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We have a Tempurpedic and I don't think I'd feel as safe sleeping with DS on a regular mattress. I like the fact that when you move, the other people on the bed don't feel it- the baby won't roll into you as it might on some spring mattresses.
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we have a tempurpedic and I feel it would be very safe for an infant, I hardly sink into it at all, DS at 30 pounds doesn't make a dent. I think our old coil spring mattress we had when DS was a baby was far more dangerous, there was more chance of him rolling into me and we all definitely sunk farther into that. I'm really looking forward to cosleeping from day 1 with our next baby on this mattress.
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we have a temperpedic and love it...although it was REALLY smelly to begin with. After it aired out it was fine. And the baby never sank at all, just rested on top - they don't weigh enough. Both my babies were belly sleepers and with the temperpedic I feel as if I don't need a pillow and so we don't have pillows around the babies heads either.

I felt it was very safe, much more so than a spring matress. There aren't any 'dips' in the matress that causes the baby to slide into you. BF'ing is much easier as you can bounce around and DP won't feel you moving. And you can get out of bed without waking baby. The Temperpedic that we have is VERY firm. The baby doesn't make any indentation into it at all.
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I have co-slept with my son for 2.5 yrs now on a Tempurpedic mattress. He has done just fine with it. And come to think of it that may be why we can't get him to stay in his bed which is snuggled next to our bed. It's really comfortable!
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treqi (or anyone with hip pain from side lying nursing), did you get any special sort of memory foam to get this good result? My baby is 20 months so I think he's fine - I'd love to find a solution to my sore hips from night nursing.
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i used a snuggle nest with my newborn until she was about 9 weeks old, then we sidecarred her crib to our bed that has memory foam mattress...so sometimes she is on the crib mattress and sometimes she rolls over onto the memory foam. we havent had any issues. my middle child slept directly on a memory foam topper from day one with no issues. its important to note that i am a very light sleeper/insomniac though-so i am always aware of the baby.
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We have a memory foam mattress-it's an off-brand, not Tempurpedic. DD has slept with us from the beginning and I've never once worried. SHe's now 20 pounds and I still don't worry. What I really like is we can roll around and get out of bed and she doesn't feel a thing.
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We have a tempurpedic bed and I actually feel like she is more safe. (though maybe not after reading this thread...) We have a king though, so she has her own little corner where I don't have to worry about her sinking into me. I think the mattress feel more firm than a spring mattress.
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We have a Kingsdown mattress that has a memory foam pillowtop. When DS was a newborn I made sure we put a little waterproof mat under him but he was so light that he didn't sink into the foam at all. I didn't worry and never had problems.
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