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Aww, that's just fantastic!

And I know, I know, I need to come by more often... : It's just been : at work -- which is about the only place I can check MDC....
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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
She said, "oh, well I don't mind if you're gay, mama. you're allowed to be. You can love whoever you want to."
awwwww :
then she said, "I'm not gay"
I asked her if that means she's straight, and she goes,
"no silly, I'm just a child. I don't make love with anyone. Just when I pretend to be a princess. but only pretending"
Thats beautiful majik.
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Hello everyone -- just checking in. It's been awhile.
Majik, I'm very glad to hear of your happiness with your new gf. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, dontchya know. Just think of how much fun you'll have in July.

It's nice to "hear" from you all. Keep it comin'.
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hey bjorker!
haven't seen you for ages! miss you mama. (you're still a rainbow pillow goddess to me)
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Awwww... I feel lurved.

How do you like my April Fool's DDDDC-type thing over there?
For future reference, for after they go away, it says:
"Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government."

teehee! I love it.

Edit: Wait, now yours says that too, and I could have sworn it said something else before. Are they changing around? I just logged in, I have no idea exactly what's going on here today.
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they change around
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Edit: nevermind! oops...

kindly skip this post...
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heeehee but i have email notification, so I know what you said :evillaugh:
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Not fair!
As soon as I posted it, I was proven wrong. doh.
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that's okay, I still love you
I'm going crazy with packing atm; we leave tomorrow!!!!
and I have another 'houseguest' so things aren't getting done too efficiently, what with all the naps I have to take
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holey buried thread, batman!

wow, what happened?
I mean, I have an excuse; I got a girlfriend, and therefore didn't get much out of bed for a while, and then I went overseas... but where is everyone else????
you can't all have gone into hiding just because I'm not available anymore :

and I even realise that we needed a new monthly thread a whiles back... should I start one? even though the month is more than half over?
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Wait, nobody made an April thread? Sheesh, I didn't even realise...
Methinks we were waiting for you to get back or something.
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funny huh

well, it seems silly to make another thread for april.
love your new DDDC btw. well, it's not nearly as nice as the old one.
I'm missing you mamas as well.
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Hi everyone!!!! Gosh its been a while since I came here again! Sorry I keep abandoning this board!!

Sounds like things are pretty positive all around!!! Congrats on the girlfriend majikfaerie!!

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I'm one week out from our flight to Scotland.....life is crazy here!

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we're less than a week to flying to china!
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hey what happened?
I went away for a bit and the thread totally died out?!!?!?!
no one started a june thread, and may totally passed us by as well...


is anyone even still out there?
heket? our fearless leader?
echo echo echo...
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I'm still here. DH and I have been having some tough talks about opening our marriage up. He is wanting to do whatever it takes to keep us together...but I don't know if it is actually going to work. It's only been a few days, so we'll see where this road takes us. I am feeling like a selfish jerk for hurting him. But I also feel really good about working toward some changes, whatever they might be. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

How are you majikfaerie? I would love some baked treats. Something with chocolate.
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Still here... not much to say
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I'm still here. Life is just insanely busy, as always. DP is having an exciting life with his many other girlfriends and I'm just trying to recover my life after a stressful academic ride. Bit jealous of all his fun, but I'll be back on the prowel soon
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