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I've been terrible too.

BF: a banana/strawberry/peach/orange/yogurt smoothie (I make a giant batch and freeze the leftovers in popsicle molds--one of the few ways I get fruit into my toddler), and a giant white bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam. YUM. I may have another tonight.

Lunch: Nothing. I snacked on junk here and there through the afternoon.

Dinner: Spaghetti, sourdough bread, green beans, milk.
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I feel like I ate a ton today.

BF= Egg, ham and cheese sandwich (not the norm for me, but still yum), banana and orange juice

S= 1/2 PB&J sandwich w/ chocolate soy milk

L= Vegetable Lasanga (and I was bad and had 1/2 a chocolate milkshake)

D= Shephard's Pie
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well i feel like crap today but I've been eating a ton of lemon creme sliced cake...i just HAD to get it this morning. It was breakfast along with a strawberry/banana smoothie.
snack: pb & j and an orange
Lunch: chicken noodle soup (finally) and a slice of lemon cake!
Dinner: i plan to have steak (i can't help it, meat is all i want), with some sort of veggies.
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I haven't eaten much today but it's because I've been sleeping most of the day.

Carnation Instant Breakfast Vanilla mixed with whole milk
Peanut Butter Capt'n Crunch

I'm thinking a steakhouse for dinner. Steak and sauteed mushrooms sound really good. Longhorn or Hereford House is now the decision. Friday is date night with DH and I always get to pick.
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Tara, you're eating the peanut butter cap'n crunch? I'm all about the Crunch Berries!! Right now peanut butter and I don't mix. It's not a pretty sight, lol.

Today was an awful m/s day, so I barely ate until just recently.

B: rye toast w/EB and peppermint tea
S: sour candies, coca-cola
L: 2 bowls, yes, 2 BOWLS of Cap'n Crunch w/Crunchberries

I'm thinking about hitting up Wegmans tonight. They have dill pickles in a barrell for only $.99. They are so good and I really want one, maybe I'll even splurge and get two!!
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I had pesto tortillini for breakfast, taco bell for lunch and I've had 2 venti passion teas today. Oh and a half a piece of coffeecake. I've eaten so crappy today, it's shameful.
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^...but delicious!!
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Babycakes Yep, peanut butter. DH eats the regular so we have that in the house most of the time but that sounded nasty and when I saw the Crunch Berries at the store, it made me want to leave the aisle as quickly as possible. So, peanut butter!
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I have to brag about my great eating day today - b/c I FINALLY got to eat and enjoy it!!

B: Chris made pancakes and snuck protein powder in, they were DELICIOUS and quite nutritious - I had 2 with EB and syrup. Yum!
S: Chocolate Soymilk
L: Hmm, guess we got up too late for a real lunch!
S2: Greek olives, a bit of a pickle, blue gatorade, and some Triscuits
D: BBQ Seitan & Coleslaw sandwiches. I can smell it cooking and I can't WAIT to eat it!!!

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Lots of quizno's samies! Yumers!
Eating at home mostly, pork stirfry, homemade pizza, fettucini alfredo, ham and pepperoni hot loaf, Carne Asada Tacos, Hummus and Feta Cheese!, my lunch time fav is a Ham/Turkey/Salami Sandwich............stuff like that.

Oh, darn those Jelly Belly Beans. That will teach me to go to the Factory and buy the big bags!

Tea, lots and lots of water.
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Toast for breakfast

Taco Bell for lunch/dinner (not the best idea...)

and at the moment saltine crackers for hopes of making the nausea go away...

Today wasnt the best day for eating.
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S: Saltine crackers

B: Oatmeal with cashews & dried cherries

S: Pear & cheddar cheese w/some whole wheat crackers

L: Bulgur with apple, carrots, broccoli, chard

S: Dried mango & greek yogurt

D: Double-decker tacos with Fantastic Taco Mix & homemeade refried beans

I did good today!!! Yeah!!! Even with all the nausea, I was able to time the food well.
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Half doughnut for breakfast

Cup of chili lime shrimp ramen for lunch w/ terra chips

Pineapple parfait snack

So far dinner is saltine crackers.

Again, not a really good day...
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yesterday- great day for food, almost got all of my calories, yay. did have major nausea so i ate it away :

b- two pieces raisin bread with butter
s- craklin oat bran dry, almonds
l- sheels and cheese- bad idea, but dd liked it, glass of milk
s- ice cream bar
d- lettuce wraps. ummmmm glass of milk, ~1 cup oj
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ugh..ok here's today:

bf: glass of oj that was it...not too good.
sn: pretzels, cup of rrlt, and a banana
l: chicken noodle soup and i'm going to have some pineapple right now.
haven't planned dinner yet.
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I've done GREAT this week. Yay!

Today I've had
B- 1 cup skim milk and 2 pieces of cinnamon toast
S- an orange
L-One chicken taco and a bowl of beans.

I made a HUGE pot of beans yesterday from scratch and they are SOOOO good. Low fat and really high protein and fiber. It's nice to have something ready made that I like that sticks with me and doesn't make me worry about calories.

I've been recording everything I eat in my fit day lately to see how I'm doing and I'm shocked to see that I'm eating WAAAAAY more protein than I thought I was. I've already had 60 grams today!
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Not a full day of eating, but so far:

Bagel with cream cheese
Half a greek salad, a bite of mousaka, and glorious roasty toasty lemon drizzled greek style oven roasted potatoes.

I highly recommend the second item.
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First Thing: Saltines

B: Spinach bagel w/cream cheese & tea w/milk

S: Greek fig yogurt, red bell pepper

L: Jalepeno bagel w/cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, sprouts & red onion

S: Ice cream

S#2: Chips & salsa

D: Big green salad and baked macaroni & cheese
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Today I've had:

Carnation Instant Breakfast with whole milk
Lots of juice
mac n cheese
baby can of Sprite
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I was bad and had McDonald's I was running errands all morning and had to get some food in before I dry heaved every where. Japanese McDonald's is way different than American McDonald's though so I don't feel too bad.
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