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My cat barfs too much

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What can I do? He is 11 years old and he has always been the type to barf after eating. Not every day, not all the time, about 3-4 times a week. It does not matter what kind of food or when he eats it. He will barf. The vets say there is nothing wrong but he just is a barfer. A fat barfer. He obviously gets enough to eat. He is healthy. He has seen a few vets over the years and none are ever worried about it.


He eats good quality dry, from the natural foods pet store. He will not eat wet or raw food.

He is a weird cat, I know.
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How does he eat? Does he go nuts and scarf his food as fast as he can?

Does he eat a lot and then immediately get a drink of water?

I would guess that his bark looks like big piles of puffy soggy kibble?

If he does either of those things, then what's probably happening is he's got too much kibble in too fast, he adds water (or stomach "juices"). Kibble swells and puffs, gets too big so he's got to barf some of it back up.

The trick is to get him to slow down. Feed him a few small meals throughout the day and/or feed him in a dish filled with larger smooth river pebbles. Not so small he can eat one, but not so large he can't move them with his nose/paw. Then he has to hunt out the kibble from between the pebbles, which takes longer.

If none of that works, or applies, well he may just be a barfy kitty. Some of them are like that. Does he at least do you the favor of re-eating what he just barfed up? that's so gross, but at least then I don't have to pick up piles of warm soggy cat barf!

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The problem is that he was the runt of two litters that were together (sister mommy kitties). 14 kittens and 7 adults and he was the runt. He has food issues! If his bowl does not have food in it, he panics. We have never had food time; we always just make sure his bowl has food at all times. I am sure you are correct about his eating method. I just think he is too old and has too many issue but maybe we could try having only small amounts of food in his bowl.

He just has issues, poor guy!
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It sounds like he is just eating too fast, but there are some studies/vets that believe common clumping clay litter (bentonite based) leads to tons of kitty health issues, one of these being habitual barfing....I don't have any links, but it might be somehing to look into.
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Old, you say? My cat never liked wet food (and we never tried raw, except this one time I dropped some sushi and after she'd been BEGGING for it, she felt totally betrayed that it was, like, uncooked). We always free-fed kibble, and that was always fine. If I ran out of kibble and fed her canned food for a couple days, by the time I got the kibble again, she would run like she'd been STARVING.

But she got older... and we started having spitup problems. I tried getting "better" kibble, and then we had bloody diarrhea. :-/ So I started feeding her canned, and the vomit went away. She seemed to appreciate the change in her old age.

More recently, we've had some elimination issues, and keeping kitty grass available for her helps. If yours is an exclusively indoor cat, you might want to try that too.
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On of our cats seems to have this problem too. We have three and it's hard to limit her eating since the other two have to eat too so sometimes she eats their food (all the same kibble but more) and it's the same, sometimes she goes weeks without barfing and sometimes, like last night, she barfs twice in one night. I'd really like to have her trained to get sick somewhere other than the carpet though, yuck. Sometimes I think it's a hair ball but mostly, it's what you said, yucky soggey piles of kibble. Maybe we'll try to get her some cat grass more often. She seems to really like it, or anything green for that matter which is why we don't have any house plants.
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We had our little kitty with that problem too. He would scarf his food and then before we could grab him, he'd go after our other kitty's food and scarf that too. When we first got him, we called him the backhoe. That 5mo kitten could put away 1/4 cup of kibble in 3 bites.

We eventually started feeding him about 2/3 of a 1/4 cup twice a day (instead of a 1/4 cup like everyone else) and shutting everyone else in closets with their food so he couldn't get at their food until they were done with it and came out on their own. We also put his food on a plate, so he has to work to get smaller portions and can't gulp like he can in a bowl.

One of our kitties STILL eats in the closet. Won't take food outside of it.

It solved the barfing problem to just feed him less food spaced out better because he has such food issues.
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