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People who wear those heavy healed shoes and don't pick up their feet! It's usually teen or pre-teen girls and they go clippity-clop all over the store dragging their feet. If you're going to wear loud shoes, pick up your feet when you walk. It drives me nuts!

Cell phones in general bother me but particularly when someone is on the phone at the gym, a restaurant, etc. Nobody wants to hear your one-sided phone conversation. It's rude.

People who don't acknowledge or thank you when you go out of your way to keep the door from slamming in their face or closing on their child, etc. If my I go out of my way in the cold or rain to hold the door for you, at least say thanks or make eye contact.

Hearing people file their nails or sharpen knives. Gives me major chills.

The "blueness" of urine or menstrual blood in commercials. It's not that I think they need to be the appropriate color, but do they need to even show it as blue? Don't we all know what diapers and maxi pads are for????

Old political bumper stickers. I really don't care if you voted for Bush, Kerry, Gore, Reagan, whoever. Those elections are over. Long over. Please remove and/or update your stickers.

Double-dipping chips or other food. It's fine if it's your spouse/dp. It is not cool to do this with co-workers or even friends. Please keep your germs to yourself.

Apparently I'm bothered by lots of things.
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When people say that they're "salivating" over delicious food. It makes me lose my appetite.
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The way the house smells after potatoes have been cooked.
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Oh. I am also afraid of the dark. Really, really afraid.
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I HATE, hate, hate hate, hearing people breathe! Yes, I'm glad they're still breathing, but do really need to hear them????

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by MilkTrance View Post
Oh. I am also afraid of the dark. Really, really afraid.
oh babe, me too. Tho I don't know anymore if its the actual dark I'm afraid of, or being so damn blind that I can't see anything! I'm legally blind, my vision is 20/400.
But the dark scaaaaaares me. prob because all the visitors I get when I'm in the dark are nasty bastards.
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How bout this?

someone: " I don't know if I told you this...
you " yes, you did already"
someone: " ok well .. (repeats themselves..) what the F???? I JUST TOLD YOU you already told me and you just acknowledged that you did! Why the hell are you telling me AGAIN?????

and stupidity... drives me nuts, all the damn time. I don't believe I'm smarter than everyone else, but really, do you need to prove that I am all the time????

lol because the smiley's aren't working for me tonight

** hmmm, I suppose I could have made all these posts into one, but I wasn't on top of it. please forgive me**
*** also, I can't believe NO ONE has made fun of me about my food not touching*** seriously, SOMEONE call me a freak or something already!! My hubby can't be the only one who thinks I'm extremely weird about this!
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I absolutely can't stand the smell, look, or the taste. Especially the smell.
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Originally Posted by JessicaRenee View Post
What's with the avocado and cilantro hate?! I can't believe it!
Add some tomato and onion and you got yourself guacamole! Mmmmmmmm guacamole...

On the other hand, I do hate eggplant (except in babaganoush) and okra.

Originally Posted by perl View Post
YES! The wet wood thing. Arrrrrrrrgh!
Popscicle sticks, tongue depressors, toothpicks, all completely FREAK me out.
Don't forget cheap/ rough throw away chopsticks. It's a little bit the texture that bothers me, but also the fear of slivers.

Food water. By this I mean anytime water settles out of a food/ condiment-- like when you go to use ketchup and the ketchup-water comes out first. Or when your yogurt container leaks yogurt-water. Ick.
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First ones to come to mind- seafood- the smell of it, the looks of it, everything about it. Very odd for a native New Englander.

Also cell phones- especially really loud conversations when people are paying for groceries in the check out line.

Funny thread!
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Originally Posted by odenata View Post
Toilet paper coming from the under the roll, instead of over the roll.

exactly what i was going to post...
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Originally Posted by katheek77 View Post
Georgia State Quarters. I mentioned this on the original thread.
I've never seen one, I don't think, but I dreamed about them last night because of the other thread and you! In my dream, they lit up on the back and blinked in rainbow colors.

That's right. Apparently all of Georgia? Gay.
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Seeing someone (especially a child) chewing on fabric. Especially wool. Especially if the fabric is completely soggy so you know they've been doing it for awhile. Just the thought of that texture between my teeth... *shiver*

Cotton balls. Especially the ones in pill bottles that you have to try to fish out, and it crunches against the side of the bottle....eeeeeek someone stop me!

Things that aren't centered. I will fix it, I don't care where we are. We were at DH's Grandmother's funeral and they had a round table in the center of the parlor with a flower vase on it, and the vase was off center by two inches. I waited for the crowd to shift to another room and then I fixed it. :
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Originally Posted by frog View Post

That's right. Apparently all of Georgia? Gay.
ROFL That'll be the day...Isn't Georgia one of the least gay-friendly states? I want to say that's where the Hardwick case took place? (Mind you, I'm pulling this from my fuzzy memories of 12th grade Govt class - which was a trip in itself).

Or maybe it's just all a coverup. From your dream, I'm inclined the believe all Georgians are not only gay, but ingesting serious amounts of LSD. That could explain Newt Gingrich.
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Oh, two more things:

Sandpaper. The feel, the sound, even the sight. My DH does model airplanes, so this stuff occassionally pops up around here. Ugh.

Kirsten Dunst. Don't know why - she hasn't done anything particularly offensive to me. I mean, she's not a great actress, but there are worse, and I don't hiss at the tv when *they* are on screen. She's not gorgeous, but she's not hideously ugly. It's just her. It's visceral...I'm getting the little shivers/twitch just typing about her. It just IS.
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-when people tell me their dreams ( as in nighttime sleeping dreams not as in aspirations)
-displays of magazines fanned out on a table. that BUGS!
-cherry flavor is a total diss to real cherries and should just be called "red flavor"
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The sound of metal on metal, like...........a metal mixing spoon in a metal mixing bowl..............<shudder>
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Originally Posted by stickywicket67 View Post
-cherry flavor is a total diss to real cherries and should just be called "red flavor"
OMG! There are 2 kinds of artificial cherry flavor, and one in particular triggers my gag reflex...it has a medicinal quality to it that I can't stand. Since you have no idea which kind it is until you taste it, I just avoid all things cherry if they aren't real.

Artificial banana flavor, artificial coconut flavor, and anything with nutrasweet also gag me. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Nasty.

Apparently I'm very sensitive to all things chemical, since chemical smells really bug me too. The fake coconut incense smell is absolutely awful.
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  • people who hog the new books at the library ... as in they'll tell me they read it in two days but they don't bring it back until the absolute end of their allowed time, or even late
  • when people tell me other people's very exciting news
  • gossip, in general
  • my food touching ... I'll even wedge a utensil under the plate to make sure the wet stuff doesn't oog onto the other stuff
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I cannot stand soggy bread. No roast beef aujus, no real juicy burgers for me. No dipping donuts into coffee.

If my burger bun or other roll is damp from the juice of something, I cannot eat it, I have to throw the soggy bread away. This includes oil/vinegar dressing; I have to eat subs right away, or not at all. Come to think of it, juice of any food touching other food, I can't stand. Burger juice on french fries. Turkey juice on mashed potatoes. Gag.

Not crazy about Cilantro here, either. Or for that matter, any kind of fancy greens. Give me some regular old romaine, none of that frilly fancy stuff.
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