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Tell me I'm not alone in this!

With my first pregnancy I didn't show until 22 weeks. Obviously I'm not *showing* right now because I'm only five weeks and the baby is 2mm long, but I look about four months pregnant. I even bought a Bella Band today because I can't button my pants. People have started asking me when I'm due and it's embarassing to watch them figure out that I'm like a month pregnant.

Anyone else seriously bloated?
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I'm bloated but my pants still fit. But I swear that i can tell that my belly is bigger.. .though I'm sure nobody else can. This is #3 for me, so I know maybe I'll show sooner.

But wow! That's crazy that people are asking you when you're due!! Did it happen all at once? How tall are you?
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Me. For sure. I think maybe it's all in my head, but you can't *imagine* your jeans being too tight, can you?
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Oh yeah, me too!!!
I haven't gained any weight yet, and I'm working really hard on keeping it off as long as poss. I have been eating well and not too much at all. exercising almost every day. And my jeans are def. getting snug around the waist.
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Originally Posted by AugustineM View Post
Did it happen all at once? How tall are you?
I woke up the morning of 4w5d and I had this massive bloat belly. I'm 5'6".

I gave up this morning and pulled out the box of maternity shirts. Seriously. I felt like such an idiot, because it's NOT a baby belly, but nothing else fits! I'm way more comfortable now, but I still feel silly.
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Me too but not so bad.

I think it's from the progesterone. It relaxes the smooth muscles like bowels and so things don't move as well. Bloating, heartburn, etc. are all related to this, I believe.
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