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Unschooling Support March

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I thought we still could use a monthly support/ chat thread for general discussion, so we don't have to start a whole thread just to "blather about going to the park and playing with legos" (in the wise words of 4evermom).

Our weekly HS meeting is getting better and better, I'm so excited about it.
And we are planning our trip to Asia next month. I got some books about China out of the library to read with DD. She commented that the people look like the Thais, and I explained about the Asian racial characteristics. She asked if they speak Thai in China (we lived in Thailand for a while), and we talked about Chinese. In the end, DD decided that she doesn't want to go to a place where the people look Thai, but don't speak Thai, and she'd much rather just stay in Bangkok
I laugh because I know the real reason she wants to be in Bangkok is that there's a 7/11 on every corner and it's cheap enough that I indulge her a lot more
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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
I laugh because I know the real reason she wants to be in Bangkok is that there's a 7/11 on every corner and it's cheap enough that I indulge her a lot more
She thinks like my ds. Have an awesome trip!

Well, today we plan to go to the park and then come home and play with legos, lol.

I'm in a funk because my park buddy has gotten insecure with having her kids out of her sight in case she doesn't witness every interaction between them and other kids. A friend of hers gave her an inaccurate description of our kids negotiating possession of a toy so she thinks she didn't notice some big traumatic scene. I was right there and helped the kids work it out but evidently I'm not trustworthy enough.

But we are meeting someone new today. The kids are younger than mine so it may not be good playmate material for ds, but the oldest is a boy and maybe only a year younger so maybe they will play well together. Maybe. Except mine woke up at 4am. And I had insomnia and have been mostly awake since 1:30 am. So we will have a nap before we play with legos, lol. (I scored a $50 playset for $7 on clearance!)
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sorry you can't sleep mama
hope it goes well with your new friends.
I'm off to bed. We have a playdate tomorrow with one of the families from our HS group
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I just found out I have strep throat, most likely picked up at the school where I teach piano lessons. I'm working hard to prevent my kids from getting it. It's incredibly painful.

DD has been doing colour-by-number almost non-stop this weekend.
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yuk on sore throats and no sleep!

yah for trips and kid logic!

We are still organizing and sorting for our move. Movers just came today and will give us an estimate. We buy our flight today (company paid, thank god, cuz it's over 1000 for each of us! YIKES!) and DHL (like FedEx) our application into the apt today.

I'm trying hard to give DD the attention she needs. And I'm making sure she has her friends over and a babysitter when I can't meet her needs. (And talking with Pia's ds on the phone, which she loves )The first two days home from vacation were mad busy and she felt neglected. (bad mom!)

I'm really feeling better that we (DH and I) went through the playroom and got all the trash out and toys in bins. Whew! But still, I"m stressed and feel like my stomach is in knots. Been listening to lots of Busta Rhymes today in order to C-H-I-L-L! "If you really wanna party with me, put your hands where my eyes can see!"
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We had a sad week last week, two of my kids were sick and we had a funeral. Dd is still sick and now my youngest seems to have caught it...blech.

We did manage to go see a play on Friday night--a friend's unschooled dd was in it, although it was a school production. There was an amazing amount of talent on that stage and we enjoyed ourselves. Then, we walked outside to a winter wonderland of icy, unplowed, unfamiliar streets.

Ds1 had a birthday this weekend, and I think today we'll be lying low and trying to get everyone healthy again.

I had one of those moments this weekend where you wonder, "Is it ME?" We had a group of little kids over, ages 2, 6, 7, 7, 8, and 10. At one point, they all ran around grabbing up every pillow and blanket they could find in order to build a "fort" in a closet. The other mothers thought they shouldn't do that, but didn't give a reason. I gave a so they allowed it. Later, when they each had bowls of ice cream, they headed for the fort to eat there and again, the parents jumped in with "I don't think that's a good idea." I shrugged and got a surprised, "You're OKAY with that?" Which left me feeling,

I can't figure out the objection to the fort-building in the first place--especially since these kids build forts every single time they come to my house. Maybe the parents never noticed? And the only objection I can think of to eating in the fort might have been spills. But these parents KNOW me. I have a "It'll all come out in the wash" mantra when it comes to that stuff.

It was just weird. Do people usually freak out about this stuff? Maybe I spend too much time with my unschooling friends.
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Karaboo- What kind of work do you do? I'd love to travel!

We've been unschooling since December. I think Dh might finally be on board with it. I was telling him yesterday about how I want to go to the live and learn conference in September. He's so afraid that our kids will turn out to be uneducated and I just don't believe that will happen. I explained to him that we're giving our kids so many opportunities. That he's allowing us the freedom to do whatever we want and that I really appreciate it and am grateful for it. They still watch a lot of tv and play video games. And I keep telling myself that they probably still need to deschool. And they have dance, karate, and now guitar and piano lessons so its not like we're sitting around all day either.
Sorry for all the rambling lol
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Yay a thread for March.

We've been a little busy with doggy raising. He's a little Mr. Chewy right now. He managed to find a tube of green acryclic paint and this is the result! What a silly boy.

I've been sick with a AI flare up but I'll be fine. It just means I move at a slower pace for awhile.

Dh is in UT for work until at least Thursday so we are missing him.

The kids and I watched a cool show on Discovery last night called "Human Body: Pushing the Limits" It was really cool. There was awesome animation about what the body does in extreme situations like surviving a tornado or falling whille rock climbing, It was all about strength. I hope to catch it again next time.

Good luck to all those with exciting moving and travel plans!
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we saw that on discovery too last night!!! ds was real interested, dd was a little then went off to bed. I learned what cones and rods looked like too--i had no idea what they supposedly looked like!

Sorry everyones been so sick lately! to all! (Including me lol)

Ds had a friend sleepover the other night so they were off doing boy things, building, pretend fighting, jamming with guitars lol. My 5 y/o got her ears pierced after months of thinking about it. She was extremely excited! she did cry a little but when she got down she was smiling and ran to dh and was yelling "THANK YOU DADDY!!!" it was so cute. She picked pink flowers to pierce with. She told me later it was because she loves flowers and because pink is her birthstone. She was really great and said she would do it again lol.

Today the kids helped me with some chores since i woke up feeling like i got hit by a train. I cant tell if this is lyme or im getting sick--its always hard to tell. I actually had to sleep until 9---usually my inner alarm makes me get up around 730ish every morning. Today i had to sleep in--i was really tired and sick. Achy and fever-feeling--no fever, but feeling like i have one. After breakfast we watched mythbusters and how its made--how cool were those two shows lol! kinda on the fence about cable---but im allowing myself to like it lol. We just tried a new gluten free bread recipe--ds wanted blueberry bread, so we found one calling for bananas but we used substitutes and hopefully it will come out ok I told him you never know how these experiments will turn out! we used potato flour, rice flour, and garbanzo bean/fava bean flour. Hopefully it will work!
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sorry everyone is sick! my dd was puking last night but I think it's residual from the cold. I think she starts coughing and it leads to puking....yuck.

dh and I went to a home education conference yesterday and we got to see sandra dodd and pam sorooshian speak. It was awesome! pam was a much better speaker than sandra IMO, but she was still fun and shared some cute stories. it was really beneficial for dh to hear and see all these other people that are unschooling and explain in it a new way. especially pam with all the math stuff because that's dh's only real concern...but not anymore. we just feel so reassured. here's us outside the conference...

we also snuck over to ikea while we were there and i picked up a little teaset that i'm hoping the kids have fun with. got some new paints and paper too.

right now ella is painting and nic is playing a star wars game. nic was re-enacting a battle scene and was telling me about slicing the sith's arms off and such. i went into a very dramatic "omg nic, what if we go to playgroup and you start slicing off all your friends arms??!!!" we had a good laugh.

ella had 3 fairy dolls in her hand yesterday and put on in the other hand and said "now I only have 2". It was cool.

we got two little robo hamsters so we've been playing with them. we're also raising a praying mantis and some butterflies.

Ok, here's a picture to make all you cold weather people jealous we went swimming this weekend, it was about 75 degrees and beautiful.
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Sorry so many people are sick!

We had a good time at the park with our new friends. We came home and slept for 3 hours.
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and : to all the sickly ones among us. Now nobody cough on their monitor, I don't want to get sick again too

Ds and I both have 5 straight days off work, the most time we've had, undisturbed, together in about 2 years. We'll be cleaning and nesting most of the week

Ds went out and bought himself Guitar Hero for his Wii. He's been waiting since Xmas for this game, all the stores in the city are still sold out of the guitar controller, but he finally broke down and couldn't wait anymore

Ds has downloaded a butt load of emulators of old video games, so that's mostly what we've been up to, ds playing old Mario games and Prince of Tennis (it's a Japanese manga-based game about teens with incredible tennis powers. Seriously ), and I've been playing Banjo-Kazooie

It's cooooold out today : Thanks for the envy, Granolapunk! It's actually relatively warm for March here (-29 with the windchill), but we just had two warm days and I'm bitter cause I had to work on both of them (in an arena, no less! ) I'm hoping for a nice day this week where ds and I can get outside for the whole day, before we will both be working again for almost 2 weeks straight.
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I had a very "low energy day" today. DD and I basically played on the computers all day.

At one point, I was playing on Webkinz while she lurked MDC!

Oh, and our newest project is the new hamster! We still need to name the (not so) little guy!
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Tonight we made peanut butter cookies. Two batches, one vegan and one not. We stood around and talked politics and religions and then that lead us, somehow, into lines of work and income. Good stuff!

Now Ds is upstairs watching a movie and Dd is in the living room watching "My Name Is Earl".

I hope to get some good sleep tonight. I washed all my bedding and it's always so nice to sleep in clean sheets and blankets!
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Wow, that sucks that so many folks are sick! Get better!

The boys and I made goop from corn starch, water, and food coloring today. It was warm enough outside that DH took them to the park this afternoon. He also took Aleks to speech therapy this morning, then they had to do "homework" (ugh!!!!!!!!) this evening. I missed this whole thing, but Jon says that his Fs are doing very poorly, which is weird. I don't know what to think about it. I don't want him to have to do schooly things, but I understand the importance of the speech therapy, especially since his mouth is all messed up. I dunno. I guess as long as it remains fun for him it's okay.

Aleks and I also had a long talk about the surgery he has to have next year. He really doesn't want to have it. I told him all the details (he brought the subject up to me). I tried to reassure him that it's not for a long time and that we don't need to think about it right now. I also told him that I understood that he didn't want to have it and hugged him and told him I loved him. I think it was a good talk, but one that wasn't fun...

This evening I went to see a surprise, super-secret Arcade Fire show, which was a rally for Obama. We got to go in early by canvassing for an hour. I felt like such a sell-out though because I voted early and didn't vote for Obama. But I love me some Arcade Fire. I dunno. I don't hate Obama or anything. My husband and I split our votes because he did vote for him. It's not like me to not have a definitive opinion on something, but honestly I don't. The whole election has been very confusing for me. I still don't know what I'll do in the general.
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I am so tired... I read the thread title and thought you'd been marching in support of unschooling somewhere... I wanted to hear all about the Unschooling March!

ANyway, carry on...

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Originally Posted by Dar View Post
I am so tired... I read the thread title and thought you'd been marching in support of unschooling somewhere... I wanted to hear all about the Unschooling March!

ANyway, carry on...

I'm in, where are we meeting?
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Ds has spent much of the entire day playing Guitar Hero, he finished co-op mode on easy (don't ask) and I overheard him telling a friend he'd unlocked Tom Morello as a secret character

Ds asked me earlier what sound dogs make in French (I speak French), since he's learning that sound effects and onomatopaeic words are very different in Japanese than English (from reading manga and watching anime, a lot of Japanese humour is pun based, and you need to know the japanese word to get the joke.) So I looked online and found this page, which was a hoot to read through (seriously, are English and Russian the only languages that have a sound for camels nuzzing? And why are Swedes the only people who need a word for the sound moose make?)
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omg, my dd is going to LOVE that page--I can't wait till she wakes up, lol.

ds just got Guitar Hero for his birthday. (It was impossible to find around here for a few months, so I was really psyched to find it in time for his b-day.) He'd played at friends' houses, but now it's here and he's trying to catch up to his friends' levels. I completed my very first song yesterday (82%, thankyouverymuch.)
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I will show ds that site hes big into french---he does this thing online that shows him on a video how to speak and ask for thigns--we are both learning actually its pretty cool. he's been asking for escargo for months and finally dh found some and brought some home---i am not sure if ds liked it much though I know i didnt even WANT to try it lol! ds ate it and said he loved it--but left a bunch lol. He is BIG into everything french, he even sends out postcards (we trade postcards with kids all over the world) and says "Bonjour(that means hello in French)" to people. Hes a riot lol! He will speak french whenever he can and does an awesome accent lol.

today i am still not well so we are just watching how its made and we finished mythbusters a little while ago, but we didnt know--it was a repeat from last night. ds still wanted to watch it but i went upstairs to do some tai chi. girls are just playing today and writing in their books that they are in love with making. I think they have about 15 short stories so far.

Oh i love guitar hero also, but we dont have it. I just love playing it when my brother in law had it here. I do the easy one though so i always get a good score lol.

Oh the bread we made yesterday was awesome--so good! it was the one with potato flour, garbanzo/fava flour, and rice flour. We are going to try making more today with applesauce instead of blueberries. it was really good! And we baked a vegetarian meatloaf which was really great--red lentils, onion, garlic, 1 egg, oats, pasta sauce, spices--it was really good. they love to cook.

Hope everyone is feeling better!
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