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I Heard Baby!

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I've been very disciplined about the fact that I own a doppler and have not once listened for this baby. As you ladies know, there's a lot of debate about doppler and sonogram technology and whether it is really *completely* safe. I think it's not that big of a deal, as long as you're not exposing baby to it *all the time,* so I haven't tried to listen to baby, even though I've been wanting to since like 7 weeks (which is way too early!). My precaution backfired on me last week at the doctor's office because when he said it was too early to hear with a doppler, I would have loved to come back with "Really, because I heard it this morning!" But I didn't listen until today, and wouldn't have today except that I had a little, tiny bit of pink spotting, so that TOTALLY justifies trying to hear baby. I found it right away and it was beating away at 176 beats per minute (which, according to wives' tale is a GIRL heartbeat!).

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I have not rented one yet. I did the last two pregnancies. I could own one now for the money I've spent renting. LOL!

Glad you got to hear the babes heartbeat!!!!
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Yay. I am proud of you for being so in control of yourself!

By the way I read that this early on the heartbeat is always super high. It's later on when it tends to normalize and then it goes by low for boys and high for girls, etc.

But congrats on your beat and your self-discipline!
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Yay for hearing the heartbeat.. sure makes it all the more real doesn't it?!
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Yay, what fun. Sorry for the spotting. That's no fun. * Jaime
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That's awesome! We heard ours for the first time today too at our appointment - it was incredible. And it was 171 - so be interesting to see if we both have girls or what ends up coming out of us!
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