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The Twins are Here!

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Yes, they are here. Sean Martin and Silas came through the C-seaction with flying colors. They were each just shy of 5lbs and about 17+ inches long. No one has a birth mark so Silas is wearing nail polish on his pinkies (blue, of course) as of now.

The c-section was no fun. It was totally counterintuitive to me to surrender myself to surgery by choice. On top of it all, I was having actual contractions every 5 min apart right up to the CS and had been for hours. It would have been 3/3/ anyhow! As it turned out, Silas had turned (for the fourth time) and was breech anyway. When they did the amnio (*not as bad as I anticipated) the boys needed to be a "2" to have enough lung development for the CS to go forward. They came back at 6.5 - more than enough. A friend of mine administered the spinal/epidural which was a comfort. It gave me horrible shakes though which made things a little interesting. My teeth were chattering so hard they hurt after the surgery. Both the boys had perfect Apgar scores when they came out. They were tiny but perfect. We were all amazed at how close they were in size, etc. especially since we had had such complications. They were smaller than we anticipated. My last growth scan was two weeks ago and at that time they measured over 5lbs each. Of course, that was with a margin of error of plus or minus 22oz. lol.

The doctors were very respectful of my birth plan as was the after care team and pediatricians. No one tried to strong-arm us. I was prepared to do battle.

I was able to nurse in the recovery room, TBTG. Silas was a thumb sucker in utero so he took to nursing with very little help. Sean Martin needed a little help. Beau went with the boys to the nursery to get checked out after birth. They were great and did not need any time in the nursery or the observation area. They were able to room in with me the whole time. They look *just* like thier big brother did at birth. They are so tiny but beautiful (I am a little biased )

They kept me in the hospital until late thurs. I have been running a fever on and off since the surgery. They don't know why but do not think I have an infection. They think its more likely that I am coming down with the flu (Ak!). They did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. I was up walking the next day but am still in pain. I was feeling
better bit by bit until this morning. My 12lb beagle mix decided she wanted to get up in the bed and she picked my side of it and she picked my incision as a landing spot. I cried like a baby. I am just glad she didn't weigh more and that I was in a dead sleep when she did it.

The boys are nursing like champs. They sound like little kittens when they cry. I love that sound. I had forgotten how tiny it was. Thank you all SO much for the prayers and support. Their recovey in utero and healthy birth can only be attributed they paryers they received.
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Congratulations x2!! Glad to hear you and the boys are doing so well!
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Congrats!! I am so glad to see your post. I've been thinking about you. I'm glad they are nursing well. Congrats again!
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Congrats mama! I'm so glad they're strong and healthy!
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What wonderful news, congrats to you brave mama and welcome little boys!!! balloons
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That's so awesome!!! Congrats!
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That's wonderful news mama! congratulations!!
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Congrats!!! :
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Yay! I'm so glad they are doing so well! What an amazing thing! I wonder if all of your contracting before the ceasarean helped with lung develpoment? And how wonderful to have had them "choose" their birthday anyway! Congratulations mama! What a wonderful outcome to your pregnancy!
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Congratulations and welcome to Sean Martin and Silas!!! Glad they are well and hope you can take good care of yourself in the next weeks...
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I'm so glad to hear they are here and both doing so well, Mama! Huge congrats!! Hope you heal quickly!
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Congratulations! The boys sound so sweet. I'd love to see some picts (when you have time, of course). In the meantime, rest up. Sending you lots of healing vibes.
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Congratulations mama! Glad Sean Martin and Silas are doing so well. Hope you heal quickly.
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Congrats! Glad to hear that they are healthy and strong! Hope your recovery continues to go well and that you heal soon! Two sweet boys - what a blessing! :
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I'm so happy for you! I know you've been through so much to get to this happy ending(/beginning!)

Congratulations, and Welcome Sean Martin and Silas!
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