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Did you feel Ovulation?

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I'm going to go ahead and post this question here with you lovely ladies because maybe it's still fresh in your memories.

Did any of you feel ovulation the cycle you got your bfp's? What did it feel like? anything different from previous cycles?

I always feel myself ovulate and i've kind of taken it as a bad sign because I associate the pain with missing the egg. I felt it this month and now i'm kind of bummed and i'm not sure if i should be. dh and I really covered our bases this month and I would love to be excited about this 2ww but I almost feel like i can't.


X posted in October
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Sperm can live for up to five days so if you've had sex within that timeframe you may still have a chance And you never know- maybe that was just random pain?

I sure didn't feel ovulation with this cycle/pregnancy. I was actually convinced it was going to be an annovulatory cycle because everything was sooo messed up, but obviously it wasn't

Good luck!
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I always feel ovulation. It didn't feel any different this month and I am pregnant. Should I associate it with missing the egg? I always figured it was releasing the egg.
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I felt it! I felt it when I got pg with DS, too. I always feel it on my right side, but rarely feel it on my left. So far, my right ovary is responsible for my two pregnancies
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I felt it last cycle, where I thought i had conceived but didn't. I didn't feel anything this time!
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I've never felt it
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I also feel it every month.
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