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nursing baby with overbite

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I have been looking at Henry's mouth and he has a super overbite, which I thought was weird at first but his bottom gum does not match up with his top gum. I talked with my FIL and he said that my dh had the same problem and they had to get it corrected when he was older. So I am wondering if this could be the reason that he has such a crappy latch, and the reason he clamps down and bites.
He eats fine, he has gained 2lbs in his first month so I am not worried about gaining.


anyone know of a baby with and overbite?
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I had a baby (now she's 5, wow time flies) who nursed really well with an overbite. She had such an overbite that her bottom lip would be right inside her mouth, man was that cute!! She still has an overbite, and it's still darn cute, LOL.

Good luck with the latch though, I wish I could explain how I did it, but it's something that really needs to be shown I think. Maybe call LLL
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Newborns have a naturally recessed chin that can look like an overbite. This is normal.

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Avraham Tzvi also has quite an overbite, more than the girls did. I think he is tongue tied too, need to bring him in and get checked. He hasn't got the best latch but I can deal with it okay and he's always soaking wet and pooping 10x a day so I'm sure he's eating enough.
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A recessed chin is normal, but if you feel it's affecting your latch, another thing to consider is letting a chiropractor who is experienced with newborns take a look. Sometimes it's hard for a baby to position his jaw correctly if there's any trauma leftover from the birth. Chiropractic made a very immediate difference with both my children's latches; they could use their faces better.
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