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2008 in 2008 March thread

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Come on over!
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I got going

8 sweaters and 1 sheet set to donate

1 toy, 1 pair of rain boots, 1 pr of shoes, 1 hat and a onesie to pass on.

7 magazines to the library (they go on the free shelf).

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I have a bag for the charity shop and two bags of clothes that no longer fit any of my children to give to another family.

Total so far (since 1 January): 312/2008

(If you declutter 7 things per day from today until the end of the year, you will eliminate 2008 things from your home by 31 December!)
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woot! i haven't been participating in the thread, really, because i can't keep up and i can't keep count, but i'm chugging along. right now, i have a couple boxes waiting to go. the most exciting thing i did was my closet. i got rid of: bedding for the wrong size bed; a bunch of curtains i didn't like; boat-loads of clothes that didn't fit or i just didn't like; some guilt-factor afghans i've been wanting to dump for a long time and finally gave myself permission to do so.

this week, i want to attack my book shelves. dh is hoardy with books, but many of the books are exclusively mine, no way he would ever be interested in them, so i'm going to purge. when we rearranged our books a year ago, he talked me into keeping scarlett, the sequel to gone with the wind. @@ we also have a bunch of stupid books we've received as gifts, and the books i intend to read but never do. goodbye!

the other thing i'm thinking about is the peter walsh idea of giving special things a place of honor. like, i have tons of beautiful photos of my babies, but they're just in boxes and drawers. not a single one is on the wall. that's a crying shame and i've got to do something about it. (and, yeah, i already have the frames. also purchased about a year ago, a bunch of plain ones that will coordinate and that i can add to as time goes by without feeling i need to replace them.) maybe when i put them up, i'll also be able to get rid of the ones that aren't so great.
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CLeaned out the closet, junk drawer and working on the computer room (AKA my hole)

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Originally Posted by Stone Fence View Post
7 magazines to the library (they go on the free shelf).
That's an great idea! I've been recycling all our old mags, but the library's a great idea.

The last 2 days I've been cleaning out our filing cabinet and going through the piles of paper everywhere to go INTO the filing cabinet, so papers and papers. Probably another 2 HEAVY paper grocery bags of recycling and 1/2 bag of shredding - so about 15 pounds of paper (I'm counting by the pound for now!)

Misc trash around the house (random, broken, mismatched - old crafts projects, baby socks, weird stuff) 45
11 pairs ds's outgrown shoes
Old can collection (for making candle holders) 6
Big bag of recyclables 30

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I'm at 559/2008 for the year. I have a bunch of stuff loaded in my car to donate/give away/sell, so hopefully my number will go up up up this week!
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Got rid of 9 more items today:

7 dress-up hats donated to DD's preschool
2 nasty shoes of DS thrown away

New total: 568/2008
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I moved 4 empty cardboard boxes to the curb for recycling plus a big bag of garbage.


I made dh move the piece of exercise equipment he swore he would use (and he has been-as a coat rack) from our bedroom to the garage. It is almost out of here!
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It's been awhile since I last posted but have been decluttering daily

I donated about 250 items these last 3 weeks including a Toy box (with toys ) that was taking up space

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two t-shirts and a magazine

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pillow case and a Christmas bowl

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a nightgown dd2 outgrew

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Broken picture frame, broken hamper, assorted toy pieces, and 4 empty cardboard boxes.

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a plate, a broken toy, a couple of boxes, and a tree topper

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I had to finish getting the basement ready for ds' bday party tomorrow.
1 broken laundry basket
1 empty lego container (goodness only knows where the legos are)
1 broken baby toy wagon
1 broken doll high chair
4 cardboard boxes out for recycling
Assorted toy pieces and other garbage.

Anyone notice the theme of "I hang on to broken things."

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Dropped out for a while, I'm back in the swing of things. My last count was 200. Well, I've started cleaning up my disaster of a backyard. Gone are assorted candles, bottles, and blankets my ex-roommate left out there that have hence been sitting in the elements between six months and a year or more.

So, 210/2008
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2 candle holders
1 diaper cover
1 ratty old diaper
1 crappy toy

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