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Dear MDC,

My 2y-4m old has begun to balloon when he urinates. I'm so excited! The process of separation is now becoming apparent!
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And where else but MDC can you share this joyous event!!

I'm so proud of your son!
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Yup! I didn't even know what is was a few scant months ago!!
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That's so cool! I have to admit I will sigh a tiny little sigh of relief when my DS starts to retract.
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Because of not being familar with the intact male you should have seen the look on my face the first times I noticed this. Then it all clicked together. Yay!
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can you explain this to me please

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Chanley- All it means is that urine fills the space between the foreskin and the glans before going out the hole at the tip of the foreskin. The foreskin puffs out a little

If a man has phimosis, the balooning would be one of the symptoms of having a very tight opening to the foreskin,

but young boys who have snug foreskin openings do no have phimosis so their balloning is not an indicator of a problem... rather it is a outward visual clue that his mom can see that the sepration process between the foreskin and glans is done/almost done without actually retracting him (if his foreskin opening is still snug -that could really hurt him to try to retract and see if there were any adhesions thee) So his mom is doing a good job of just sitting back and obsrving outward signs that things are moving along without prying.

I have heard stories of schoolboys who were able to do balooning games (you know- a pising contest) but beyond that- I do not know the object.

My son (he's5) somtimes the opening of his foreskin and his meatus are not alligned because of how his underpants were smushing- since I have never instructed him to retract to pee- so when he starts to pee it might baloon for a second until the pressure finds the exit and things get lined up.

Love Sarah
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Thanks Sarah for explaining it.

Seeing that ds just turned two a few months ago, I was not even beginning to look for signs of retractability! I only noticed when he decided to stand at the regular toilet on occasion (on tippy-toes, it's quite the sight, lol)
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