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Low betas?

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I panicked yesterday when I noticed that I was spotting and got a serum hcg test. I've since stopped bleeding and I'm not cramping meaningfully (my lower abdomen just feels a little weird).

The local midwife (not the one I will be working with for the birth) called me and told me that my level was low. When I asked for a number, she told me that it was 130.

I checked a few websites and 130 doesn't seem particularly low for 15 dpo. I'll be going back for a second test tomorrow and am doing my damnedest to not stress too much about it. Worrying solves nothing.
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You're right, 130 is not low! Sending doubling vibes your way
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Thanks, hanny! I'm going to do my best to put myself into little zen flower mode and tell myself that I don't have any truly negative signs and that my body can be trusted to self-regulate. My hcg level isn't bad, it's just lower than the midwife-who-isn't-going-to-be-my-caregiver wanted to see. I feel like it's neutral! Had she called to tell me the exact same number and asked me to go back to the lab tomorrow to check for doubling without telling me that she was "concerned" and that my level was "low," I'd be fine! Peachy! So I might as well just be peachy anyway because stressing isn't going to help.

She didn't clarify what *time* I should show up tomorrow to have my blood drawn. I was thinking earlier, so as to possibly hear back from her sooner, but now I'm wondering if I should go at the same time of day as the previous test? Do numbers double all-at-once or do they slowly trickle up? Or, rather, is there any meaningful difference between draws 44 hours apart versus draws 48 hours apart?

I do have a date with my husband tonight. Getting knocked up is *definitely* something to celebrate, no matter what happens next. And things look good!
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I wouldn't consider that low at all, plus they are really looking at the number in comparison to the next number anyway. I think things sound good!
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Thanks, chisub. I'm feeling much less stressy about this now than I was when she first called.

Do you know if there's a meaningful difference between going for the second draw 44 hours after the first versus 48 hours after the first? She just told me to go tomorrow and that she'd call me back either tomorrow evening or Sunday with my results, but she didn't say when to go....
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Not low at all, mama! 100 is average for 14dpo, meaning 150 is perfect for 15dpo... but it isn't the numbers so much as the doubling time.

No, it's not a big deal for it to be 44 versus 48 hours apart... there are doubling calculators on the web where you can specify number of hours apart, so don't worry.
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not in your ddc, but wanted to chime in!

i got my numbers drawn at 17dpo and 19dpo and at 17dpo my number was only 124, and i also freaked out but MY midwife told me that was normal! so yours is definitely not too low, as I'm now 35 weeks pregnant!

sending you doubling vibes and sticky baby vibes!
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Thanks for the support, all of you. It's really appreciated.

Had my second draw an hour ago. Am doing my best not to be too nervous between now & when the midwife calls.
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