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This request was just posted on Lactnet - I thought I'd pass it along if
anyone was able to help find subjects for interview for this book. I would
think you should contact Diana directly at dwest@BFAR.ORG (Diana is author
of "Defining Your Own Success - Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction)


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From: "Diana West, IBCLC" <dwest@BFAR.ORG>
Subject: Lesbians and breastfeeding

> I and another author are actually currently working on a book about
> co-nursing for lesbian moms, whom we have discovered often have very
> information designed specifically for their situation about how to go
> it. I am in great need of lesbian moms who have co-nursed to interview,
> preferably by email. Any leads would be very appreciated.
> Diana West, IBCLC