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Ugh. This is ridiculous. I have hemmoroids already. I didn't get them until 30 weeks or so last time, and they disappeared after DS was born. Isn't it too early to be pg-related? But they just seem different than when I get them from time to time anyways. What's your favorite treatment?
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Not in your DDC but i just have to respond

When my son was born I had a 2nd degree tear and they gave me some kind of ointment for that and some little pads similar to Tucks. All that also worked amazingly for my hemorrhoids. aahhh, sweet relief I really hope that helps. I know how bad they can be
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I got hemorrhoids AFTER dc was born...like 3 yrs after

I still have them and am worried about what's going to happen later in the pregnancy, and especially during labor. yikes!!
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