clear enough. Lay on your back and bicycle your legs and then pull your knees to your chest. Basically, do everything for yourself that you would do with a gassy or colicky baby. Again, you can look online to find more ideas.
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homeopathic carbo veg is for "incarcerated flatus" or trapped gas-lol.

you can also do a castor oil pack.

Chewing fennel seeds or dill seeds is also a very traditional way to deal with it.

Feel better!
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There are some yoga poses you can do

Hero pose http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/490

More here

And the reclining hero pose

Plow pose

Deer pose

I'm sure these will help! Hope you get some relief!
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