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Toddler won't leave dog alone!

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Hi Mama's,

My 20 month old son has recently become very aggressive toward our dog. Whenever he walks by her, he steps on her foot, pulls her hair or squeezes her tail. Thankfully, she is very sweet and usually walks away. But no matter how sweet, she is a big animal (85 lbs!) and may snap.

We've tried modeling good behavior, ie "Mocha is a sweet dog. We love Mocha. We pet her gently." That works for about 5 minutes. Keeping them in separate rooms doesn't work either. They cry or bark to be together. Any advice on how to redirect my son or protect the dog is welcome!

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no advice here but our 22 mo old is doing the same thing to our dog a 145lb lab! hes usually good he has growled a few times but NEVER snapped but I worry about it
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I dont have any advice for you because I failed at this. My dog ended up biting my son. It wasn't that bad, but it hurt him and almost got his eye. Now we don't have the dog anymore. I guess I would just keep trying redirecting. There are a couple of VERY knowledgeable dog moms here I would try cross posting this in the Pets section, Im sure you'll get some great help there too.
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Our dog growled at our son once. She'd never done this before so we took the dog to the vet to make sure she wasn't sick. She wasn't. The vet said in about 1/3 of these cases a bite will often happen.

His recommendation was to keep a close eye on the dog. If she seemed at all stressed, to put her away somewhere so she could have some peace.

We never had a problem, but it is always a possibility. I am almost as protective of my dogs as I am of my baby, so I am always vigilant that nothing happens.

We have another dog that he can pull on, walk on, ride on, etc. and I have no doubts that she will always be safe.
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I'm right there with you. DS and the dog have always played, but in the past few days DS has discovered the dog's rather large testicles... and will run after him trying to grab them! It's so hard to redirect when I can barely contain my laughter... so no advice.
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