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Many hugs, because
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Originally Posted by because View Post
Thank you, mamas!

I really appreciate the support but it looks like you will be going on this journey without me. I have started cramping and spotting - both light at this point.

Wishing everyone a happy and HEALTHY nine months! :
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Originally Posted by because View Post
I cut a FRER test in half lengthwise and used half at 12dpo (Saturday). Nice, dark line! Yay. Stored the other half away for today (14dpo). PIAC, dipped it, and it was negative! Oh no! I rip open a new FRER, re-PIAC (SMU after a cup of tea - much more diluted) and it was positive but lighter than the 12dpo. So now I'm freaking out. I assume the second half of the old test was just invalid from sitting open for two days and I assume that the SMU test was lighter because it was less diluted urine.

What did I do? I'm freaking out because I didn't just take one test the right way and accept it 2 days ago... grrr! Anyone want to talk me down?
(i have no reason to be here.)

but that is actually clever - i'd never thought of doing that!
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Thinking of you mama
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