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my cervix is way over to the left

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Does anyone have a similar condition, or knowledge about it? Does this make a difference in ttc? Long-ago RE visits, including U/S, it was never mentioned. Never been mentioned by the gyn, either.

This isn't from any doc's diagnostics, just my own observation of cervical position. It does move up & down somewhat at O-time, (although since the subtlest shifts in my crouching position change the perceived height, I'm not so good at charting that). In any case, it's always on my left.

I also wonder if this is related to major left-calf-cramps during AF.

TTC for so long, some days of completely freaking and thinking I'm incapable.... I'd love some shared insight. Thanks ladies.
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Mine is offset to the right. Sometimes it seems like the opening is toward my lower hip, not straight down. Even in low position, the opening is still very much to the right. I would guess if straight down were 0 degrees, it's usually about 45 degrees to the right? I guess from the little diagrams I always assumed it was a straight up and down thing, but of course nothing in our bodies is that simple. I also noticed by checking CP while TTC this time around. I do have a DD and we TTC for 18 mos. before I got pg w/ her. My dr. never mentioned anything about my cervix being tilted, so I've wondered if it's common so he thought nothing of it, or if maybe having my daughter somehow shifted its position.
Sorry, I have no solution, but you are not the only one. As for the leg relation, I don't know. I have noticed since having my DD, when I have my period my upper legs and lower butt hurt, but I dunno what that's all about.
Good luck in your TTC!
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Thanks for your input, ed_tricia (I assume Tricia!). So you don't know whether it was tilted before your DD came along? I'm curious too. My DH and I try to account for it (with a last-minute tilt!) when we DTD, and I've been starting to think that instead of elevating my pelvis after DTD, maybe better to keep it level (on my back instead of slightly inverted) in case I'm complicating the spermies' journey further.

Good luck to you!
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It is Tricia. I don't know if it's always been like that. I had just started checking CP the month I got pg and after that, goal accomplished, I didn't care any more. I don't recall it being tilted before though. I had posted a similar question and the 2 replies I got were that it's probably fine. That's funny you mention the DTD tilt b/c last month I would try turning on my right side, hoping they would pool there or something. At least I'm not alone in my silly attempts!
How long have you been TTC? I know it can be very discouraging! The first time was exactly 18 mos. and this time around I am a few days into cycle 6. Sigh! I'm also throwing 3 baby showers close together and now wondering if that was so smart b/c as much as I'm excited for my pg friends, I'm also starting to worry that it might take me another year to get pg. Anyways, feel free to PM me or whatever if you ever need to vent!
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I was just trying to calculate yesterday my TTC duration. I think 20 months since we've been able to try every month except maybe one or two, but before then about 8 mos of us doing field work in different areas, and getting only one DTD day per O; and my charts have always been ambiguous. I spent most of last year with an acu, and I live in a small town where my choice is limited-- she admitted she'd be learning TTC issues on me-- I don't recommend that. The previous year I had a different acu (different city) who did run some tests on me for I think just progesterone; and about 5-6 years ago very sporadic and one-sided TTC with my ex-H were also unsuccessful (thank God!) and I had a brief stint at that time with an RE who found all my hormone levels normal (tho I had no AF at the time) but talked about drugs and major procedures anyway, making me run away, never to look back to modern medicine. Funny, now I have occasional self-diagnostic musings along the lines of "all I need is some HCG...". (Some time in all of that I recall an U/S that found a thin endometrium, and tho I think it was maybe during the no-AF time, my latest acu was stuck on that old result and treating me from there.)

I have a friend with a DS 20 mos, and she's talking now about TTC #2. I love her and her DH and DS, and I have joy and hope for them but darnit, there's that lonesome selfish worry too, about it working for her and not for me! When she told me they were soon TTC, I admit my reaction was mixed. I believe I know how you feel. Spending time close to your 3 pg friends and soaking in their pg-ness could help, but then a good balance of honoring and being excited for yourself. You also need to let that thought bubble of another 12 mos just burst right now-- there's no basis for comparing the two TTCs and expecting the same.

I know I but I just found this site and am with all the b/c sometimes I'm so :.
: I wish you imminent : !!!
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Mine was wayyyy off to the left right before my 2mo LO was conceived.
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YAY! Thanks for that, KittyWitty.
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Hi. I'm a nurse practitioner working in women's health. I feel a lot of cervixes. It is very, very common for a cervix to be displaced to one side or the other, and has no effect on fertility. Those little spermies are smarter than that!

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Good to know Kitty and Jenny! See, I knew it wasn't just us!
It is a great place for support b/c there are so many ppl, someone is bound to have dealt w/ whatever you are facing, good or bad. There's forums for support, forums to vent, others to just brag!
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Yeah, thanks! And I love the image of smart sperms....

Just had a better observation of cvx... Looks like vitex doing its job, and DH home from a week of field work tonight (day 13) is too late! Next month I'll keep him home on day 11 and I'll visualize smart sperms then.
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