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Suriya finally pooped too, poor little peanut. It was a miserable few days while she was working on it though. I did increase her fluid intake and gave her extra fruits and veggies and I think that was what did it.

Winter has a shiner and I'm not sure what happened. It literally looks like someone punched him in the eye, which I'm certain nothing like that has happened. I'm thinking it could be allergy related?
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Yep I am next.

I'm getting just a tad more than nervous because I still haven't received my la bassine birth pool. I ordered it from birth with sol . com and having ordered from them in the past thought it was safe/a good idea. It should have been here last week. They took my money via paypal but never sent an order confirmation email or tracking number or anything. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and something has got to happen today or tomorrow or I'm not getting a pool

WWYD? File a refund/complaint with paypal? I've emailed them twice and called them twice with no response. This is just totally freaking me out.

I don't know if anyone read my link to the exercise ball story but today I feel totally wrecked. Literally. My neck and back feel like I have whiplash and seatbelt lash. My elbows are so sore, but not bruised because of the therapies I've been self administering. Even my calves and thighs are aching beyond the regular last month of pg ache. Must be from bracing myself. I would love to take some pain reliever, that's how hurt I feel. I can't decide whether to call the company or not. I just can't think of the right thing to say. I want at least a replacement with a burst proof ball or something because it was really the only thing comfortable for me to sit on.

I've got this anxious, gotta get everything in order but don't have the energy/I feel like crap thing going on so I feel a bit overwhelmed right now. Ugh.

ETA: I filed a dispute with paypal but that's going to take forever and I don't have the $$ to buy another birth pool in the meantime. Grrrrr: I really don't think dh is going to go for putting this on a credit card either, however, if I had bought this with a credit card instead of paypal like I had wanted to in the first place, it would have been less of a hassle to get my money back!!!! DOUBLE GRRRR!!!!
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Yay Suriya!!

Did Winter run into something? Or did something fall on him? And he's just not remembering? (that happens to me all the time).
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Monique, I can't believe the ball burst. I hope that the company sends you a refund and then something extra to compensate (maybe your DH should bill them for his care of your injuries).

Kaspirant, I hope your family is home safely soon!

DID, I would think if Winter had allergic shiners it would be both eyes. (Unless he got something in the one eye- dust or pollen or something). Maybe he bumped himself without noticing?

Amy, baking soda is a great deodorizer for the glass jars. I soak them with water and baking soda. A bit of vinegar might help, but it could make them smell like pickle jars if you soaked it too long. Though I usually just recycle my salsa jars or use them for non-food stuff afterwards, because I've found the smell almost impossible to eliminate. All the other glass jars seem easier to deodorize.

QofC, sounds like a wonderful day.

The goldfish crackers are pretty good. I used substituted half whole wheat flour, and added a bit of turmeric instead of the annatto colouring. I think they could use a bit more nutritional yeast, and I salted pretty liberally. We bought cute little "cracker cutters" that were several animal shapes, so we had goldfish/fox/duck/cat/dog crackers.
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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
Oh, I did have a random question, most likely for Helen. I re-use empty glass jars (salsa, jam, etc.) for food storage, but I can't get the smell out of the jars even after they've been washed. Would white vinegar do the trick, or would it just make the jars smell like vinegar?
I've done this and never had problems with the jars smelling like vinegar.
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Amy, I just use them as is: but I normally use sweet jars (jam etc.) for sweet stuff and pickles for pickles. Salsa, IMO, is a dead loss and just gets recycled

Monique, I had difficulties ordering from HPY a few weeks ago because paypal didn't tell them they took my money I think it's worth a phone call. On the bright side, HPY's customer service kicked ass- with the confusion, somehow the wrong address got put on my order and Mariana ended up getting the parcel redirected Bless her. I do have a spare birth ball, btw, but I think you're probably going to be postnatal before it gets to you...

DiD, why would you rather that Winter had allergies than a black eye? Let's look on the positive side, huh? (And maybe he hit himself in the eye with something...)
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post

DiD, why would you rather that Winter had allergies than a black eye? Let's look on the positive side, huh? (And maybe he hit himself in the eye with something...)
Oh I wouldn't rather he had allergies, it's just the way it's red and teary that made me think allergy instead of injury. I don't know what could have happened because he always tells me when he gets hurt. He's been unusually screamy today too, so has Suriya but she has a cold so my nerves are shot from all the clingy crying. Ugh I wish everyone could take a nap
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I posted a long whine about being : and : and :, but it got eaten; lucky y'all! Suffice to say that I'm on day two of staying home from school, probably going for a third.

Monique, I can't believe what happened! You must have some crazy calm pregnancy hormones going on, because I gotta tell ya, with your list of maladies this close to birth time, I'd be a wreck. Hugs to you, mama.

Amy, the pictures of Brynn are adorable. She's so animated!
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Monique - big s. I can't believe an exercise ball burst on you. I've seen pics, you're not huge or anything! Even pregnant I have to admit, when I was in the throes of PPD when Rowan was wee and I used to bounce her on my ball to get her to quiet down enough to nurse, I'd have weird fantasies/daydream nightmares about the ball breaking - I'd occupy my mind with exactly which way I could fall that would cause the least amount of damage to her and the most amount of damage to me so I could take a few days "off" - ha ha. Anyway, that probably doesn't help. I hope you feel better soon. I think you can take tylenol, can't you? Just a little?

I discovered this morning that grocery shopping on my bike with Rowan is not a good idea. We went to the grocery store after playgroup and got some milk, a few zucchinis, some frozen blueberries and a small box of pasta; I'd already picked up bacon and eggs at the charcuterie next to DH's office because we went there for a visit. So I put all the groceries in my backpack, put my backpack on, got on the bike... and heard muffled protests from the baby seat. Turns out that because I am small, and have a small-frame bike, the baby seat is not far enough behind my seat to accomodate a full backpack AND Rowan. Urgh. I biked home leaning far over my handlebars, it was very uncomfortable - but fortunately we only live 4 or 5 blocks from the store. So no more biking for groceries (or at least not gallons of milk and a pile of other stuff.)

Amy, supercute pics. The one where she's asleep, she looks just like Rowan And in other ones she looks EXACTLY like her mama. Oh and I'm a fan of the baking soda for deodorizing, but I find it's the lids on jars that hold onto the smell, and sometimes there's just nothing you can do. :

Teresa, I hope you feel better soon. Colds suck.

I'm glad all the poops happened and Alicia is home (?) with her baby.
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i am home!!!!!

It's been crazy. Jacob adores and detests his baby sister all at the same time.

I can't wait to get my birth story written...We are all home...we are all well (I think) It was stressful for a while. I'll tell you all about it when I'm not NAKing and chasing a naked two year old around.

But in good news...We had a doctor's appointment this morning to check on Leah and I was able to get both kids out of the house with *almost* everything we needed and was at the doctor's 10 minutes before the actual appointment time AND we stopped off to pick up Jacob's shoes he left at a friends house.

I feel like super mom. I was afraid...of trying to get out of the house...

more later
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When I rule the world, I'm going to make American doctors go to new baby's houses to do the weight checks, not the other way around :
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Thinking of you Kaspirant. I wasn't back from my trip to even find out you were in labor or that baby Leah needed some pooping vibes! So just hoping you are all doing well at home now!

It would be nice if docs still did homevisits- if only for new mamas. It is a PAIN getting all of the little ones out of the house to go sit in a blasted waiting room. This is a very passionate annoyance of mine recently.
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You are amazing Alicia!
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Well, since Kolaiah now has the weird black eye with redness and tears, I'm thinking pink eye. Anyone have a good remedy for pink eye?
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Breastmilk squirted directly into the eye several times a day is the absolute best cure for pinkeye!
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Even my pregnant and on its way to drying up breastmilk? I've heard that it becomes really salty, I'd hate for it to sting their eyes.
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Chamomile tea might be an alternative, but I'd try the breastmilk first.
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People swim in the ocean all the time, and I would doubt that your breastmilk is saltier than that, so I would guess it would be fine.
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
Well, since Kolaiah now has the weird black eye with redness and tears, I'm thinking pink eye. Anyone have a good remedy for pink eye?
Keagan just had pink eye and I tried breastmilk for a few days (maybe 5?) before resorting to abx for it. Of course after doing the abx I found out that chamomile could help. A friend also suggested goldenseal (after we used the abx too, of course).
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congrats kaspirant!! leah was born on my bday!
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