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Uggghhhh... I did NOT get enough sleep last night.

Teresa, don't feel bad about not turning your lights out. We DID, then 1/2 hour later the smoke alarm went off from all the candles. ARGH! I hate that thing. So we had Earth 1/2 Hour. And frankly it made me really nervous - toddler + candles = bad, in my view. Plus, we have all compact flourescents ANYWAY, and I left the radio on because I was listening to a show.

Mel, can you send some of Neela's daddy-interest over here? Rowan wants Daddy in the middle of the night (which is why I got crap sleep last night, because she kept waking up wanting to know where he was - he was on the couch because he's sick and snory and getting up a lot to take tylenol etc.) But aside from that, she wants very little to do with him, unless he's willing to read to her. She'll be friends with ANYONE who wants to read to her.

I have to share the latest cuteness though - I just asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she replied "I want nothing for breakfast. But thank you for asking, Mummy." This is what comes from our politely declining various toddler concoctions in the past...
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Honeytree, it sounds like such a lovely birthday for your DH! I love home-made, thoughtful birthdays. I'm sure he'll love the pair of socks when the other one joins the first gag one I am ever-impressed with your craftiness. I think I've said it before, but I"ve only managed to ever knit scarves. Anything more than just straight lines over and over intimidates me, and whenever I start to attempt it, I make a violent mess! I am not very craftily-inclined, though I am sure one of these days, I'll pursue it again. Perhaps in my more mellow-mommyhood, I'll be able to tackle these things.

And yes, you were right: the reason I was able to get any writing done was because I was in a cafe. It's the only place or way I can get creative writing stuff done. At home, Finley is certainly a distraction, even if DH is playing with him. And even if they are out, and I'm home alone, on rare occassions on purpose, I"m unable to sit and write...I have to get domestic stuff done, while I'm there! There is always cleaning, picking up, laundry, and cooking to be done. So, cafes are my place to allow myself to just focus on those creative moments. And interestingly, I have worked better in cafes for years, long before I had a baby. I'm not sure why. I think I"m inspired by feeling like I'm part of the world, by being surrounded by other people.

Kavita, I find I get a bit depressed if I don't carve out enough creative time for myself. Thankfully, DH is the same way, so he gets it, and helps me make time for it. I really have not been good about it lately, and DH and I actually talked the other night about how down I've been, and I realized that a big part of it was my lack of creative outlet. (And part of it is our financial stress). But I am really working on trying to let those stressful factors go and trust that everything will work out.

We are just a financial disaster right now, and we are doing just about everything we can about it...and are able to survive...and I just need to accept it and move on and trust that we'll be okay, that this sacrificial time will pay off. So anyway, I am feeling much much better and happier and calmer now that I got that writing session in, and I plan to do much more!

And Kavita, I'm not nearly as mellow as I seem, probably. I guess I am in some ways, but I have plenty of stressed-out days, although I guess lately, it's been more of downer days, like I said. But I am consciously pulling myself out if it, and am so glad of that! And you ladies help keep me centered and sane, especially when I feel a bit isolated. Thank you for that! :
Oh, and we are gonna do a real passover this year (DH is Jewish). Our neighbors (who are Jewish), invited us to their family's celebration, so we are going to do that...and I also want to do a little something at home. Do you have any favorite traditions or recipe to share with me?

Amy, be sure and keep us posted on conversations about baby with DH! Your and Kavita's talk of bets is cracking me up.

And Helen, I'm so excited that River's name is official! Do tell your aunt why you named him, and I"m so sorry she's being so rude about it. Sometimes I really wonder what is wrong with some people. :

Sarah, I can't believe how adorable Rowan is. I hope she sleeps better tonight! The other day, Finley similarly said, when offered food, with quite a cheer in his voice, No thank you. I'm full. And lately, when I bring him food, he says "OH!, Thank you Mommy! For Makin...(fillin the blank)". Oh, my heart is full! I wish all our kids could get together and play.

Off to look up Krishnamurti. You've got me all curious, HoneyTree!
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Barcelona, J K Rowling isn't the only person to have written a best-seller in cafes
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Add me to the list of sleep-deprived. Ugh. just. so. tired.
And that's about all I have energy for right now :

Helen - I've got Keagan sitting on my lap right now and he is insisting that we keep looking at "the baby" in your blog. My goodness, River is cute!
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Susannah, I hope you get some sleep tonight!

Helen, I followed suit, and looked at your blog, and WOW. River is absolutely gorgeous, and I just want to squeeze him! Post more, post more!

And that goes for all of you new mamas!

And Helen, for what it's worth, I'm working on a screenplay. So it wouldn't be a best-seller, but it could be on the big screen...or even, I daresay, an oscar winner! (i'm half kidding, half serious).

The sick vibes rubbed off on us via cyberspace, and DH is sick. I'm thankful that me and Finley are well, though. I'm off to tend to his poor miserable self, or at least, keep him some company.
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Nah, you don't want an Oscar winner- you'd have to sell out to the studios for that one. Aim for Sundance, kidda
Thankyou for the comments on our squishy hamster He is rather nice, isn't he?
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spughy and Susannah, sleep vibes headed your way!

Speaking of bestsellers, DH's new book arrived on our doorstep this morning. It's lovely- I'm very proud and only the tiniest bit jealous.

And I'm also a member of the River fan club; both the name and the lovely hamster

This morning my dear daughter told me to "close your eyes and let your mind be open". I have my own sage philosopher at the breakfast table. Then she stomped on the "little big bad wolf" and threw him out the front door, and helped me run away from the friendly trolls by taking a helicopter ride to China, and used a finger puppet wizard to turn me into a car so I could drive away...FAST! Her imagination in craaaaazy today
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I had my 3 1/2 y.o. niece with us today, and she's staying for another two days.

Dh came home and told me that judging by my frazzled hair, it had been a challenging day.

It was challenging. Fun, but challenging. And I am utterly exhausted.

I know that if this were my real life, I'd acclimate, but seeing as how I usually only chase one, comparatively "easy" toddler, I may have well just run a marathon.

Mel, big congrats to Matt!
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Thanks for the sleep vibes. Didn't happen last night and doesn't look likely tonight either. Ugh.

Mel, I'd be very proud too! The book looks great
And wow to your sage philosopher! I can't believe that - we are impressed when Keagan strings three words together

I know that it is really April but I'm too tired to even remember how to link this thread to a new one so I decided to not even create a new one Now that you all know the inner workings of my mind I'm going to go scrub my bathroom floor :
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Susannah, come and scrub mine instead- I honestly don't remember the last time it was done :

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