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What's up with ALACE?

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I sent them an e-mail and haven't heard back. I'm eager to start doula/CE training soon. I read something here about reorganizing...any idea when things will be back up and running?
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they are open again but from what I have heard have only one woman in the office.
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I'm still waiting for a response to 2 phone calls and at least as many emails from the beginning of February. I had really wanted to go with them but I'm afraid to send that much money when I can't get a response. Maybe that just means the timing is wrong all around?:
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I love the workshop that ALACE offers. if you ever get them to answer the phone, the workshop is worth it. I am not renewing my membership with alace for this reason. I trained with cbi and alace. I am just keeping up with my cbi membership.
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I'm slowly becoming disgruntled as well. My membership renewal is April. I don't like the non-communication that I keep hearing about. I plan to try to contact them myself.
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They took FOREVER to get back to us about doing a doula training in Atlanta, only to tell us their program is not active right now and they'll let us know when they're doing workshops again. I have no idea what's going on. I guess we'll do a CAPPA one instead I mean, I liked my CAPPA CLE workshop. I just really loved my ALACE doula one and was looking forward to bringing another one here.
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I hate things like that!

I just had to do my recertification for DONA and I was so impressed by how quickly they got back to me -- the same day, if not within a couple of hours.

I am getting my stuff together for the Lamaze exam, and they are a lot slower to respond. It has gotten better, but it took a little "helping" from someone higher up in the organization for them to get back to me.
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I received a call from ALACE last night. She was very apologetic and said she was currently the only one working in the office. I didn't have time to talk at length with her since I was putting the baby to bed, but she offered to set aside a more convenient time to talk so I think I'll at least get my questions about the program answered even though I'm pretty sure I've decided to go another direction.
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Please don't give up on ALACE! I just talked to Jemma today and she told me that she will return every phone call, but it takes time. They are short on volunteers, and don't have someone to answer general calls about trainings (which they are bombarded with all day.) She's going it alone for the time being. It won't be forever.

It's very exciting to hear they are restructuring their doula training/cert. program! I took the training back in 05 and I loved it. I think ALACE has been around as long as they have for a reason - they are the only org. that trains their doulas in the midwifery model of care, and they give a very comprehensive training. Whatever they improve upon will be fantastic, I'm sure.

We need more ALACE doulas so don't give up!

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they answered the phone today!!!!
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