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Sounds like you are doing great! That's how it went for me too... a little success here, another there, and eventually it went better and better and then I took a leap of faith, cut out the bottles, and we were 100% booby-fed. The only way to get there is one step at a time You can do this!

I hope the pumping longer thing works for you. You are my new hero for pumping 10-12 times a day -- wow. Hopefully you can pump fewer times but get more milk. I hated pumping so much and I remember how hard the first months were, how frustrating it was when they wouldn't eat from me, how rejected that would make me feel. Hang in there, it's going to get so much better. And twins are so much fun. You have a lot to look forward to (sleep being the least of it -- really)!
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I am working on an email for you; haven't had any time at all. i would definitely try nursing every feeding; that's what worked for us. It's hard and it's time-consuming, but worth it. For a long time, every feeding was nurse, bottle, pump. You might also talk to a LC about nipple shields; I couldn't make them work, but other women swear by them.

I'll email you soon with our story!
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My twins were born at 30 wks 5 days and after 5 & 6 wks in the hospital I was told that I wouldn't be able to ebf them until they'd been home for 4 weeks. They wanted me to pump and bottle feed and work my way up to ebf. When I got home I had mama intuition that my girls and I could do it and there has been no looking back. They are gaining weight beautifully. I did take away the pacifiers for the first month to make sure there is no confusion. I reintroduced them for our sanity in the last couple of days and I am still nervous about them but I think they're fine. I try to only use them when needed and don't just stick them in for the heck of it.
Good luck to you! I am sending you good vibes!
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WOW I just had a great day today!

We went to the LC and did the double football hold for the first time. And IT WORKED! Both babies nursed happily for about 20 minutes. Xander needs to have the incentive to keep sucking - the milk drip trick - but Sophia self-latches and gets going. The LC was also impressed with my pumping schedule: either 11 times daily for 15 min or 8 times daily for 30 min.

Then we got home and tried again - and IT WORKED AGAIN!
I am SO jumping with joy right now. What an awesome thing to look down at them both nursing. Funny thing is, the babies seem to just know what to do once in the right position and started - it was this newbie Mom who needed more confidence, especially in the face of screaming crying rejection. Now that we can nurse them simultaneously, the weaning plan suggested by Kellymom.com is much more doable. Relief!

Thank you all again for the encouragement. There certainly were some down moments there, and you helped me to keep the faith.

Now hopefully this up trend will continue.
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what a great update! woohoo!
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So glad to hear about your positive nursing experiences. It feels like the best thing in the world, doesn't it?? I think many of us really understand and appreciate the dark hours of babies who don't nurse. You are all doing fabulously. YEA!!!!!!
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I am sooooo excited for you! It sounds like you are on your way! It's still a long road, but the hardest part is behind you. Keep it up, and keep us updated!
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OK roller coaster down....my little boy screams at the boob now. Sob.

Tomorrow I plan more skin time, even maybe giving the bottle but in the BF position? I think he's starting to feel "forced" or maybe that's me. So, step back and regroup.

My wonderful girl LOVES to nurse! But she's not very efficient - she doesn't get a complete feed. And even though she's ready, or close to ready to going off bottles and just BF on demand, I'm NOT ready to have one BF on demand and still pump and bottle feed the other. I just can't imagine how to work that - especially since we haven't practiced nursing in the side-lying mommy sleeping position.

So, still in the practice mode.
And I guess we just need to expect some good days and some bad days as we transition. And I can say there's been progress since last week.
Saturday they will be 4 weeks old, or what would have been 38w gestation. And they now weigh around 6lbs., which is great!

I'm very grateful for your support.
It's keeping me going.
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