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If you budget how much do you budget for...

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a babies needs? I am in California and will be cloth diapering/breast feeding. I am not sure how much to set aside each week in an envelope. I figure as the baby grows I will go to consignment shops and thrift stores for clothing but what else is there to set aside money for? Help a soon to be new mama out

Oh yeah I will already be saving towards a larger car seat for when the baby gets to big for the bucket.
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i keep family aware of the kids' current sizes, get hand-me-downs and consign used stuff. so their clothes and toys haven't cost me anything. i've had to buy dipes and gear (like carseat, jumper, carrier, stroller...) and they've cost me varying amounts, depending. used dipes cost at least 100$ for one baby, less if you get lucky. all the stuff you can get used for cheap, used. look around at prices for used stuff on craigslist and figure a ballpark figure, then pad it.
my babies cost about 250$ in the first year, but i'm lucky as far as generous family & friends go.
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Well that really varies from person to person, but I do know one thing, I would seriously look at this car seat for you baby(when he/she gets bigger). Fisher Price Safe Voyage, it is a Britax car seat in Fisher Price clothing and it is close to 100-150 dollars cheaper at Albeebaby.com. I love this car seat and really looked and researched wanted a Britax Marathon and then found out from another forum that this was the same car seat and it was so much less, I paid $125, Marathons run about 250 if I remember right. My DD doesn't complain it is easy to car for and will fit her for a long time, HTH.
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Do you have access to a library?

If so, there is an entire article on budgeting for a new baby in "The Complete Tightwad Gazette" by Amy Dacyczyn.

She was able to raise ~twins~ for an amazingly low amount and she has all kinds of tips on how to keep baby expenses very low.
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It is really hard to isolate the cost of a new baby, but here are our expenses/budget changes:

Utilities -- Our utilities have gone up at most 10% (CD's, keeping the house warmer, etc).

Medical co-pays -- We do well baby visits (5 in yr 1, 2 in yr 2, then anually).

Clothing -- I had few hand-me-downs with DS, but did shop used. The first year, I spent more than later since he changed sizes so quickly. Maybe $35 for each size/season? I budget $50 for the family a month, but we rarely use it all.

Diapers -- Nothing after I had my stash, which cost me about $350 for both kids. I could have done it cheaper, but chose not to.

Household/groceries -- I spend maybe $10 more a month in random baby odds an ends: breastmilk storage bags, soap, meds, powder, thermometer covers, etc.

Health Insurance -- The kids are on DH's medical insurance, so the premiums went up.

The "expensive" part of having a baby is the setup cost. For it, you can spend as little or as much as you want.
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I have to add that nursing a babe means eating more calories, so consider that if you have a very tight food budget!
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I agree you should budget more food for yourself! Babies cost what you let them cost. I would put money aside for a couple of nursing bras and nursing pads. For the first few months of DD's life I leaked so much that I had to use disposable pads, and probably spent $30+ a month on them. After that I was able to switch to cloth (total investment of maybe $10). You can find entire wardrobes in a paticular baby size on places like craigslist for less than $20.
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We don't have a specific line item for babies, but the expenses associated come out of our other budget areas.

For instance, I exlusively breastfeed - often for nearly the entire first year (my kids so far haven't been too interested in solids earlier). That means I need a few more calories and that expense is met by our grocery budget line.

The baby needs diapers and clothing, but that comes out of the clothing budget line.

Any furniture needs would come out of our miscellaneous budget line - this time we added a twin bed to increase our family bed from a queen to a queen + twin pushed together.

We live very simply and our babies don't need much "stuff". I bought a used changing table and we were gifted a pack 'n play. That gives us two nice areas for changing diapers - one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Since we already have kids, our health insurance doesn't increase - we already have the family premium. We've been very fortunate in that our kids have been extremely healthy and we rarely visit the doctor more than once every 2-3 years.

Dental is pretty much the same, with the exception of 2x a year cleanings. But babies don't use the dentist often.

The only "big" expenses I recall are car seats and a jogging stroller. I wear/carry my babies until they're about 2 years old, but after that the stroller is handy. I'll be able to use the car seats we used for DD for this coming baby and the stroller we already have will likely be used later on for this baby as well.

We received very generous cash gifts after my DD was born and put that money into a savings account to save for future expenses. It's a nice cushion so when we did need to move up in car seats to a differnt model, the money was on hand already.
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We have very generous friends and family and have spent very little on our babies. I spend more on myself though.

Where I have spent my money lately:

nursing bras
postpartum pads (both for bleeding and milk)
postpartum clothing -- my boobs get BIG and I always need a supply of t-shirts
king sized bed (we cosleep)
sling/baby carrier -- don't be surprised if you buy more than one as your needs change
shoes as my feet are bigger after having kids
prenatal vitamins (I take them while I am exclusively nursing a little one)

general 'feel good' items for a new mom -- haircuts, clothing, lotion, yoga/exercise classes

I always say babies are fairly cheap -- I am the expensive one!

Congratulations! And have fun.
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