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Anyone else having early 2nd tri body imagine concerns?

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I was heavy for my first pregnancy so I loved being able to look fat but justify that I was pregnant too...

I was heavier for my 2nd preganncy so the same applied...

But with this one I lost 65lbs before I got pregnant and I was the slimmest that I've been for over a decade and this not-quite-looking-pregnant-just-looking-fat-stage is kind of hard for me to swallow. none of my maternity clothes fit so I'm trying to make do with just slightly bigger clothes, but even that's getting hard. When I put on my old mat clothes, they just drape.

I dont' want to look fat! I want to look pregnant!!!

Okay- vent done
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It will only be temporary! In just a couple more weeks you'll move into that "def pregnant" zone and this will be a thing of the past...

I can totally relate, I hate that in between stage!
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I agree that the in-between stage is not fun. At least we don't have to go through it during the summer and can wear layers. An advantage of this being your third is you'll probably have a cute little belly in no time. * Jaime
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I'm feeling a bit icky about it, too. Six and a half years ago, I totally changed my lifestyle and lost about 35 lbs, so I'm pretty creeped out about gaining. I know what it's like to be obese and not to be, and obese is not my preferred state!

I know that pregnancy is different, but it's hard to convince that very irrational part of my brain of that when I look in the mirror or try on pants that used to fit . . . .
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I was already 35lbs heavier starting out this one than I was with ds. I really feel right now that I look "fat" and not pregnant. But like a pp said, at least we are able to go through this stage in the winter, by the time it warms up we'll look pregnant. I can't wait to look like I'm having a baby instead of just eating too much. Hopefully not too much longer and we'll all look like we're expecting.
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Yeah, I'm feeling a bit chubby too. When I tell people i'm pregnant I usually get "you really hide it well" and i'm like "i'm only 3 months!!" sheesh. Some shirts I have show off my baby belly a little... but other people will be like "nah, you're just chubby at this point, no baby belly." Always makes me sad. Altho, ha, My hubby decided to make a dumb joking comment when I asked him "how come you can't be buff like will smith?" (when a friend of ours said something about his fiancee asking him the same thing) My DH comes back with "How come you can't look like Halle Berry?" I punched him hard several times in the arm and said "I'm pregnant you jerk!!!" and his friend was like "oh... no... not the thing to say..." lol.
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I feel your pain. And I'm only 10 weeks. For some strange reason I gained 20 lbs right before BOTH pregnancies. I think it was b/c we moved and I find it stressful, sooo....I go out to eat a lot (no time to cook) and just pack on the weight. <sigh> But by the end of the first I was thinner than when I started out and was back to my normal weight (120-125lbs) again after 3weeks pp. Nursing helped. A lot. I hope for a repeat performance this time around too.
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Yeah, lately I can't figure out if I'm developing a small belly b/c I eat too much or because of the 5 cm fetus. I wish I knew!

I'm wondering - a question for those of us who are overly body conscious - do you all have scales to check weight through pregnancy? I don't have one and now I'm wondering if I should get one because I want to be sure I don't gain too much...of course I don't want to obsess over my weight either.
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I have a scale, but I'm not too consistent in getting on it.

At least in the first trimester, my hunger was "eat now or DIE". It was very hard to argue with that! And the foods I didn't have aversions to were few and far between. It was very hard to control my eating and weight gain, so fussing over it would have been useless and frustrating.

Lately, though, I've been feeling like I can eat healthier stuff, and I can go longer between meals and snacks, so I'm in a better position to make better choices. Of course, we're now entering the period of most intense weight gain, so I'm not sure how much effect it will have.

All we can do is do the best we can, right?
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Yeah, this is an interesting thing for me. I started this pregnancy at exactly the same weight as my first and now weigh about 2-3 pounds more at 15 weeks preggo. Except I feel I look about 20 pounds fatter, or just simply more bloated! I guess everything has got slack from the first baby! My normal clothes still fit pretty well though, so it cannot be that bad. So does that mean it's all in my head?!
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Popping over from the Oct DDC- I've never gone to term so I just might end up a September mama.

Hi Muppet! You know I'm struggling with this too. Having just lost 50 pounds, each pound I gain is AGONY. I'm almost 10 weeks and I'm up 5 pounds already. That's feeling like a lot and like I may not be able to stay within my goals. I don't have anything encouraging to say. Just want you to know you're old WW buddy is here with you feeling the same.
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With my pregnancy with ds I was bigger to start with. I had gained about 15 pounds the year we got married - yikes!. Anyway, I was just happy to be pregnant and was my biggest during the winter so I felt okay. When ds was born I was back down to pre-preg weight in 6 weeks then continued to lose 20 more pounds. It was great. I finally felt like myself again.
Well I m/c in Nov and think I emotionally ate over the holiday and feel like I have gained too much for only being 16 weeks. The thing I hated the most when pregnant with ds was how full my face looked and it feels that way again already. I just wish I could be as happy no matter what with this one the way I was with ds. I just don't want to be huge and miserable all summer Its tough.
I think it will be better when the weather clears and I can get out and walk and feel like I moving my rear!
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