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Ow ow ow ow OW, my groin!!!

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A few days ago I noticed a new oddity of my pregnancy - every time I tried to lift my leg far enough to, say...put a sock on, or a pair of pants, or to kick my sheets into place, I would get a really big pain in my groin. Enough to make me vocalize my discomfort, and complain about it. I've never had this happen in my previous pregnancies, at least not enough for a memory to stick in my head, so I did bring it up with my midwife yesterday. As I expected, it's totally normal, and, in my midwife's words, just my pelvic bones saying, "HEY, I remember all this pressure!" and reacting to it. Not in a fun way. But, at least it wasn't persistent pain, just made getting dressed and stuff like that even more difficult than it already was.

But it didn't stay that way. Today, from the moment I woke up this morning, until now, at almost 5pm, I've basically been in constant pain down there. I can't take a step without it hurting. I can't go from standing to sitting, or sitting to standing, without it hurting. I can't lift my leg even a centimeter without it hurting. I can't push the brake pedal in my car without it hurting. I think you're starting to get the picture, right? About the only time it doesn't hurt is when I'm sitting perfectly still. I seriously feel like I need a walker in order to function!

And worst of all, DD wanted me to wait outside the bathroom for her while she did her business, and told me I could lay down on my bed. I thought that sounded like a lovely idea, so I did. But just a couple minutes later, when she was ready for some help, it took MONUMENTAL effort to get myself off of that bed. I could hardly turn over, because, *gasp*, I would actually have to put distance between my legs in order to get to my other side, which I needed to do so I could get off the bed. I was starting to think I might actually seriously injure myself by trying to do something as simple as turn over, on my own bed. I'm guessing the problem was probably that I didn't shove a pillow between my knees before I laid down. But STILL!! I mean, it shouldn't feel like I'm murdering myself just to turn over!!!

Please please please let this not continue for the next three weeks! I might relegate myself to become a useless lump on the couch if it does!!
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I'm sorry to hear that! I know what kind of pain you're talking about, although mine isn't as constant as yours. Turning over in bed, though... yeah.

Do you find yours gets worse after you've been in the same position for awhile? If I keep moving, doing stuff around the house etc, the pain stays mostly under control; but if I sit at the computer for half an hour and then try to stand up, or have a nap and then try to get out of bed, it HURTS. It's like I have to keep limbered up or I seize up. But a few months back, when I went through REALLY bad pain, movement didn't help... I went through constant dilemmas like 'Is it worth staggering to the other side of the kitchen to get the salt, or will DH just have to have his dinner bland?'

I did visit a physio once; have you tried that? She gave me a belt which helps a bit. And she taught me how to get out of bed--basically, keep your knees together and pivot on your bottom. It still hurts, but it's better than trying to get up one leg at a time (does that make any sense at all?).

She also suggested some exercises for toning my lower stomach muscles, which is meant to help. I present them here for your edification:

--Get on your hands and knees (ow) and sag your tummy down, then lift it up again with your tummy muscles. Do that 10 times.

--Walk backwards. It helps with posture, or something; counteracts the 'pregnant walk' posture. Plus it amuses your DH...

--Sit in a chair and tuck in your tummy 10 times.

Now, if only I got around to *doing* them...
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Yuck! That sounds absolutely miserable. Is there anyway you can get into a chiro and see if an adjustment might release some of the strain? I hope it goes away quickly and you can get some good rest time before baby comes!
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Smokering, thanks for the tips. I read your post just as DH walked in the door from work, so I had a chance to put your thoughts to the test - to see if moving more helped or not. I think you're right. When I first got up, it was all I could do to take baby steps while grabbing walls and chairs for extra support. After following him around the house for a couple minutes, I was walking more normally, still with some pain, and definitely with a waddle, but at least not like a 100-year-old grandma. I guess I'll have to make a point of getting up much more frequently.

I'm also going to blow up my exercise (aka birthing) ball tonight, and see if sitting on that and rotating around will help out some. Thank you for posting them, but I may or may not try out the exercises. I've never been good at being very consistent with things like that.

MonP'titBoudain, I certainly might enjoy a good adjustment, but that would mean finding an awesome chiro first. Which wouldn't be impossible, I'm sure, but I'm also not positive it would help with this specific thing. DH tried putting pressure on my upper hips to see if that would relieve any of the pain, and it just made it about 10 times worse until he let go. I'm thinking maybe the baby is just too low and heavy...could a chiro adjustment even change any of the aggravating factors? I'll definitely want at very least a good adjustment after the baby's born, though.
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When I first get up from a chair or the bed it takes a lot of effort, holding on to things, etc, but if I keep moving it gets better and feels normal. I'm worried that your issues are a bit more extreme though. If you have another day with that level of difficulty again, I'd look into the chiro idea.
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Hehe. Fair enough, I don't do my exercises, so I shouldn't expect you to! I wish I had a birthing ball...
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yeah, I've been getting twinges that really take my breath away... I remember Jesse waking up the day she went into labour saying 'I'm so sore!!!!! I can't go into labour today because I'll never be able to move around!' It was totally the pelvic pain thing. I got her a heating pad before I left for work that day.

Anyway, I hope you have that baby soon or you find some relief!
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Originally Posted by Leiahs View Post
... I'm also not positive it would help with this specific thing. DH tried putting pressure on my upper hips to see if that would relieve any of the pain, and it just made it about 10 times worse until he let go. I'm thinking maybe the baby is just too low and heavy...could a chiro adjustment even change any of the aggravating factors?
Yeah, I wasn't sure if what you were describing was more along the lines of baby & pressure type stuff or ligament type pain. At any rate, I'm glad that moving around gave you some relief! Hopefully it continues to get a bit better and hopefully baby comes soon! Good luck with the exercises!
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Oh I totally know what you're talking about! I didn't have this problem with my first pregnancy, but this time it's different.

Yesterday and today have been better, but Tuesday was awful! I couldn't get out of bed, barely could drive my car, hardly able to walk, etc. The pain was very intense!

My MW said the same as yours. . just your body loosening up from relaxin and remembering the pressure. She just reassured me that it's just my body preparing for birth. That's good, but the pain itself sucks!

I've also been seeing a chiro all along and it hasn't helped at all. Oh well. . just a few more weeks to go!
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I know excactly what you're talking about. Mine was pretty bad a few weeks ago, then basically went away for a while.

Now it's back. Turing over in bed hurts, getting into and out of bed hurts. Yesterday I stumbled just a bit on the edge of the coffee table and thought I was gonna cry my groin hurt so bad.

I do find that moving around hurts at first but then I loosen up and it's not so bad. The worst is when I get up to pee at night. I limp to and from the toilet holding on to the foot of the bed and the wall.
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Definitely sounds like symphysus pubis dysfunction... I had it with ds and it was AWFUL. The chiro has helped me SO much this time--you should RUN (err, waddle) to get adjusted as soon as possible. They really can help, and it should help make labor easier as well.

Hugs--I know how much this hurts.
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What XanaduMama said. Definitely sounds like pubic symphysis pain (over-relaxation of the softening ligaments in the pelvis cause your adjustment to get out of whack). The dead giveaway was when you said it's worst when you lift one leg, like to put a sock on.

I had this with both my second and currrent pregnancy, last trimesters both. I can hardly walk when it flares up. Or roll over in bed. Chiropractic saved my life - took the pain away, but I had to go every 2 weeks. WELL worth it.

Take care!
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I've got the pelvic pain thing going on too. And it is new for this 2nd pg. It also hurts deep in my hips. I'll be walking along and all of a sudden have a big pain and then I am limping. Doing my yoga seems to help, for a little while. Unfortunately I have not been very consistent with that. I have been going to the chiro and make sure to mention the pain to her each time but the adjustments do not seem to help with that specific problem.
And yeah, my mw says it is perfectly normal. She also said that sitting on the ball would be helpful. I am sitting on the ball now.
Today the chiro told me that it would all go away when I delivered.
Really? Duh!!:
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Thanks for the technical name for the pain, XanaduMama! I will do some reading on it.

I have been sitting (and rocking) on my ball this evening - when I stand up, it's much much easier to go straight to a more normal walk. Not completely painless, but I'm definitely not hobbling anymore. Maybe I'll have to give up hard chairs for the rest of my pregnancy!

If the pain seems to keep up, I'll definitely be asking for a chiro referral to see if they can help.

On the bright side - a friend recently told me that she's had this pain for the past two months, also her 3rd pregnancy, and she's just now due this week. I'm so so so glad this all didn't start a couple months ago for me.
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Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction, or SPD. Seeing a Webster-certified chiro has really helped me with this pain this pregnancy.

You can find one here: http://www.icpa4kids.org/locator/index.php

I'm a big skeptic but it has really helped. For awhile I couldn't walk without pain, and the chiro really helped resolve it so that it only happens when I do certain things.
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