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HOW are you planning on telling?

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I just ordered T-shirts for both my girls that say in big, bold letters, "I'm a BIG SISTER." I'll have them wear them to my parents' and in-laws' houses in a few weeks and just wait for it to sink in when they see the "baby" has a big sister shirt on.
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I'm not sure, yet. It's between getting DS a "Big Brother in Training" t-shirt or a card with the ultrasound picture:

Grandma and Granddaddy -
A surprise for you:
The very first picture
Of Grandchild #2!
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Oh, I'm going to be really boring and make DH phone my parents and his parents. I'm not ready to tell yet, since I'm only barely six weeks.
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We got DS a "I'm a big brother" tshirt and let people figure it out on their own We told people @ 3w1d!
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With my Ils I will make DH tell them b/c I am freaking out about how they will react to us having number 4. Everyone else, aside from the kids, know already b/c my sister told my blabber mouthed uncle!
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daddy got a hand stamped newborn onesie that said "hi daddy!" with the edd on the back, and I wrapped a digital HPT in it for him. He was thrilled and I managed to surprise him. I am not sure what we'll do this time around. Maybe send something around DS's 2nd birthday...
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Another boring one... We'll just tell people on the phone. Well, maybe DD can wear an "I'm a Big Sister" shirt when we go see family at the end of the month. I'll have to think about it.
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No idea.

I'm guessing most of my friends will figure it out when I turn down booze.
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we're pretty boring, my kids found out right after we did, it's a hard thing to hide when you so darn excited and the kids are pretty perceptive. We asked them to not tell everyone they know for a few more weeks and to just keep it as our special family secret, but when my mom stopped by my little Ruby (8) popped her head out the door and sayed MOM's pregnant before she could make it to the front step. She wasn't surprised but not overlly elated either, I am a little reluctant to tell a lot of the extended family since they think we already have more than enough, and we do have our hands full but that's ok with us!
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I don;t keep anything secret, i just called all important people and then posted a bulletin on my myspace page for anyone who didn't already know.
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I was thinking about telling the community in some sort of April Fools kind of way... not sure if that's a good idea or not.

To tell my mom, I was thinking I would call her up and tell her she should probably figure out how she's coming out here for Thanksgiving this year...because she'll want to meet her new grandkid.
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