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My new thing is Nerds. I went from Sour Patch Kids to Nerds like, overnite.

Anyway, not too sick today which is fantastic! 2nd Trimester, here I come! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - I hope...

B1: Glass of soymilk & glass of apple juice upon waking up.
B2: Cereal w/soymilk (I forget the name of the cereal, oh well)
S: rye toast with margarine, 2 small boxes of Nerds
L: medium fries and a small coke from Wendy's

My co-worker is out getting the Wendy's right now, so that's as far as I've gotten today.

Chris is getting exasperated with me eating junk. He keeps trying to get me to eat healthy - it's kind of cute. I told him, all in time, babe, once the nausea goes away and I feel like eating, I will be the healthiest-eating pregnant woman on the planet. Until then, I want my Nerds, lol.
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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post
Until then, I want my Nerds, lol.
You're too funny! I feel the same way though. Just let me feel like a normal human again and I promise I'll do better with my diet. My vice right now is jelly beans. I found some vegan fruit-juice sweetened ones at Whole Foods and they're yummy. I hoard them! Not the best, I know but they keep my blood sugar up which is what I desperately need right now. My other vice is Soy Delicious...Turtle Trails. OMG...vegan caramel and chocolate...can't beat that!
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I'm eating well. Cooking a lot and trying to eat at home. I've noticed I get more protein and less calories buy a LOT just by eating out less. I guess that makes sense... I'm also terribly MSG sensitive when I'm pregnant so I feel safer eating home cooked food. I think the migraine I had yesterday was a byproduct of movie theatre snacks.
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Originally Posted by Baby_Makes_5 View Post
I have developed an obsession/addiction/craving for Subway's Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub! Help! (lol) And of course, with extra sweet onion sauce and lots of hots! I have to try to duplicate it in my kitchen so I can stop asking my poor husband to bring it home to me. LOL!!
I love this It was one of my favs with my son, and it didn't help that I worked at Subway, so I ate it 5 days a week, lol. It's best with pepper put on the chicken when it's hot, then s.o. sauce, them jalapenos.. yummy!
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I keep intending to join this thread but everytime I try to I'm just mortified at what I've eaten... or better put been able to eat. Oy. With ms MUCH MUCH better now I'm starting to have more success with food. It's also comforting that there seems to be no judgment here
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No judgement from me, Kristie, I'm going with what I'm able to keep down for the time being. Can't be picky when nothing sounds good and everything makes you sick! Luckily this time around, the more bland, the better. I've been living off of fresh veggies and plain chicken. With the occassional girl scout cookie or 5 thrown in.. definitely worth the stomach ache afterwards
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Who can argue with Girl Scout cookies? I just got major indigestion from a handful (or so) of the All Abouts. Totally worth it! lol

BTW, I've had moderate success with small slices of Monterey Jack cheese whenever I feel indigestion. Hope that helps someone!
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No judgment here. I had cocoa puffs for breakfast.
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yes yes... I had my share of about 4 samoas this afternoon And about 5 yesterday. I just ate 3 slices of cheese which have been very easy for me to eat this time around... even through the ms. Monterey Jack and wheat thins where a staple "meal" for a while.

Today ( from what I remember)

Morning: very small amount of scrambled eggs like maybe equal to 4 bites

Mid morning: half of a roll with 2 slices of turkey and a slice of cheese with lettuce

Afternoon: 1 slice of cheese pizza with a pile of cukes,grape tomatos and baby carrots... and a little ranch for the dippin'. Did I forget to mention the slice I ate while setting up lunch for the kids a half hour before? Oh and then the piece while cleaning up an hour later? I serve pizza lunch on Mondays at my kiddos very small cutie patootie Jewish day school. These LO's are not used to any kind of hot lunch so Monday's are a BIG BIG treat! Fun for me too but I digress...

Mid afternoon: this is where the cookies came in yeah baby! and a small handful of trail mix.

Early evening: those 3 slices of cheese

To be continued...
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Originally Posted by Jörð View Post
No judgment here. I had cocoa puffs for breakfast.
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Today I've had:

Carnation Instant Breakfast with whole milk
Double Noodle soup (I don't like the chicken so I get just noodles and broth)

I really want Chinese for dinner but I'm sure that will change by the time DH gets home.

DH made really awesome peanut butter and butterscotch rice crispy treats yesterday (don't like marshmallows). I had one yesterday and it was SOOO good. I enjoyed every bite of it! And then today, the whole fridge makes me nauseous because it smells like those treats! It smelled so good everytime I opened the fridge yesterday! UGH! Damn these hormones!
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Trying to start eating several small meals and get as much of my protein in as possible. So far I have had 41g.

Half banana and a bowl of Strums oatmeal

cottage cheese with oranges/ light whole grain english muffin with part skim ricotta spread on,topped with sliced tomato. Seasoned with a bit of sea salt and pepper... toasted very yummy.

16 oz of milk with ovaltine!!! Gosh I love that stuff.

I know what's for din din but I'm sure that I will need to eat again since I had a very early lunch. I tend to be ravenously hungry every 2 hours... hoping now that I'm able to up the protein I'll stay full longer.

Dinner will be pasta and sauce made with ground turkey and home made garlic bread sticks. CARB CENTRAL. The only thing that stinks is that I crave carbs but they make me overly full no matter the amount and then I have a huge issue with slow digestion. I'm going to go real easy on my portion size in case.

I'll update as the day goes... I can see this really helping me stay on track with my protein and diet in general.
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I almost hate to even discuss food; I've been nauseated for over three weeks! Prior to the pregnancy and nausea, I had remarkably healthy eating habits. Now, however, not so much. Mainly I can only eat bland foods that don't have much of an aroma.

My husband, who is the (very patient) chef in our family, was inspired to catalog my odd food preferences in a recent post on our baby blog:

All FEAR SuperNose! It is amazing the things that Cat can smell right now. The kitchen is off limits (I have scrubbed and scrubbed no dice) and I have to make sure I stay minty fresh if I don't want my feelings hurt. She can even smell the bread which is wrapped up and in our glass door pantry. I don't know how her uterus and the colonel [baby] is attached to her nose, but hopefully in a couple of weeks the nausea will subside and I can start feeding her cravings.

So far its been pretty much bland foods for Cat...
It all started with:
Potatoes of all kinds (Mashed, Chips, Fries, Etc.)
Pasta with Salt
Life Cereal

Lately she has been a bit more adventurous:
Pimento Cheese Sandwiches
Lenny's Cheese Sub with X-tra Pickles
Bean Dip w/ Fritos
White Cheddar Popcorn

Tonight we took a trip south of the border with Tortas (a mexican sandwich). I would say Tortas light in her case beans, cheese, and a little mayo with a side of rice. She seemed to like it so I can see a few more in my near future

Water is gross to her but with a little squeeze of lemon it seems to work.

All said, things are great! We are 1/4 of the way to having our midget!

PS: What is the minimum age to operate a mower?

signed.... Proud Papa Bee
He's being amazingly patient and supportive, I must say.
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Today I've had a plum and a chocolate covered marshmallow easter egg. Not sure what's for lunch but we're having BLT's for dinner.
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Food is my friend again! Ladies, there is light at the end of this long tunnel!!

B: Cereal w/soymilk
L: 3 soft tacos from Taco Bell and a medium cherry pepsi
S: sugar wafers
D: Are you ready? I made pasta with broccoli, olive oil, and garlic! I ate a heaping plateful!
Dessert: a huge bowl of So Delicious Marble Mint Fudge ice cream, with hershey's syrup, chocolate jimmies, and crushed up ice cream cone. OMG, so good.

B: Cereal w/soymik and a cup of coffee (!)

We shall see where this day goes, I think I can only go up from here!!!
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I hane *not* been able to eat dinner. I just feel nauseated in the evening and usually just snack on some saltines or something... I am doing ok during the day with yogurt, fruit, and usually pasta or bread lol. I am hoping this passes soon because i am *starving* at night but can't eat
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Crosscat - I just wanted to say I think your husbands blog is absolutely adorable. I wish my husband took such an interest in the ins and outs of my pregnancy so far!

Triple - I hope you start to feel better soon! It does seem to get better!
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Mmmm I had a small light sweet cream ice cream from coldstone with marshmallow and gummy bears mixed in. It was so yummy!
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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post
B: Cereal w/soymik and a cup of coffee (!)

We shall see where this day goes, I think I can only go up from here!!!
Add to that:

Rye toast with margarine
another bowl of cereal
sauteed mushrooms/pasta salad/beets from supermarket salad bar
1/2 a 20oz Coca Cola
2 small boxes of Nerds (of course)
Rye toast with margarine again

We're making tacos for dinner, I expect to eat at least 3, maybe 4 w/salsa and sour cream. OMG I'm starving!!!

I am an EATING MACHINE! Thank god this babe is finally getting hungry!
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B: Breakfast burritto

L: Dahl and a curry tofu "grilla" (grilled sandwich type thing)

S: Carrots & an apple

D: Linguine with left over chinese food on top (tofu & veggies)

Yesterday I ate way too much ice cream and jelly beans!!! I know I desperately need to up my protein intake, but I just don't want to eat it right now. I did good today though!
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