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TMI question...*UPDATE*

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So I had an OB appointment yesterday, and had my cervix checked. Baby is engaged, 0 station, 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced. Doctor told me to go home, walk, have lots of sex, nurse my two year old () and she'd see me this weekend.


Nursing DD...check.

DH and I just DTD (literally like 30 min ago) - I went to the bathroom afterwards, and something long, stringy, egg-whitey came out. I've never had that happen after DTD before - is it the mucous plug, or is it...um...DH's leftovers?

I kinda feel dumb asking these questions, since this isn't my first baby, but I had to be induced with DD, I never lost my plug with her or anything, I had started dilating but was only at like 1.5 cm when I had to be induced. So while it's Baby #2, this is all new to me!


It's definitely my plug, cause there was more today, and we haven't DTD in the last 24 hours!!!

TMI again - this morning, it was kind've green-tinged. Should that worry me? It looked just like pale green snot. (GROSS!!!!)
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Probably a combination of both, lol. Good luck!
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My mucus plug has been coming out over the last couple of days and it hasn't been stringy- it's been in pieces, dime-quarter sized, gel-like and holds together on the tp. It's totally gross, and usually tinged brownish-red. I've heard of it being more loose/stringy though, so maybe there's some variety in what is normal for it to look like? I'd tend to guess it was leftovers though personally- usually I go do some kegels over the toilet after DH and I DTD to avoid the wet spot and what you describe sounds like what comes out.
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I lost my plug last Sunday. It was brown, thick and stringy. Since then I've had some mucus that's thin and just slick periodically - thinner than egg-white but thicker than regular discharge and usually just barely tinged pinkish. I would say that if you haven't experienced the stringiness before following DTD then it could be your mucus plug. Hard to say though.
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Could be part of mucus plug definitely. I have never had a "bloody show" like the ones others describe more the eggwhitey stuff
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Whatever it is you are getting close! Good luck and keep us posted!!
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my mucous plug was thick jello-y in consistancy, and pretty big chunks. leftovers are usually stringy for me.
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bump for update
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Green is normal! Mucous plugs are typically clear, yellow, or greenish and may or may not be bloody
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