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I have a special needs lamb living in my bathroom (we have one bathroom), and two apparently healthy lambs were born in the barn a couple hours ago. I dh hit it for O'Hare just after noon. There are two ewes out there with very threatening udders.

Totally overwhelmed, and it took less than 5 hours.

And not a run in sight.
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Why is it that post-childbirth my cramps are no longer in my lower abdomen, but instead my entire crotch (shooting for less descriptive here) feels like I've been kicked in the proverbial balls? It was never like this pre-motherhood.

Bless the lambs, and bless Jo!
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I've wondered the same, Monica.

Jo, on the Dingo Commune, we'd be there helping out and bringing you dinner.

Jess, wow, woman! Take it easy, 'k? You've got a tiny newborn...

Me? I need advise. I'm interviewing for my dream job in a little more than a week: I went to get new clothes today. My suit is prekids vintage. I'm still the same size as prekids, but the size is in different places. I also have to replace my black shoes, since they lead to foot cramps by the end of the day (like, during my talk). I can't find black versions of my favorite brown shoes, but zappos recommends these as a replacement. Would they go with gray slacks and a black suit jacket for a geo-geek faculty interview?

DD: "Mommy, how big is a soy's nu-nus?"

(Nu-nu is this family's term for breasts. E now drinks soy and mommy milk.)
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saskiasmom, Wow! I can't believe you just ran 8 miles like that!!! Wow! You Go! (and take it easy, too.)

eksmom, thank you so much for doing the list. i love to look at it every once in a while just for inspiration. it's a very inspirational list! thank you!

mamabeth, awwww man! ds is puking? i hope it's over quickly. how is HBM by the way?

tjsmama, so glad you're feeling better!

1jooj, as if the pedestal you're on could actually go any higher, it just, like, grew an extra foot tall. Wow! Mama. can't believe you've got 3 newborn lambs - 1 of which is special needs in your one & only bathroom, two kids of your own, and a dh on a plane. oh, yeah, plus you work outside the home. (I feel like I've done that before - the bowing, that is! ) Hope it's all going okay. i DO wish i could be there for assist.

Geo, those totally look like cool professional shoes. and i would NOT say geo-geek. they don't look geeky at all.

we have had non-stop snow the entire week. only run planned is catching a plane in the morning. will be back north in a couple of months. (maybe) and i will NOT go MIA!

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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
Hey mamas!

CathToria, girl, you are EVERYWHERE! welcome to the Dingoes! the Atl list is growing, y'all.....
You don;t care, do you? So, if I get into running, can I run the PTree with you and HBM??? I forgot that we talked about doing that years ago, LOL. I didn't miss teh application, did I? You gals are prob seeded though, right? I won;t even have a time to submitt. I ran a 5K in Oct (well I only ran 2 miles of it), but it was not a Ptree qualifer anyway. When I ran it prekids, a was a member of the ATC, to get an early Ptree entry with low number and for their no frills races. maybe I shoudl look into that again......
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Ok, first of all mamas, I have been riding pretty strong on the stationary bike for
a few weeks, and back before the bronchitis; um, November. Second, I said 9 minute RANGE, meaning 9:50 or something (I havent done the math, but I did 8 1/4 in 80 minutes and stopped to go to the bathroom at Wild Oats, so I dont know). Third, I have new shoes , and I hadnt been away from the kids in almost a week, so frankly, I didnt want to come home But yeah, I tend to overdo, and my knee is hurting, but Im not "planning" (ha ha, as if) another run until Thurs. Maybe Ill even swim tomorrow. Ive got my babysitter scheduled for a few hours this week, so Im happy just to have the guarantee of work-out time.

In other news, Im pretty sure we rented our house. We sent out amass email to all incoming and current residents in Emergency med. here on thursday, and got a call that night from a "second year" Dh knows and she had just learned that her landlord wants her out (selling the house) the exact date we want someone in! Kind of a big "to do" crossed off our list

ljooj - what loftmama said!!!!!!
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geo - love the shoes - they would totally work. and your ds is hysterical.
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Originally Posted by MonikitaUT View Post
Hey!! I've been wondering how you are doing. I'm very happy to see that egg baby moving up the week chart. Are you still running?
You were missed, too! I have been running just a tiny bit while waiting for my new, larger running bra to come. I was so sad to hear that you're dropping out of the marathon!
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Monica, I get the same feeling in the crotch-al region. I'm glad to know I'm not alone! I HATE those damn things. Ugh.

I am so darn congested. I think I have my left nostril cleared a bit, finally, but I was getting NOTHING through the neti pot. Not even a drip drip drip. Blork.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go re-cast-on for my anticipated nephew's sweater and watch silly TV.
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Couldn't understand why there wasn't any posting since early this afternoon, and then I see there is a new thread.

saskiasmom, I remember back when you were on the thread long before, someone commenting on how you don't run for a while, and then all the sudden go for like an hour as if it were nothing. You go girl! Oh, and I might be up for a scoby your next go round. Do you also do kefir? I had some rockin water grains last year, and then I killed them with neglect. I am not ready to take on new pets until our kitchen remodel is done, but that should be soonish.

Speaking of pets, DH and DD2 were looking at rescue goldens tonight. Now DH is writing to them inquire about one. We said we wouldn't get one til the kitchen is done, but he looked at pictures....

Last big non rr news: DD1 swam under water! I didn't get to see it as DH took them yesterday. Up until now she has NOT wanted to get her face wet. And now all of the sudden she does it.
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yeah that to all the be easy saskiasmom and
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jooj ~ I'm not really that far away. If you're in a bind and want an extra hand, you should give me a call. Do you have my new number? The 906 one?
You really are amazing. The things you deal with as a working mommy, wife, and farmer... wow!

I ran outside yesterday, and the sun was beautiful. I came home and did 35 minutes of yoga (I found some instant watch yoga videos on Netflix). I hope I can get another run outside today while it's a little warmer, but before the rain comes.
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geo, the shoes are super-cute. And smart.

Monica, I am having those very crotchal pains just these past 12 hours myself. (Why not that too, right?)

I am afraid to go down to the barn, for fear of what may greet me there.

I'm taking Pokey down to his mama again today. I think I have his metabolism to the point where, as long as the barn stays warm enough, he can handle it. I'll feed him 3x daily and pray for good results. He's eating and pooping and peeing a lot now, so I really need him to be in the barn.
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Well I'm glad I'm not the only one with crotch cramps. () I mean I'm not glad that they plague a bunch of you as well, just glad that it must be normal.

Yay for Pokey! We're rooting for you, little lamb! Now go nurse on your mama like a good lamb.
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jo~ wow! Good luck with your little lamb!

Well, the good news is that my neck feels a little better today. The bad news...it's snowing sideways at the moment. Hard. Snowing, blowing, really yucky conditions. Heavy wet snow. Not conducive to running in. At. All. Ugh, why didn't I make myself go run yesterday??? Now I'm going to have to go run 7 miles on the treadmill at the Y. I *hate* running on the tm...
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subscribing. sending children + husband out grocery shopping. erin has one more minute on my lap until she needs to get dressed.
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I am subing

I have been starting to run using a modified C25K program. I am currently reading Brain Training for Runners and it is helping me fix some of my gait problems. Hopefully I will be able to actually run more than once a week without hurting myself soon. Right now I have shin splints so it is back to biking for a week or two while they heal.

I am doing the Autism Society Walk in May.

Question: Does anyone here use Nike Free?
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hey, all. Checking in from still-sick land. BLork! It is GORRRRRRGEOUS outside today. Damn this stinking head cold and its associated aches and pains.

Dan is brewing beer outside and Geneva is out there playing, bless their souls (for leaving me alone).

Hey, while we're talking about wierd vajayjay stuff, does anyone else have this experience?: You take a bath, you innocently get out of the bath and begin to dry off -- maybe even put on a clean pair of underwear -- when the aforementioned orofice emits an evil laugh and proceeds to dump about 9 ounces of "withheld" bath water all over the floor (and of course, through your brand new pair of underwear).

Sigh. I start to see why an entire broadway show's worth of monologues could have been written on such topics.
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megs_bk, sorry, i'm no help. i just want to say how i wish i could meet you irl.

and for some homemade brew.
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Megs! I can't say that I've had that particular experience, but then I rarely take baths. I have had some similar experiences after swimming, however (as I'm walking from the pool to the locker room at the Y, past the old men sitting in the hot tub).

rr~7 looooooooooooooooooong miles on the treadmill. I somehow pulled the emergency cord after about 2.8, which reset the workout, so I had to spend the rest of the time trying to do math in my head. And I don't do math so well anyway, but add in trying to do it while running and slightly lightheaded from whiplash/concussion....math is hard! Um, yeah, probably should have stopped running, but I might be a teeny bit stubborn. Have I ever mentioned how athletic trainers tend to be really bad about taking their own advice? Tomorrow's stretch and strengthen day, so hopefully it will all be cleared up by Tuesday.

It's still snowing/blowing pretty hard, so I think we will stay in the house the rest of the day. DS is still in his pj's and I may put mine back on after I shower. I just got a pizza stone, so I'm thinking about trying to find a good pizza dough recipe and try some homemade pizza out for dinner tonight. Or maybe I'll just bake some cookies or brownies and sit on the couch and tell myself how much I deserve to eat all of them since I ran SEVEN miles today!
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