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Congratulations! What a fabulous birthday & fabulously named twins.

LOL about the war zone. I had a C-section with my twins, but experienced la guerre with my VBAC 10 lbs baby. No fun. I was shocked by how much I bleed after the twins -- I guess two placentas makes for more bleeding. I remember blood pouring down my legs every time I stood up in the hospital & my poor husband having to change my pads.

And as one infertility survivor to another -- congrats! Although the infertility experience was hideously painful, after having my girls I am grateful for it. I most likely would not have had twins if it were not for IVF & certainly would not have had these two little ones, so in the end, I was glad for it since I cannot imagine life without them.
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Congratulations! Enjoy those beautiful babies.
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Congratulations!! Wonderful!

I second others on the "war zone" (love that, BTW): ice packs, ibuprofen, peri bottle (no wiping!), I even used a numbing spray for a few days (lidocaine, I think). Time heals all. And what it doesn't heal, a physical therapist can help with. Mine was from my first (episiotomy), not my twins.
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Congratulations, and welcome, little babies. I have a Samuel Michael too, it's a good name.
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Leslie, Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!
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Yay!! Congrats Leslie!! Very cool on birth date!!

Ditto the peri bottle.
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Congratulations!!!!! How special to have twins on leap day.
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how wonderful!
AND you made it to 36w - that's so great!

Congrats to you, your babies, and the end of the itchies!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience so far, and it only gets better (and crazier). Rest up, and enjoy your wonderful babies!
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