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We are home

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We got home this afternoon and it feels so good to be back with all my kids. They weren't able to come to see me during my stay, b/c 2 of them had colds, but are better now. It was a long induction and a difficult birth. My OB said she was very glad that we induced when we did, b/c I probably wouldn't have delvered vaginally a week later. I will work on my birth story as I can, but short version is they inserted cytotec 3 times over 7 hours before it finally started to keep me contracting. Once I got going at 4 pm it was only about 3 hours, but probably half an hour pushing. Valerie Managed to push my tail bone out and separate my pelvis significantly so I am hardly mobile and in a great deal of pain. She is perfect though and such a good baby, She is nursing like a pro and letting me sleep as much as 3 hours stretches in between nursing at night. Her sisters are in love and her brother doesn't want to let anyone hold her except him. My milk has come in today so she is much happier with that too. Here are her stats, she is my biggest baby by more then half a pound.
Valerie Johanna ( as much as I prefered Isabelle she does not look like an Isabelle :rolly )
7 pounds 11 oz
19 3/4 inches long
March 4th/08 7:38 pm
And of course some pics
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Congratulations!! Welcome Valerie!
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Congrats on your bundle!! I'm glad that you are home.
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Beautiful little girl. Congratulations.
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She's gorgeous, congrats!!
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Congratulations, she's so perfect! I hope you can heal quickly and get good rest during the down times!
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She's adorable!! congratulations!!
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Congratulations!!! I love the pics. What a wonderful family you have!!!
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Welcome Valerie! She's adorable! Congratulations Mama! & you have quite a beautiful family!
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