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Is what an exercise ball sounds like when it explodes!!!!!!

So while I was replying to the "what did you get done this weekend" thread at 4am this morning the exercise ball I was sitting on exploded beneath me. I landed backwards on the hardwood floor, mostly on elbows and head. Dh jumped out of bed to see what happened and to help me (while I writhed in pain on the floor, screaming and hypervenilating). I was in excruciating pain for a while. I seriously thought I had shattered both my elbows. He got me situated on the couch and wrapped me in blankets and a hot water bottle because I was starting to shake, got me about 6 arnica homeopathic pills and went to the office to get the cold laser unit. It's not like we had the option to go the hospital or anything, really. The kids were both sleeping, we don't really have anyone who would be able to come and watch them, I didn't want to go through the hassle of "who is your prenatal provider" line of questioning etc etc. So I decided to stay home and laser the heck out of my elbow. After the first 2 1/2 minute session the pain had subsided by about 80%. I repeated the treatment and did some microcurrent electric stim on the joints as well. I have minimal swelling/bruising right now (that's because I did the laser treatments almost immediately after injuring myself). I can move both my arms but am still very guarded, as in I don't think I'll be lifting anything or really doing anything today. and the only place that really hurts is the place on the sides of my elbows that actually hit the ground. I'll probably get an xray from a colleague as soon as I can arrange it.
I just remember lying there on the floor screaming, right after it happened, thinking, I can't have two broken arms for the remainder of my pregnancy!!!!!

Drama, drama. I've hurt myself so many times during this pregnancy!!!!
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Jeezum CROW, woman!

What the heck happenned? How the heck did it BREAK?!? I'm so sorry you hurt yourself so badly! That woulda scared the crap out of me! In fact... I probably would have peed myself! Did you?!? *Giggle!*

You have had the WORST luck this pregnancy! I think you'd better go get in bed and just NOT move the rest of gestation. And make sure the bed is on the floor so it can't explode or you can't fall off it!
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OMG how scary! This is a big fear of mine...I checked and checked the ball I ordered for a weight limit (not saying your broke from weight limit, just making conversation...) and it didnt say anything. I am hoping this is because it takes up to 1000lbs and there is no need to mention a weight limit, not because its so pointedly clear than no one over 125lbs should use it that they dont bother putting one on there....
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I am so glad you are ok!
How did it pop? What is a cold laser unit?
I am happy you don't have broken anything! Thats not anything anyone needs this close to the end!
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It popped, literally in half. I wasn't bouncing on it or anything. Just sitting here typing. I weigh 170ish now... hardly enough to be concerned about popping the ball I would think.
And it's a brand new ball, I bought it on tuesday, so it's not like it's old and may have had a crack or some weakness in it.

I'm afraid to get another one but it's the only thing that is comfortable at this point.

A cold laser unit is a newer therapy that chiropractors (and other hc providers) use to promote healing in tissue, modulate pain, and reduce inflammation. Studies have shown that cells heal faster (like 80 times faster or 80% faster or something, I forget the actual statistic) when exposed to light. A cold laser penetrates the tissue and delivers light to the injured tisse. Any injury can benefit from cold laser therapy, including surgical wounds, broken bones, the list goes on and on.
You can bet dh will be bringing this home in between patients after the baby is born and my perineum will be getting plenty of "light" I'm curious to see how it will help my abdomen recover as well. It'll be my little postpartum experiment
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I got light therapy on my perineum too with my last birth- but it was just the old fashioned kind that didn't penetrate-essentially a lamp shined on my hoohoo. Felt GREATthough.

That sounds like a nifty gadget! Awesome to hear it's working! I think today has to be an official day off for you! s
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See, this is exactly why I'm afraid to sit on mine. Mine is several years old though and I just don't trust it.

I'm so glad that you're okay!
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Oh OUCH! I hope your elbows are okay! I have a birth ball that supposedly will deflate slowly if broken. If you decide you want a different one I got mine from a homebirth supply store and I can tell you what the name on the ball is. That seriously would give me a heart attack to have that happen!
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Yikes! I'm glad you're feeling better though.

I think they make balls that are labeled "burst-resistant" now...
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SCARY! I'm glad you're feeling better, even if your birth ball isn't.
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Holy cow, that is scary. I hope you heal quickly.
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Um, ouch ouch ouch!
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now... I feel like I was in a major car wreck last night.
My whole body is aching and sore, especially my lower back and neck. I screamed when dh adjusted my elbow earlier but I can move it around more now and the pain was only momentary.

It never crossed my mind that those things could burst. I should call the company.

CD- what's the brand of your ball??? I don't think I have time to order it. I'd rather just go and see what Target or Dicks carries in the burst resistant variety.
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Make sure it says anti burst.. or it isn't. I think the rubber is integrated with cloth to keep it from exploding.

Not good. Heal fast <3.
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What brand did you have that burst? I'm kinda worried now! I got mine just from a local walmart...nothin special...I dont think it claimed to be burst proof
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B fit.

It was from Kmart.

I'm calling them tomorrow. I'm not sure what I should say....
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