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okay, I'm not alone

I'm in Thailand atm with DD to attend a birth. We've just spend the last month in China, where I had a little fling with an Italian woman and next month we're heading home.

in the meantime, we're staying in a house, so cakes are definitely do-able. mango cheesecake anyone?
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Nice! I was reading your blog and saw that you have had quite the adventure. What was up with the guy hosing down your bags? That was strange.

And mango cheesecake sounds lovely.
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oh yeah, nothing wrong with a little adventure now and now.

the guy hosing down our bags was just whacked. seriously. even when we moved the bags, he reached around further to spray them more. it was just like one of those candid camera scenes. only no one jumped out and shouted "smile!"

I'm guessing that every morning at sunrise, a busload of backpackers line their bags up there, and he doesn't want dirty foreign backpacks on 'his' sidewalk, so he hoses them down.

okay, I'm busted!
my birthing client is on MDC, and of course, she found my posts on this thread, and read my blog and put 2 and 2 together, and worked out that i have a GF. so much for my nice clean-cut image, showing up with a husband and child! so, I'm out now not that I was 'in', but jetting about with a seemingly normal het family doesn't lend much to questions about sexuality, so it seems.
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I'm back from my two month adventure -

I've got SO much unpacking to do.....and catching up with you gals!
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Sorry I haven't checked in here! I just had a baby, so the past few months have been pretty all about my little domesticated het-lookin' nuclear family.

I'll try to stop in more now.
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Well, I haven't posted before on this thread so I guess I didn't go anywhere. I've been reading for a bit though.

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KMM!!! welcome back! tell us about it
HHM!!! congratulations!
rkom!!! nice to meet you

not much is going on here. my client is in pre-labour, waters broke 2 days ago, intermittent ctx... but it's all moving slowly.

glad to see all you mamas coming back out of the woodwork
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it was wonderful and difficult all at the same time.
re-adjusting to having his input all the time, his taking care of Maya in HIS way, rather than mine.
A learning experience to say the least.

But the country - the Scottish Highlands - oh la la!
London - what a fun city!

more later...
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new thread

kmm come share details of your trip!
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