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Foods that support kidney function

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I was going to do a search on this thread to find out if this already was a topic, but since it's 5am and i want to go back to bed, I'll save that for later.

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows good foods that support kidney function. I'm pg and woke up now with a little swelling in my fingers. I looked it up in a pregnancy book and it mentioned the possibility of kidneys not functioning optimum. I thought I'd give 'em a boost, it can only help. I googled it but came up with 0 relevant info....

so hit me with any foods that can help!!

Many tia!

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As far as i know foods with Betaine in them help the kidneys.

You may want to do a search on that.

Also, make sure to have a non-toxic diet and do Kidney cleanses!
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I was reading about this at the forums over on Susun Weed's website, and I recall black beans being mentioned. There were also some others.

Of course, I don't clearly recall if the discussion was about the actual kidneys or the kidney meridian in TCM, so maybe I'm totally off base here.

Edited to add: nettle tea is usually mentioned as a great support to the kidneys.
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Black beans are good for the kidneys, but azuki beans are better.

Be sure to limit your intake of salt and protein because excess levels can strain the kidneys.

Too much sugar, fruit, alcohol or raw salads can deplete them as well.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by MacroMama View Post
Too much sugar, fruit, or raw salads can deplete them as well.

Oh my gosh! this is me. minus the sugar, well I eat food with some sugar but try to stay away from it.

I've also been trying to up my protein a smidgen (I am among those who believe we eat more protein than we need) because of the baby.

Can i do kidney cleanses while pregnant? I don't think it's a good idea to "cleanse" anything as the garbage might go over to the baby.

I can do nettle tea. I'll google it and see what comes up.

Thanks so much for the info ladies! It gets me started in the right direction.
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